March 9, 2006

Arab Intelligence, Insanity, and Intolerance Explained

This is part two to my post about Middle Eastern low literacy, and embarrassingly low Arab IQ rates.

I've done some more digging on the subject and found various reasons to explain why Arabs behave and react the way they do.

First off, I like this description: "The Arab world is incapable of development because it prefers envy, resentment, hatred, vendetta, gender apartheid, conspiracy theories and religious superstition." This statement for the most part is true, although we are seeing some development in countries like the UAE. And it really explains the Arabs irrational behaviour when it comes to cartoons and Israel.

Again, the above is based on observation, but doesn't explain why. Now for the controversial unPC good part: All men WERE created equal. It is true, that every human being on this planet trace back to the first bipeds in Africa. But then the Exodus to other other regions on this planet began around 50-60,000 years ago. And that is when equality stopped. Although, in most instances, average intelligence between one race and/or culture and another is not that different, there are some cultures that have a lot to overcome.

The Arabs in the Middle East have a really bad habit of marrying their first and second cousins. "Many marry their first cousins in arranged marriages to this day. In the past, this was done to help conserve resources and contribute to the clan's support and defense. Consanguinity (marriage between people that are blood relatives) has been practiced in the Middle East for over 100 generations, even before the introduction of Islam in the seventh century," and "It is estimated that over 60 percent of Saudis marry first or second cousins, which is the highest in the world. However, the numbers are still staggering in Iraq (58 percent), Kuwait (55 percent), Jordan (50 percent) and the UAE (48 percent)."

Besides illnesses brought on by genetic disorders incest causes, this interbreeding also promotes stupidity and insanity.

Bill Levinson concludes "Saudis are, however, far less advanced than whales and other wild animals that manage to avoid inbreeding."

But that is just part of it. I'm a firm believer that IQ reflects nature and nurture. I'm sure that stupid people do stupid things, and that if those stupid people are the ones who control the culture, which is the case in most of Arabia, then nurture only makes the average Arab more stupid. Arabs who grow up in the West seem to do well on IQ tests. But not so in Arabia. Not where the oppressed are brought up to hate the West by the Arab leaders, who deflect the blame onto the West.
Arabs are brought up generally to believe ego, resentment and vendetta is far more important than education. It is a culture that incites hatred over education.

In fact, the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development released a study last October that shows how absolutely pitiful the sciences are studied in Arab states. Some of the findings:

►No Arab country spends more than 0.2 percent of its gross national product on scientific research, and most of that money goes toward salaries. By contrast, the United States spends more than 10 times that amount.

►Fewer than one in 20 Arab university students pursue scientific disciplines.

►There are only 18 computers per 1,000 people in the Arab world. The global average is 78 per 1,000.

►Only 370 industrial patents were issued to people in Arab countries between 1980 and 2000. In South Korea during that same period, 16,000 industrial patents were issued.

►No more than 10,000 books were translated into Arabic over the entire past millennium, equivalent to the number translated into Spanish each year.

The bottom line. Arabs cannot have nukes and Arabia must be reformed. You don't let insane, unintelligent people have Weapons of Mass Destruction EVER.


  1. Did you saw Syriana? At one moment Matt Damon says to an Arab prince that when the oil end they will be a very poor country. And that's true, they don't have nothing to grab, maybe except Dubai with its tourism, but in 20 or 30 years from now when the oil ends or we have another source of energy not based in the Middle East they will return to what they were: poor people.

  2. Atheist Jew - Pure racism and ignorance. You've confused "Arab" for Muslim in some places, and you've used so many generalizations its hard to find a coherant argument.

    You've essentially argued that Arabs are stupid because they inbreed. Not exactly something you need a PhD to argue.

    Moreover the "description" of Arabs you are so fond of is missing a key component. You said "Arabs prefer resentment, envy, etc" prefer envy to what? The great old western ways? I suggest this eurocentric (and ethnocentric) view of the world is outdated. I suggest you take a look at Edward Said's Orientalism.

    Look down on Arabs if it makes you feel better, mock them, hide behind your bold aversion to political correctness as you wish, but in the end your words betray your true biases and no rationalization can cover that up.

  3. I'm aware of the difference between Muslim and Arab.
    You can say this is racism but I have links to back me up. I didn't invent the facts here.
    You can call it racism, I call it the biased truth.

  4. you have the links to back it up? I can show you links to the KKK, does that make them right?

    Calling a race of people inbred morons is hardly the "biased truth."

    Hitler once called Jews Degenerate - do you think what you've written here is all that different? Bro there are Arab poets, writers, intellectuals, painters, architects, scientist's, and everything else there. Who are you to insult their ancestry and life based purely on modern geopolitics?

  5. Do you realize what average means. The post reflects the averages. Sure there are intelligent Arabs. I don't deny it.

  6. Ok on average black people are more likely to go to jail. Guess that means they are all criminals. They don't value law an order I guess.

    You're letting your emotions cloud your reason. This "bell curve" bullshit has been used before by modern Nazi's - including feel free to check it out and find the similarities between your "averages" argument and his.

  7. You are missing the point. Black people are more likely to go to jail. They are not all criminals.

    Why are you being obtuse?

    I'm stating averages here, and I'm also making a comment on the Arab world. Yes, I do believe they teach hate.
    Just check out the former terrorists in one of my posts today. They tell the truth about the Islamic culture.

  8. Atheist Jew-

    You said that because people in the Middle East marry first and second cousins they have an "embarrassingly low Arab IQ" and a low literacy rate. Let’s take the IQ of people in poor cities in the US and see how much brighter they are than a poor person in a third world country. Perhaps their IQs might not differ a whole lot. Maybe, *just maybe*, poverty has a lot to do with the limits of one’s ability to explore his/her potential. People in the Middle East are not retarded and growing a third eye on the chin. But let’s take Sally the cheerleader who failed pre-algebra twice or Tom the college football player who still has trouble reading. What is their excuse? No poverty, and no inbreeding, so should we start looking for a “stupidity” gene in every ethnicity? No, instead we call it “lack of ambition” sometimes based on social status among other factors. It could happen to anyone in any race.

    Then again, in the Middle East the *privileged* Arab (yes even if inbred) begins learning algebra, chemistry, and biology at the age of 10. S/he start reading Shakespeare and are becoming proficient in a third language at the age of 14. After coming to the US, most Arabs excel in school, and most liquor store owners (yes the stereotype) were once engineers and doctors in their home countries that failed to provide them proper rights and security among the basic needs of any human being.

    But enough about poverty and corrupt governments affecting society, let’s talk more about the inbreeding theory that seems to only fit for Arabs. What does your blatantly racist theory say to the Rothschild family - the German Jewish dynasty that generated a financial legend? Didn’t Mayer Rothschild himself keep the fortune growing in the family by marrying off (yes arranged marriages) family members to each other? Yet, this fortunate family did not dwindle down to retardation and “low IQs,” but rather its “inbred” members took part in some of the most historically significant events such as the Balfour Declaration. The fortune, the influence, and the family actually originated from “inbred” visionaries who survived the risks of inbreeding and contributed to business, science, politics, and the list can go on I’m sure. So I suppose since inbreeding does not always result in the downfall of societies (maybe only the demise of a few unfortunate individuals), perhaps you will next suggest some Arab gene. Racism has no limits I’m sure!

  9. Now YOUR missing the point. If I said that black mothers and fathers teach "criminality" that would make me racist. But if you say that arab mothers and fathers teach "hate" then that makes you intellectual.

    There are 700 million Arabs, and if they all hated you, you'd be dead. The richest Arabs are busy selling oil to Bush, and the poorest are so busy making ends meet they don't have time to attend Hamas meetings. For those lost souls who become suicide bombers, they are no more the embodyment of Arab identity than OJ Simpson is of African Americans.

    You are free to bask in stereotypes and think it makes you practical, but me, I plan on recognizing that stereotypes are created by the environment, by social construct - via education, politics, history, poverty, and a host of other issues. The "truth" of them do not explain their existance anymore than being black explains basketball.

    Not one sentence of your Arab rant talked about colonization, or the skewed economic system and rentier states created by the West's need to abuse its source of oil to its own end. How are people supposed to take you seriously when you portray things so one sidedly that all we're left with is a generalization and petty attempts at hiding it as practical discourse?

  10. Manar and Steve, I suggest you look at the links I provided.
    Wafa Sultan admits how much hate there is in the Arab society. The three ex Palestinian terrorists admit what they are indoctrinated with.

    I'm not making this stuff up.

    I'm talking about averages and society in general.

    Of course it was a one sided post. Most of my posts are rants about one side of the coin. I admit it. I'm not writing a book here.

  11. I am aware of Wafa Sultan and I've seen the video before. First of all, she is discussing "Islam" and not the inbreeding practices of Arabs.

    Its not that you're making it up, its that your pretending to all of a sudden be innocent of any attempts to be racist.

    And this "one sided" business is absurd. I DARE you to make these same "averages" arguments about any other race - go ahead. Lets make blacks, asians, latinos, etc your next target. Why stop at Arabs? Maybe then we can see your side of the coin on lots of other issues too.

    From now on, don't sully the name "liberal" on your blog anymore - you're not progressive. youre not for human rights. your not for education, for truth, for justice. Admit that you're a neoconservative and get over it, you're happy Bush invaded those inbred Iraqi's aren't you?

    im done with this, i've made it a point to point out your racism (and all racism's "one sided" wouldn't you say?) so I'll sleep happy tonight. I hope you and your hate are nice and comfy this evening as you curl up with your dog - which was probably inbred at a puppy farm.

  12. Did you see what the former Palestinian terrorists had to say? They were talking about mainly Arabs. Wafa was a middle eastern Muslim, an Arab.
    Who said I am a Liberal??? Who said I was trying to hide a bias? I am for education, the truth and justice, where do you draw the conclusions that I am not?
    I stop at the Arabs because the Arab world is dangerous. The Arab world teaches it is OK to blow up innocent people.
    I guess IQ and literacy rates should be seen and not heard.
    I have made similar posts about Christian Fundies, but Fundies don't blow up in pizzerias and discos, and if someone does, their culture is ashamed of it and doesn't hand out candies.

  13. BEAJ - I don't care what Wafa says, she doesn't speak for all Arabs, nor is she "all knowing."

    As for you being for education, truth and justice - how is that possible for a racist? Education is your antidote. Truth reveals your BS, justice means for all people, not just the ones you like. I noticed you didn't mention human rights, thats probably because in your post you said clearly that "All men are created equal" didn't apply to Arabs.

    And your comments about it not being ok to blow yourself up are well taken. Nobody is saying thats cool. But isn't there a difference, a crucial distinction between the actions of a group of people and the entire race with which they belong? Ever read Mein Kempf?

    It is not stupidity or literacy which causes people to do awful things - Hitler was very smart.

    And you speak of culture, well riddle me this how did Arab culture develop and under what circumstances? You talk about it in a vaccum, and say look this is stupid they marry their first cousins (along with those blue blooded Royal Family peeps in Britian and France).

    Ottoman rule was not particularly pleasant (the Sick man of Europe), and when it collapsed the British and French colonized the region, dividing it up for oil. After WWII, you had the creation of puppet regimes, and Israel - at no point to Palestinians get a home from ottoman's to present. They have been screwed over by every generation. And here, in the melting pot of terrorism, you wonder who it is that is to blame for suicide bombers?

    Here's your answer: YOU, every time you drive your car. YOU, every time you sanction to Israeli occupation of Palesitne. YOU, every time you deny history to a race of people.

    So maybe YOURE inbred. Am I making that up? I am not sure, but I see it even if I don't hear it.

  14. I really hate it when Libs blame suicide bombers on anyone but themselves. You really have a screwed up look at how you view the world.
    I said all people WERE created equal. Read it over.
    The facts are that the Arabs in the middle east as a whole have a much lower IQ average, and as a culture they teach that 9/11 was caused by the West. You have bought into it too.
    And the Palestinians are the biggest losers on this planet. I know the history, and I know anyone who defends them is clueless.
    I am all for reformation and education.

    The Arabs need it badly. But as long as they have you making excuses for them it will be a long hard uphill climb.

  15. I am screwed up? People who accuse an entire race of having a low IQ on account of their inbreeding are screwed up.

    I've put up a post about you on my blog:

    You do not realize your racism. You can be against suicide bombing, you can even be for the state of Israel, without being racist against Arabs.

  16. I didn't say the entire race has a low IQ on account of inbreeding. I'm stating facts. I show that inbreeding and a philosophy of hate creates a lower AVERAGE. What do you want to blame the low IQ average on? Just stupidity?
    Or are you gonna say IQ doesn't mean anything????

    I'm not saying you are for suicide bombing are excusing it though, and to me there is no excuse.

    I am only stating facts. If you think I'm racist because of it, then to you, I'm a racist.

    Oh yeah, I like how you deflect what Wafa says, when it is consistent with my conclusion, or what the former terrorists say, because it is consistent with my views.

    Maybe they are racists too.

  17. Listen, during slavery they found black people who said "I like my master" to try and reassert slavery. Finding people in the Arab world who have a beef with Arab culture is not hard. Similarly, if I bring Chomsky in to say that the occupation of the West Bank is wrong, are you going to say that he has a better opinion of Israel than most Jews? Its absurd to think that Chomsky should speak for Labor, Likud, or Kadima and the people of Israel, even if he makes valid points.

    Similarly, "terrorists" and people like Wafa have important things to say, but to assume thats the totality of Arab identity, even the average, assumes far too much and integrates social phenominon into racial genetics. There are SOCIAL and historical reasons for whats happening - saying its inbreeding is WRONG.

  18. I'm not saying it is just inbreeding. And I wrote about it, because I was unaware of how prevalent is was. First off, the society is wrong, at least to me, and secondly they have a low average IQ. Average. Look up what average means.
    Are you going to deny they have a low average IQ in the middle east? And if they do, why????

  19. First of all, I have no idea how this study was conducted - but given that most of the intellegencia of the Arab and Persian world has fled to Europe and the West and become and engineering class, perhaps there has indeed been a brain-drain in the Middle East. Whether this is a function of civil strife or racial stupidity and superior culture is another matter.

    Moreover, the "averages" you speak of are misleading if not placed in context. What is the "average IQ" of a Somali, who spends there whole day farming? Or a Mexican day laborer who can't afford to send their children to school? Is that their culture?

    You are thinking from your comfortable heated home in Canada, and not in the real world. When you call a race inbred, it hurts people and its not accomplishing anything.

    I abhore suicide bombing, but that is not the totality or inevitable result of Arab culture. You are too sweeping in your language and words, and you offer nothing in the name of context to explain why the Arab world is maldeveloped (as is Latin America, Africa, central asia, etc).

    Colonization has got to play a part in any economic analysis of the Middle East, and economics must play a part in the social construct of identity and behavior.

    Listen we can argue all day but you've not convinced me of anything, and I hope anyone else who reads this column understands you're being racist, and like most racists, you don't even realize it.

    And believe me, its not a word I use lightly - I've been called racist myself so I understand it takes on a loose meaning. But the very definition of a racist is someone who considers their race to be suprerior to another.

    And calling Arabs inbreed morons, fits that catagory. Given the links between Jewish and Arab cultures, which as recently as 3500 years ago were the same (and BTW, Jewish bloodlines come from only a few common ancestors as well), I think you can see why your logic has run afoul.

  20. AJ - Steve once had an enlightening quote by Andre Lang on his blog saying, "He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts--for support rather than for illumination."

    You use (questionable) statistics to *support* a rather simplistic and naïve (and racist) theory. First you claim the average Arab is “stupid.” Second, you claim it’s a history of inbreeding that’s caused stupidity. Then when inbreeding was not sufficient enough (because look at Europe and Royal families) you added that it’s a combination of inbreeding and a philosophy of hate that results in low IQs. Moreover, you extract any historical events from your theory. But to be fair to you, we will pretend to believe in your theory for a millisecond. Based on that, how can Arabs help it if it’s out of their control? You’re asking someone whose genetics and biology control their IQ to reform and become smarter. Why should Arabs today take responsibility if it’s all the fault of inbreeding? I mean their stupidity probably entraps them in this philosophy of hate. So really your quest for Arab/Muslim reform is out of human control. Maybe as an atheist, you should start believing in God so miracles can drop from the sky and fix the retarded human DNA. Then again, we can all agree that the long history of slavery had adverse consequences on the African American community today. But when it comes to Arabs, no it’s all in their blood. I’m sure many atheists would disagree with you on your racist selectivity of social constructs.

    I don’t even want to go into this “average IQ” study in the Middle East. This “average” statistic or study is not only vague, it is (excuse my French) used as a b.s. way to essentialize an entire race. I’d like to see the samples selected, if it was done randomly, and how big the samples were. But how does this statistic even fit in with the historical context? Aside from the history of inbreeding that is which we debated earlier. Is that all that’s happened in the last millennium? Do you even know where the term “Middle East” comes from? You know, the region’s position with respect to Britain. I wonder how Britain or Europe got into the picture! You should read up on some history.

    You paint a picture as if we either blame it all on the “white man” or all on the Arabs. There are consequences to all actions taken by *both* sides. If Arabs want to advance they will have to recognize their internal problems, and if the “West” really *wants* Arabs to advance they will not forcibly intervene and destabilize the region further. I don’t know why you (or any Arab you cite as some viable source) adopt the same mentality you criticize: this one-sided, backward, dehumanizing view of the “other.”

  21. You are ignoring all evidence. I gave you a link to a story about Arabs and education as well as their literacy rates.
    You are both denying the fact that Arabs have lower average IQs and using it as a way of calling me racist.
    I first look at the intellectual production that has come out of the Arab countries over the last 1400 years, than I look for reasons behind why such a large number of people produce next to nothing.
    Call me racist all you want.
    I hate Radical Islam. It is a cancer.
    They prey on stupid people to carry out their deeds.
    Incest is a part of the problem I've concluded, the culture of hate and death (nurture) gives the Arabs little chance to improve their score.
    If they were brought up in the West, they'd be fine.
    Their culture must be changed.

  22. Wow you really trust the media don't you? I bet you I can find an article saying there really are WMDs in Iraq, would you believe it then?

    Listen, statistics can be manipulated, and they can be applied out of context. I've already provided several possible explanations for reduced opportunity and education in the Middle East.

    But even if those arguments fail to convince you, are you really trying to pretend like you're writing this to improve the lives of Arabs? You think that by saying this kind of stuff Arabs will all of a sudden "shape up" and start reforming in a western motif?

    Its articles like these that make any possibility of legitimate reform impossible. You create a climate of superiority over Arabs that constantly puts them on the defensive.

    Moreover, you completely contradict yourself by asserting that it is "genetic" but if only they are raised in the west "they'd be fine" which is it?

    And you know, you claim to know the difference between Muslims and Arabs, but I'll tell you, there are Coptic Arabs in Egypt, there are Palestinian Christians in Bethleham - your Arab/Islamic confusion will come back to bite you in the ass.

  23. I am not confused about Arabs/Muslims.
    Are you acting dense, or is it not an act? I've said that nature has a certain affect on IQ and so does nurture. How many times do I have to tell you that genetics only is part of what determines intelligence. The persons surroundings also is has a dramatic affect. It is a combination. Do you understnad what I'm saying yet????

    Every little article helps. If people don't realize their faults, they won't change.

    You can say that these articles polariize the situation even more, I don't. I am always trying to improve myself, but if a third party doesn't let me know my faults, I will miss them. I think Arabs need to be shamed into changing. And I know you wont like me saying that, but that is too bad.

    Christian Arabs are not a threat to blow up the world btw.

    You are in denial and make excuses for the Arabs. I started off rather neutral on the subject until 9/11 made me do a lot of reading. I'm not into conspiracy theories.

    Conspiracy theories are all over the Arab news though, if I ever want to see them.

    If you really think I'm racist, you should read my post about being Supreme Rule on March 4th on this blog.


    Most of the 300 million Arabs in the Middle East are peaceful. 10% of Egypt is full of Arab Coptic Christians. THEY DID NOT ATTACK AMERICA. And yet you so broadly denounce their race.

  25. Do you read? I said Christian Arabs are not the problem.
    It is one thing to be peaceful, it is another to rally against violence. I only see rallies against cartoons coming from Islam.

  26. I read the words "Arabs are inbred." SO THEN ITS NOT ARABS YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. You can be fully Arab, and have Arab culture, and not be an inbred moron. So there goes most if not all of your argument.

    And like I said, if you made this argument that the "average" black person is a criminal, or the "average" Mexican is a "gardener" people would call you racist, and they'd be right.

    You can't expect anyone to listen to you while you attack an entire race of people and call it a favor to them.

  27. Where did you read the words "arabs are inbred" ? Where do I say this specifically? Where do I state that all Arabs are inbred?
    I give my reason for their insanity and low IQ average to be a combination of either/or inbreeding by a good percentage of Arabs, and their culture (nurture) which promotes hate over education.

    Do you have a selective reading problem?

  28. So lets see.

    Read your bottom line:

    "The bottom line. Arabs cannot have nukes and Arabia must be reformed. You don't let insane, unintelligent people have Weapons of Mass Destruction EVER."

    But then there's more:

    -"The Arabs in the Middle East have a really bad habit of marrying their first and second cousins."

    -As a result, you quote someone who says that Saudi's are "less advanced than whales"

    -That's not their fault I guess because "there are some cultures that have a lot to overcome."

    -"this interbreeding also promotes stupidity and insanity."

    -"nurture only makes the average Arab more stupid"

    Why are you running from your statements? Rather than worrying about how stupid your readers are, perhaps you should revise your writing style because apparently you aren't clear enough. Or perhaps you're quite clear and you're in denial about your own hate.

  29. I stand by all the above statements. I made a point about what AVERAGE means on numerous occassions with you. You fail to understand it.

    The only questionable comments I made was about inbreeding promoting stupidity and insanity. This is an assumption I'm making (an educated guess).

    Also, the following "You don't let insane, unintelligent people(Arabs) have Weapons of Mass Destruction EVER," is easily interpretted by anyone who can put two and two together. Maybe I should have added that, there is enough low intelligent crazy Arabs to justify them never having a WMD. It would only be a matter of time before it fell in the wrong hands. And I really should say radical Islam more than I do. However, I probably consider a lot more people to be radical Islamists than you do.

    Btw, do you think that the leader of Iran is insane?

  30. I decline to answer that interogative..on the grounds that any positive anwer may icite a FATWAH to be issued

  31. GEEZ, Stevie seems to have a rather large bone to pick.

  32. You state that the Arab world teaches that it is ok to blow up innocent people, and you regularly rail against suicide bombers. Fine. But be fair and balanced like Faux News O'Reilly says.

    Aren't Israelis taught that it is ok to blow up innocent people with tanks, jet fighters, rockets, or to kill them in other ways such as with bulldozers and automatic weapons?

    In the last few years, Israelis have murdered more than 600 Palestinian children.

    As to suicide bombers, why is it more morally reprehensible to kill yourself as you are killing others than to kill others from a safe distance so keeping yourself safe?

  33. No Jews are taught it is ok to murder innocents. Jews don't celebrate the death of innocents like the Palestinian assmonkeys do.

    If the Palipiggians stopped attacking and trying to push Israel into the sea, there would be no dead Palestinian innocents.

    Screw the Palipiggians. I have nothing but contempt for them.

  34. B.E.J., I can't compose a calm response after reading the comments by the Steves above.

    I've spent a lot of years in war zones, America and the West generally becomes daily closer to what I like. I long for the day when I meet Steve face to face so he can see the nature of what he's on about. I long for the war.

  35. Dag, I suggest you go over to his blog. This post is pretty old, I'm not sure you will even see this reply. But Steve has his head shoved so far up his ass when it comes to Islamic terror he has to see through his belly button.

  36. Very enlightening. Stats DO mean something and cannot be dismissed.

    I think Steve is simply embarrassed at having the Arab ways exposed.

    When the towers were hit we saw dancing in the streets of Palestine and other Arab nations - clearly an indication on what values these societies covet.

    I believe that not ALL Arabs are as the Bacon eater described, BUT his assessment is more accurate than any B.S. that was pawned off as truth by Steve and the other poster.

    Arabs are so far behind the civilized world, it's a wonder we haven't noticed before!

  37. In the end who gives a shit as long as the vast majority of terrorist act in the world are being committed by ARAB Islamist nut cases I will continue to look at them all with suspision AND dirition. It's up to the Arab world to clean up it's act or suffer the consequences. It is they that have chosen death over life, so be it, let it be theirs not ours.

  38. I`ve read this blog after about one year , but i couldn`t help it , i had to show my opinion in people involved in this .
    my comment`s are between [].
    read the blog & then read the final comment i wrote to make sure that you`ve got all the answers that you need to know , thanks...

    BaconEatingAtheistJew said things like :
    -i do believe the arab world teach heat...
    -arab world is dangerous...
    -the arab world teaches it is ok to blow up innocent people...
    -the facts are that the arabs in the middle east as a whole have a MUCH lower IQ average...
    -and the palastinians are the biggest losers on this planet & i know anyone who defendss them is cluless , [then later he said ] "like the palastinian assmonkeys".........!!!
    [well , well , well...i think you`ve done so many researches to bring all these facts together , BUT , wait a said nothing about you "imaginary" sources & would you please let me know them ? specially the source of the "average" IQ you`re talking about !!!]
    later on , he said :
    -the only questionable comment i made was about inbreeding promoting stupidity and insanity .This is an assumption I`M MAKING (an educated guess).

    N.B:[I`ll answer this question later on , remember this...]

    [Then the "educated judging guy"BaconEatingAtheistJew tried to SHUT "steve & manar" up [btw: i don`t know neither one of them , but from their names i can say that steve is a christian guy with arabian routs as i can see ] any way , BaconEatingAtheistJew said :
    -christian arabs are not a threat to BLOW UP THE WORLD...
    -i said christian arabs are not the problem...

    [ i wonder why he didn`t say so from the begining..]
    [Then when he found out that steve is still defending arabs and muslims ], he said :
    -but steve has his head shoved so far up his ass when it comes to islamic terror he has to see through his belly button [no comment]

    [now i`ll borrow some lines of what he said too] :
    -i`m only stating FACTS , if you think i`m racist because of it , then TO YOU I`M RACIST.....[that`s good to know]
    -if people don`t realize their faults [ which are that they were born arabs & muslims ]they won`t change.


    [ My last comment on this ]


    about that question you`ve asked ... about inbreeding which you think that it promotes stupidity and ansanity...WELL , I WANT YOU TO ANSWER THAT , & I`LL GIVE YOU A LITTLE HINT WHICH IS THAT : I AM THE RESULT OF MUSLIM ARABIAN INBREEDING { MY PARENTS ARE COUSINS AND SO WERE MY GRAND PARENTS OF BOTH ; )
    btw : my IQ is 141 & I tought myself (English language)...
    thanks for posting this [ONLY IF YOU COULD]

  39. Click the links and you will see the sources with respect to middle eastern Arab/Muslim IQ.

    The jury is out as far as what kind of affect inbreeding has on intelligence, though there are many studies on its affect on mental health (insanity).

    This is not about "hating" Arabs, but trying to explain why the culture hates. If you don't think Palestinian children are indoctrinated to hate at an early age, you aren't being very objective. If you don't think the Saudis are taught to dislike (or hate) the West collectively, again, you aren't being very objective.

  40. Humm... I'm trying to see it from your point of view...but I'can't get my head that far up my ass.

  41. This is to the stupid jew who makes stupid comments about palestinians. I just want to say palestians have a literacy rate of 98% . So much for being stupid and uneducated. I myself as well as my brothers speak three languages. My whole family each have and avg. iq of over 140 on a bad day. As for your so called iq test. Where's the validation to these test. And, what test are you refering to. Being tested on knowledge that your not exposed to doesn;t make you stupid. It just makes you ignorant. There is such a thign as situational IQ. And if Arabs were to be tested with this, i'm sure you will be more than dissatisfied
    with you stupid uneducated guess !! The top 1% of the doctors in the u.s happened to be the dumb loser palestinian arabs.
    Without your fininacial support you have shit. You talk out of your ass. It takes brains to improvise, which somethign your people long forgot. Arabs day in and day out have to improvise and for a people who are not given much in many parts of the middle east we do quit fine.

    Thank you,

    The Intelligent Palestinian Arab.

    P.s before you try to slam any of my grammar. Go ahead my major is in the sciences and money !!! Still learning.

    pps. Kiss My ASS

  42. oh yea? what a stupid racist article you jerk. What about curing your own hatred and racism? marrying the first cousin is much better that founding a racist entity on a usurped land fucking idiot

  43. Are you crazy man? I suggest you have to visit a therapist, your article is full of hatred and racism and you analyse why do Arabs hate? aha, well I'll try to translate an Egyptian saying which copes to your article: if you talk to a slut she just accuse you of what she is really doing.

  44. Another Jewish obsession of IQ, this is pathetic, it is exactly like the American obsession of being thin.

    But that is not about “seeming” smart, it is about portraying your enemy as stupid.

    My modest information says that IQ theory is on its way to be an antique, there is a multi-intelligence theory which proves that there are many criterions for intelligence, it is not always mathematics and physics that proves you are intelligent.

    Well yea it is funny. But it is also a way to justify killing people: they are stupid they do not deserve to live; I’ve read different Jewish “scientific” researches saying that we are stupid, so where does this lead us to?

    Okay, we are stupid, we are mentally retarded; we have tails and horns, so what? Does this justify massacring people? Usurping their lands? Killing women and children? Showering them with cluster bombs? Colonizing them? Expelling them from their lands and building imperialist settlements over it? Arresting them and torturing them with electricity? Let us assume that we are animals, undeveloped species, so? What are you doing among us intelligent people? Why don’t you just go to the civilized world (where you have been burnt and persecuted) and enjoy the company of smart peers and leave us to our stupidity and retardation?

    Who are you sir? I mean you as Jew… who are you? Are you a representative of the western civilization in our region? Or are you a cousin?
    If you are a representative to western civilization then you are an imperialist, you are misplaced, you don’t belong, just leave.
    If you are a cousin, shame on you cousin, we have the same genes now, at least the same roots, so if we are that stupid you should be a sort of stupid you yourself.

    Besides what is this first cousin incestuous marriage bull shit?
    Let us go back sir, Yitzhak, your ancestor sir, is the fruit of a brother-sister marriage, waaaaw that makes him a hell of stupid, so how come you are intelligent while your seed from the very beginning is stupid. While my ancestor Ishmael, cousin, is not only a fruit of strangers’ marriage, but also mixture of races, that makes him, according to your stupid theory, a hell of smart. So no matter how much his children marry their first cousins they have to have left offs of intelligence.

    Grrrrrrrrrr, that is really, really ridiculous Mr. racist. Your (explanation) sir serves nothing but racism and imperialism. And both are ugly and stupid and unjustified.

    You know Mr. smart, I, as a Muslim, believe that, according to Quran, all people are born beautiful and smart, what increase or decrease an individual’s beauty and intelligence is his/her choices in life, choosing goodness makes you more smart and beautiful, and choosing evil turns you into a stupid monster.

    I think that sharing in Sabra and Shatila or deir Yasin massacres is indisputably evil, I think expelling peasants from their lands, and killing those who refuse to leave their own lands, is unquestionably evil, I think starving women and children in Gaza incontestably vicious, I think killing babies in Qana is horribly evil, I think founding a racist entity in the heart of a peaceful world is monstrous, and evil. Evil is stupid. That is stupidity, just take a record of it.

  45. Do you "think" suicide bombings of pizzerias are evil? Probably not. You'll make excuses for it.

    You like to twist and rewrite history, it is an Arab Muslim trait. So is hypocrisy which you will never admit to.

    Is it OK for Muslims to usurp Dearborn, Michigan? Is it OK for Brazil to now have over 10 million of Arab Lebanese descent.

    I say yes, because demographics change everywhere.

    Most land you deem to be Muslim land was won and maintained by the sword of Allah.

    If the Arabs would have accepted the partition, not one would have had to leave when Israel was legally formed.

  46. As for racist entities, again, nothing but Muslim hypocrisy is spewed.
    How many churches and Christian bibles are there in Saudi Arabia?
    Yes, it takes one who is totally blind and stupid to not understand his or her own hypocrisy.

  47. You know dear cousin, when you have an answer you just answer, when you don't you try to insult people as you are trying to insult me with the most racist attitude again, for me, this is a great answer, it proves the credibility of every single word of my argument, just compare my argument to yours, and see who is stupid here, well you will not realise anyway, let a chinese decide,hahahahahaaaay.

    And you know what? I'm thrilled with it, because you are sooooo bad in logic, I'll give you a big zero. Brazil? heheheheheeeee, what? did arabs expelled Brazilians from their lands and killed them? Saudi Arabia? did Arabs expel any natives and kill them? how many churchs? no churchs because there are no christians. Besides you don't have to be a descendent of certain ancestor who died five thousands years ago to join Islam, it is open for all races.

    And what is this hypocrisy bull shit again? you say you are a jew and an atheist? is this hypocrisy or Schizophrenia? Or again it is racism? Judaism is religion man, it is not a nationality.. Zionism is the only movement that turned a religion to a nationality this is funny, it even seems funny to many “really smart” Jews who think Israel defamed Judaism. You know, despite of all this Zionist painful crimes I find you very funny guys, oh you are.

    Any way, forget about it, I just got on your nerves and it was all what I wanted and I am happy about it, enjoy eating yourself with hatred and racism, you will eat yourself up and vanish soon heheheheeeeeeeeeeee, by the way cousin, you didn’t answer a single question of my questions, especially: who are you? To whom do you belong?

    Don’t worry, I know you don’t have any answers other than: hypocrite muslims, sword of allah, stupid arabs…etc, adding to this irrelevant examples which will make of you the perfect joke of the year, exactly like the previous hysterical two comments, hehehehe, you are ass had to be burning that you replied to me in two comments saying nothing but try to insult, very funny, it is like fighting in anger then reaching the door then returning back to add some more insults you recalled.

    By the way, I have some psychological analysis for the Zionist movement, but one teasing upon a time, or you will die with a heart attack and I might be accused of executing a terrorist attack which killed a poor, poor Zionist, heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  48. No Arabs had to be expelled. It was typical Arab intolerance that has led to the Palestinian plight.
    No, you didn't get on my nerves. You just proved and continue to prove Arab hypocrisy and idiocy.

    Carry on.

  49. One more thing. It is pointless to argue with false assumptions and false history that you have spewed here.

    And yes, a Jew can be by religion and/or ethnicity.

    Did Hitler ask ethnic Jews if they believed in God before he sent them to death camps?

  50. heheheheheeeeeeeeeeeee

    oh baby you are amuzing. is your kind popular among zionists? or you are one of a kind?

  51. It doesn't bother me to have a crazy person laugh at me.

  52. Roland the AryanMarch 10, 2009 2:36 AM

    Hey BEAJ beyotch, I think Jews are a bunch of inbred morons who were taught to hate Arabs and to feel that they are somehow superior than the Arabs. Yes I am a racist, and I think that Hitler should have done a better job in finishing your terrorist race. The 'average' Jews are closet terrorists.

    What do you have to say against that? Now it's your words against mine. Easy right? It seems that's the way you argue best, since you used the very same approach to answer every single commentators from Steve, Manar, to the Anonymous Arab.

    PS, Your people might be smarter than the Arabs, but we all know that Aryan are far more intellectually superior than you meager Jews. You got served!

  53. Roland the AryanMarch 10, 2009 2:44 AM

    BTW, beacon dude, I assure you that I can find links to prove and back up my claims that the Aryan race is far more superior in everything compared to you Jews. Post my comment if you dare, you chicken sh*t.

  54. Hey Roland, sure, provide me some links.
    Secondly, I'm not sure what an Aryan is.
    This post is about Western culture versus Muslim country culture anyway.
    It went swoosh over your "Aryan" brain.
    Oh, and I'm probably just as white as you are, cracker.

  55. Roland the AryanMarch 10, 2009 1:55 PM

    Bacon guy, I'm sure you're smart enough to google key words such as "aryan supremacy" or "master race" on your own, I guarantee that you'll find sufficient number of hits to back up my claims.

    Oh and smarty pants, Aryans are not the same as Caucasians. As for the definition of 'Aryans', why don't you use "define: aryans" on a search engine. Sorry, I'm not in the mood to spoon fed infos to an alleged 'intellectually superior' person.

    PS. I resent the fact that you stole Der Fuhrer's ideas, he thought that we Aryans are far superior than any other race (including you Jewish scums), while you thought that your race are superior than the Goyims (naturally including the lowly Arabs, which came from the same gene pool as you people).

    There can be only one, that's why Der Fuhrer needed to exterminate you wannabe SOB's.

  56. Roland, I'm done wasting anymore time on your unsubstantiated Joooo paranoid retardedness.

  57. Roland the AryanMarch 10, 2009 2:09 PM

    And Aryans do NOT include Jews. You Semite people belong to the dessert of the middle east along with your Semite Arab brothers.

    Call me anti-Semitic, I don't care. Just shove those politically correct BS to where to sun don't shine.

    We're alike in sense, Bacon. But we're in competition so don't expect any courtesy, you parasite. You might be the smartest of the Semite people, but you're no match for the master race.

  58. Roland, you are mentally here. Don't believe me? Click this link.
    No, I'm not like you. Your superior
    "Aryan" "brain" completely failed to comprehend the ramifications of this post.
    Not only are you crazy but you are stupid as well.

  59. Roland, you have other platforms to show off your insanity. I'm not interested in idiots who copy and paste entire stories. If you want to link to them and then give your opinion fine.
    But also, I'm not interested in playing with a mental case either.
    That includes conversations on very old blog posts.
    Show your stuff on my newest posts, that way many can see how insane you are. Poor guy. You need friends. I don't want to be your friend though.

  60. Roland the AryanApril 17, 2009 5:00 PM

    the holocaust is a hoax and anti-semitism is hogwash

  61. BEAJ... Greetings from another BEAJ. Thanks for the article. Its amusing to see the squirming of the intellectually challenged who can't seem to mount a credible rebuttal to the simple logic and statistics that you present. It is unfortunate, however, that evolution seems to be on the side of the stupid. Mankind will be soon overcome by the sheer numbers of slavering and inbred morons... a dysfunctional family of psuedo-aryan-revisionists, sister-fucking-arab-psychos, and bleeding-heart-liberal-bed-wetting-dupes. Go Humans!

  62. OH OH OH pleas some body...I'M an arabic girl 19 years ...some one please tell me I'm a writer sibce I was in the 10 year I'm I stupid?I'm a painter since I was a little childe I'm I stupid I'm a girl who could play whith piano I'm I stupid? I wrot a lot of poetry which made my teachers shocked I'm I stupid?I speaked English I'm I stupid?I have the apelyty to sing I'm I stupid? I'm exellent in grammer in Arabic(for you'r information the student allowys say grammer of arabic language isn't easy) I'm I stupid? Iam learning jappanese language and I find it easy I'm I stupid?....etc

    Finaly my IQ is more than 100 so more than the normal IQ fore mpst of people I'm I stupid?eh...

    Stop talking about us as stupid Arab are just as the other people (for you'r information a lot of Arab are talented. Sorry about my spelling.

    Saudi girl 19 year.

  63. OH OH OH pleas some body...I'M an arabic girl 19 years ...some one please tell me I'm a writer sibce I was in the 10 year I'm I stupid?I'm a painter since I was a little childe I'm I stupid I'm a girl who could play whith piano I'm I stupid? I wrot a lot of poetry which made my teachers shocked I'm I stupid?I speaked English I'm I stupid?I have the apelyty to sing I'm I stupid? I'm exellent in grammer in Arabic(for you'r information the student allowys say grammer of arabic language isn't easy) I'm I stupid? Iam learning jappanese language and I find it easy I'm I stupid?....etc

    Finaly my IQ is more than 100 so more than the normal IQ fore mpst of people I'm I stupid?eh...

    Stop talking about us as stupid Arab are just as the other people (for you'r information a lot of Arab are talented. Sorry about my spelling.

    Saudi girl 19 year.

  64. This is just about averages and how they correlate with intolerance. Of course, there are going to be smart Arabs.

  65. ofcours a lot of things were averages and I said were, untill a JOE oh master joe came and said arabs are are stupid in not direct way. I'm ofcours not a intolerance girl but I should say what I see that I'm not stupid.

  66. As many of the people above have already pointed out, the view expressed in this post is simply retarded, not rigorous at all in it's analysis, and have a strong racist undertone.

    It might be true that perhaps some populations have low IQs, but to lump in such an argument with things like terrorism, inbreeding, etc- all without sufficient empirical data supporting any real correlation here, strongly suggests that you're just racist and you're looking for reasons to hate on Arabs.

  67. Oh man, BEAJ, I was truly dismayed after stumbling upon this article. Your argument, aside from being astonishingly racist and bitter, is built on flawed information. I followed the links you provided:

    Saudis marry their cousins

    ^This was a half-page blog article that provided ZERO statistical data. It did not provide any methodology, and instead instructor the reader to sign up for Jack Wheeler's email list.

    Bill Levinson

    ^Again, a tiny opinion article devoid of statistical information. I will not continue.

    All of the information you've used to build your argument is based entirely on the unsupported opinions of others. Do not try to pass your hatred spewing off as scholarship - it is an insult to academics. Already I am regretting wasting my time writing this comment. Your opinions are racist and something that one could use "inbred" as an adjective to describe. I know many intelligent Jews, and many intelligent Atheists, you sir are not one of them. I have no doubt in my mind that you are a bitter, lonely person who lacks the intellectual capacity to formulate even the most basic argument. Before you say "well this is a blog post, not a published article" realize that if you were indeed even intellectually capable of producing scholarship, you would have made a better argument here.

    Yes, its true, many Arab children are taught bigotry at a young age, and because of that they have some (however tiny) excuse. You on the other hand, have no excuse and are clearly lacking in the intelligence and tolerance you try to champion.