October 5, 2005


A startling find was made by Evangelical Scientist George Dumas on Tuesday in Tel Aviv, Israel. Dumas was studying the time it takes Jews to get from their cars and into their House of Worship. He had already timed the average Christian in the USA on how long it took them to enter their Churches.
After observing over 200 Jews, Dumas decided to take a rest from his scientific research. So he went to a park and decided to sit under a tree, when he came across a Hebrew carving on that very tree.
Being the astute scientist he is, he asked a Jew in the park what the carved words said. He was astonished when he found out that the Hebrew words translated to "God was here." A big "0" was carved under the words, which Dumas of course understood meant "in the year zero."
He then estimated the tree's age as around 5,000 to 6,000 years by counting the dead branches and inputting that data into his "secret age finding formula."
As far as the study on the comparison between Christians and Jews, Dumas concluded, "who cares, I now have absolute scientific proof that God created us less than 6,000 years ago."
When Dumas came back to the park with his camera to take a photograph the tree, he couldn't find the tree again. "I know what I saw, and that is good enough for me," said Dumas when pressed for proof.


  1. That theory is up there with carbon 14 dating which dates rocks according other rocks, dinasaurs which have been realized from three bones, and the incomplete fossil record they have been unearthing for almost 200 years.

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  3. Yes Mirty, that is my dog Daisy, an extremely intelligent border collie.

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  5. secular people believe in the morals and values of society. But every society has different morals & values. Who's to say what's good and what's bad if all the countries have different values. For ex, something that we know is wrong, might be very acceptable in another country. Plus, over time people values change and so what is wrong now, might be okay later.

    And so we need something that's beyound us, something that sees the whole world and truely knows what is right and wrong, and sticks to it always.

    Some values look like people came up with it like justice and caring about others, but they didn't. It's God's idea, tzadaka is one of many values that He shares with us along with other values like education, and loving your fellow as yourself, etc.

  6. Education awareness and loving your fellow man is not a constant among different cultures.

  7. dumas more dumb ass if this guy has a secret code for finding the ages of trees then show it and prove that creationists are right and I'm wrong and atheist jew jews believe in our god just not in jesus and an atheist does not believe in any god what so ever retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wow.. this has to be the most retarded put together piece of junk put together since billy madison gave that speech about losing the puppies in his competition!! haha
    this just proves to me that scientific facts are actually theories when it comes to creationism. dumbass.