December 23, 2005

Kicking ID out of science class was a no brainer. Speaking of no brains, the Fundies are pissed. Most of them don't know that Behe believes in an ancient universe and evolution but lets not tell them.


  1. I've seen that cartoon on several Blogs now. Classic. Just about sums it up really.

    Did you read the judges decision? I've managed to make it through only 40 pages so far... But.. WOW. That guy just doesn't pull any punches...

    No wonder the Fundies are pissed....

  2. I read the highlights. It was very damning. I think those Fundies are going to hell. I like the part that says that they didn't even know what ID was. Most Fundies don't realize that Behe is an evolutionist, for the most part, and an ancient earther.

  3. I particularly liked how the judge explained how the Panda book was edited after a previous court decision to ban Creationism from the classroom. They simply went through the book with a global 'Find & Replace' changing 'Creationism' with 'Intelligent Design' 150 times... Can't get more blatent that that can you..? (snigger)

    Strangely the judge was less than impressed with the assertion that Intelligent Design is NOT Creationism by another name..

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