November 15, 2005

Challenge to IDers/Creationists

You people want ID taught alongside evolution in science class. Actually, you really don't want evolution taught in schools I believe. Fine. Go for it.
I'd like to know what an ID science text looks like. I hope it isn't just a bunch of pages that pokes holes in evolution. That just isn't right, evolution isn't about poking a hole in ID theory. Is the ID science text book going to be a one page book with 3 words "God did it"? Just wondering.

Here is the challenge. Forget about evolution, you people think it didn't happen or you even know it didn't happen. What I want to see is YOUR theory of ID. How old is the earth? How old is man? Were there dinosaurs? When did the dinosaurs die out? I already know you think that man hasn't changed (evolved), that is a gimme.

Oh one more thing, if you say the earth is less than 10,000 years old as is man, I'd like to see the scientific research that proves this. I'd also like to see your scientific research about dinosaurs. Like I said forget about evolution science, you know it is hogwash. I'm looking for ID scientific results. Surely you can provide me with some.

November 13, 2005

NFL Week 10 Picks

Last week I went 2-2-2. I thought last week was going to be tough, I'll take 500.
I wonder if Terrell Owens is going to be picked up by Desparate Housewives to replace the guy in the basement the show fired this week.

My record is a pathetic (for me) 27-26-3 going into this week. Bacon Specials are 1-6-2 (Blech). Here we go:

Giants by 9 over Minny. I can't believe I'm taking a team giving 9 points, but Minny sucks and the Giants are looking real good right now.

Oakland at home getting 3 against Denver. A healthier Moss will help, the home team advantage will help and I think that the bye last week will hurt the Broncos. It was a rhythm stopper.

Green Bay getting 9 in Atlanta. This is strictly a gut call. I don't know why but I think Green Bay will cover.

St. Louis getting 6 and a half against Seattle. Seattle is better this year but I am seeing a very high over under in Vegas right now. Lots of points usually means a see saw type of game. I think Seattle will win by 3 or 4 but the Rams will cover.

And my Bacon Special: The Buffalo Bills by 2 and a half against KC. KC had a dramatic win last week against Oakland with a totally gutsy call made with 5 seconds left, but the Bills have been able to review the tapes of this Priestless team and I'm expecting McGahee to get a couple of TDs in a Bills victory. I have also heard from a few Bills fans and they are saying the Bills have no chance this week. Well, why are they favorites in Vegas. Take the Bills.

November 11, 2005


This man is sick and he is getting sicker each and every day. He needs to be put down.
But the embarrassing thing about this is that he makes news and he actually has followers.
It is one thing, that America has Free Speech, it is something to be proud of. It is another thing, that this guy makes news with his absolutely insane rants.
He is a retard, and his followers are completely out of touch with reality. It turns my stomach that so many people believe in his crap.
The town of Dover beware, you have accepted science and facts over mythology. I'm sure the sick piece of dung Pat Robertson is now praying for Dover to be destroyed by a natural disaster. It would put a smile on his pathetic face.
I have absolutely no respect for Robertson or anyone who has an ounce of respect for him. Robertson is proof that he and his sheep are mentally ill.
Again, I will bring out this stat. 65% of high school drop outs believe a young earth and creation occurred less than 10,000 years ago, 25% of college grads believe the same thing. Conclusion: the more ignorant one is the more likely they are to believe in a young earth and creation.

End of Rant.

November 7, 2005


First, I want to thank The Raving Atheist( for inspiring this post.

If prayer is so powerful, how come it hasn't caught on with actuarial science? Why do those who pray, pay the same exact insurance premiums as a godless infidel like myself?

This just doesn't make sense. If I get hit by a car, or get struck by a tree branch during a storm, I must be way more prone to a longer hospital stay than someone who prays. I must even be more likely to be struck by a car than someone who prays to be safe from harm each day too. I must be way more likely to die of unnatural causes than someone who prays. I'm sure the insurance companies are hiding their findings for their own financial gains since believers outnumber dudes like me at least 2 to 1. And I definitely wouldn't be a candidate to be able to walk again or see again if I was paralyzed or became blind. Those who pray also have congregations praying for them, I might have one or two sympathetic believers tops talking to God on my behalf.

About The Raving Atheist's post, I would like to add the following: it seems that God only performs "miracles" that can be explained scientifically on the ones he picks and chooses to cure. Making someones limbs grow back would created too many believers for heaven. "Curing" cancer or "restoring" eyesight through prayer keeps his numbers managable because doubters like me need more to tweak our interest.

November 6, 2005


Correction, I jumped the gun last week stating my Bacon Specials were a pathetic 1-6-1 last week. With last weeks overtime loss in the Detroit Chicago game, I am now a pathetic 1-6-1 with my Specials. On a positive note, I am now over 500 on the season overall. My record this year is 25-24-1.

This week is gonna be tough. I don't remember seeing so many road favorites ever in one week. This week, the home team are underdogs in 9 out of 14 games. I hate handicapping these type of games. Ok, here goes:

Oakland getting four points against KC. I'm expecting close to 60 points scored in this game with very little defense. This game might see saw all day. The game will come down to the last play.

Cleveland by 3 against Tennessee. The Browns are at home to one of the weaker AFC teams.

Tampa Bay getting one point against Carolina. Tampa has to show they can win without Griese. They came off a humiliating loss to San Fran last week. They will rebound.

Washington by 3 against Philly. Philly looks bad, and Washington probably worked as hard as they ever have looking at tapes this week after last weeks disaster against the Giants. Good teams can lose and even get clobbered, if they don't rebound, they aren't a good team anymore.

The Superbowl Champion New England Patriots GETTING 3 and a half points at home against seemingly unbeatable Peyton Colts. You just have to take the Patriots. I don't care if the Colts win by 20, you have to take the Patriots just on principle alone.

Bacon Special for today is New Orleans getting 3 against da Bears. New Orleans will win this one. Da Bears bubble will burst down the stretch. Today New Orleans will poke a hole in the bubble. Is it no wonder my Bacon Specials are so bad that I depend on teams like the Saints to cover?