April 11, 2006


Here is a video: "What Does Science Really Know," mostly in Hebrew (with English subtitles), that shows how some unscientific Jews use the art of deception to try to prove God. By making their points with ignorance, half lies, and out of context quotes, this film comes to the asinine conclusion that because science doesn't have all the answers(YET), Godidit. It would be great if the people who did videos like this had even a basic understanding of what a scientific theory is.

Now we must not forget how the Quran Leads the Way to Science. In this video we learn "that before Islam, Arabs were a barbarous people who worshipped idols of their own making, believed warfare and bloodshed were virtuous, and were even capable of killing their own children." Whew, could you imagine how bad the Arabs would be if not for the Quran? The Quran taught the Arabs all about the Religion of Peace, and how to be science minded. Think of all the scientific and medical breakthroughs the world would be missing if not for the Quran.

Fundamentalist Muslims don't believe in evolution either. But I wonder why they allow for evolution when it comes to certain people. Don't they believe that Jews came from pigs and monkeys?

April 10, 2006


Born Again Kirk Cameron, formerly of Growing Pains (a show I never watched) fame, does a completely dishonest video that states evolution has nothing substantial behind it. Right from start to finish, he and Ray Comfort, a deceitful Minister in real life, go from interviewing college kids he calls "experts in evolution" (note: who knows how many kids they interviewed before they took these edits? and who knows what these kids were taking in school?) to bringing an orangutan into a restaurant, to using out of context quotes, to trying to sell their "science book of quotes," The Evidence Bible. The ridiculous analogies are farcical. Their line of reasoning should be a criminal offense. And why do these snake oil salesmen always equate evolution with abiogenesis?

Don't forget to check out their proof: Questions for Evolutionists, Evolution: True Science Fiction, and this little gem on the Missing Link, Still Missing.

I was writing this post and watching and listening to the video at the same time.
I almost feel like throwing up. This is guaranteed to make any one with a brain queasy.

I wonder if they know they are lying.

Blogging 101

I've been blogging now for just over a year, and I know I'm not the most popular blog in the blogosphere.................yet:), as I rank around 21,000 at Technorati. Blogging is gaining steam and mass popularity, so I have decided to write about some do's and don'ts and other observations that could improve your blog.
First off, why blog? I can only speak for myself here. I work from home, and I don't have any kids running around. I'm not a party person anymore and I am very opinionated, and funny (at least I think so). That being said, I'm a ham, I am seeking attention, I want people to see my opinion because I feel I can entertain and perhaps make people think at the same time. I actually believe I can make a subtle change to the way some people look at things. I didn't start out this way with my blog, I just started it for the heck of it. I went from 20 hits a day, to around 300 a day at this time. This weekend by the way was unreal thanks to the link to the Penn and Teller video on my site, by the popular blog Pharyngula(which has a mostly Lefty Pinko following unfortunately). I received over 2500 hits on Saturday, and another 2000 yesterday. Most people just watched the video, and didn't leave comments. Some did view more of my blog though, and I was added to a few more blogrolls.
Another thing is that I'm not into putting up unfriendly banner ads, so I'm not receiving any compensation at this time for my blog.

Here is a list of do's and don'ts, and a key to all this is that a blogger has to keep in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, and people don't have unlimited surfing time:

1) Specialize. There is no gun to your head when you begin a blog, but a specialty should evolve. Stick with it. My specialty has evolved. I am an entertaining foot soldier in the "War Against Reality," or how I like to put it: WAR. I know I'm taking a step away from my specialty with this post, but you only live once.

2) Keep the blog viewer friendly. I can't believe how many (thinking) Atheists for instance, have a dark background on their blog. Sure, it looks cool. Sure, it reflective of the blogger's darkside personality. But many bloggers are over 40 these days and can't read a thing without highlighting the blog posts with a mouse. It is very frustrating, and although I have many blogs I go to regularly that have a black background, I sometimes think twice about going there just because of the view.

3) Get a blogroll, sitemeter and join any organizations that overlap with your viewpoints. A blogroll is important because many bloggers will check their sitemeter statistics and see the sites that the hits came from. They will usually visit that site. Personally, if someone blogrolls me, I blogroll them. I also blogroll any site that I feel stands out regardless of whether they know of me or not. However, by blogrolling a major site, there is a possibility they will check your site out because they looked at where the hit came from. Joining other blog groups also increases your exposure.

4) Visit other blogs and leave comments when appropriate. Don't be scared to speak your mind at another site. I love having comments on my site, plus I check out the commenters blog site if they include it when signing in to post.

5) Stick to making 0-3 posts a day. If you are posting more than that, you aren't being original, you might as well just be a news blog (if that is your niche, that is fine I guess). If you post more than that, you will turn off many viewers. Something can be said for attracting regular commenters, and most people tend to comment on just the last two entries. I like my regulars a lot. When I visit my favorite blogs, I usually just check the last 3 posts only. Too msny things to read and too much information makes my head explode.
There are many stories I can report each day, I try to focus on just one. I'm not worried, someone else will cover the ones I don't choose.

6) Nothing is wrong with some shameless self promotion. I sometimes spam my blog on Yahoo message boards. Shoot me. I want people to read me, and I'll whore my blog if I have to. Try not to beg for viewers though.

7) Try your hardest to respect your commenters. Sometimes it is hard when someone comes here for propoganda purposes and spreads lies, rhetoric and half truths (like a current Paliphile poster I have attracted, who is spouting garbage on a few of my threads. Sometimes I snap. I'm only human. Delete spam of course, but I don't delete people who disagree with me as long as they stay sort of on topic, like the lying Paliphile poster for example. I don't mind controversy.

8) Always link your sources, and give credit where credit is due. I said some good things about God is For Suckers, and they were actually the first site to pick up my Penn and Teller post causing a lot more exposure of my blog. Exposure sometimes can be a domino effect.

9) Try to be as honest as possible. This is your blog. Speak your mind, and remember that no two people agree about everything.

10) Try to be as brief as possible. Believe me, I tried to be brief with this post too:), but I had to include any point here I thought was valid. Thanks to Atheist Mama, for letting me know my original 9 points were lacking this specific point. And thanks to everyone who supported my blog from the start, especially Elder of Ziyon.

April 9, 2006

Penn and Teller Creationism

Scary and sad. It is amazing how absolutely ignorant ID supporters are when it comes to science.

Thanks to 386sx who posted the link to this video on Pharyngula.

And thanks again to God is for Suckers, who originally linked me and to Pharyngula for adding me later, as well as everyone else who linked my site. I set a record (for me) of over 2500 hits here yesterday.

And yes, some people who discovered my site yesterday were very upset by my views on Islam. If you are one of them: educate yourself. You are just as much out to lunch about Radical Islam, as Fundies are when it comes to evolution.

The far Left really pisses me off. There is no excuse for strapping on suicide bombs and murdering civilians. Not only is Islam famous for the suicide bomb, they celebrate it. The far Left makes excuses for these actions. Check out some of the videos on my sidebar, you need to wake up. I suggest watching the Wafa Sultan video and the "3 Palestinian former terrorists" video for starters. Take it as a dare. Or don't watch it and keep your head in the sand.

April 8, 2006


I wish every high school class in the world made this video mandatory viewing. Home school teachers should be FORCED to show their kids this. The Fundy parents, or whatever they call themselves, can explain it to their kids how ever they want to. Let them say that this an alternative theory to Godidit, but at least let the kids see it.

I have serious doubts that Fundies even make an attempt to understand what Professor Miller is stating in this video.

Ken Miller, by the way, is a Professor of biology at Brown University. He is a Catholic, and believes in Theistic Evolution. He believes in God, but doesn't deny science like the Christian Right does.

I would love to see a live debate between Miller and that freak Preacher Haggard. Miller for sure would show up, but it is very clear that Haggard never would. Fundies are slippier than greased pigs.