March 8, 2007

Visual DNA and The Uncyclopedia

H/T Lemons and Lollipops

I really didn't like the fact that gambling was represented with a picture of a slot machine. Slot machines are for mindless creationists, while horse racing, poker and blackjack require thought.
Many of my selections were low ranked as far as popularity is concerned. This makes me unique like a platypus.


This is a lampoon version of the Wikipedia. They demand humor. Anyone can edit. Lots of fun.

The page on Atheism is hilarious. Apparently, our blue haired God, Athe is extremely hot. Yep, Atheism is the first "religion" on this planet where many followers want to get into God's pants.

I added my Moonbat Dictionary to the Uncyclopedia. It was easy to join and easy to copy and paste it from my blog.

Funny entry about God (who was named Herschel Goldstein at birth) and make sure you read How To Start A Religion.

We can debate which is funnier, the Conservapedia or the Uncyclopedia. I vote for the Conservapedia because it is not intentially trying to be funny.


I saw a fair bit of the Lost Tomb Of Jesus on Tuesday night (the first day it was available on Canadian TV). It was boring and surely could have been a half hour instead of over 2 hours.
This finding doesn't shatter my disbeliefs in any way, whether the discovery is genuine or not. In fact, if true, this discovery only reinforces my Jesus theory.

In case you haven't been paying attention to my blog posts on the Jesus myth, I'll briefly summarize:

Around 50 AD, there were many common myths, common stories, and even common expectations (of a Messiah) going around in the land of Judea.
The Jews were getting their butts kicked around by those pesky Romans (a situation that peaked 70 AD).

Paul had a vision. Now Paul may or may not have existed, but someone definitely got the ball rolling around the time Paul supposedly had his dream. Paul's writings predate those of the Gospels by anywhere from 20-80 plus years. He never mentions the virgin birth, in fact the only thing he mentions about Jesus as a person, is that he was crucified and he was resurrected, which he stole from the Dionysus story.

Paul's story came at a great time, as mentioned above, the Jews were getting fed up at their tyrannical egomaniacal God, who seemed to be allowing their life on earth to be crap despite their faith. A loving God and Messiah was just what many of these people needed and the focus on an eternal heaven where death was better than life worked great in the sales pitch.

As the years went by, lots of juicy tidbits were added. I can see the Jon (Morgan Fairchild, Yeah that's the ticket) Lovitz's of the time, coming up with all sorts of answers to fill in the gaps of the mythological figure Jesus' life. And of course, they weren't the most creative people on the planet either, as they just usurped more from Dionysus, added some Mithra stuff, some sun god theory, and a bunch of others, until finally, the New Testament was written.

It makes sense that they used common names and maybe even along the way, Jesus' whole family was based on the findings from that tomb that was recently rediscovered. There was lots of time from Paul's dream to when the Gospels were written to use those names, and even drop or ignore the supposed child of Jesus and Mary.

Again, 42 historians were alive between 1 and 37 AD, and not one contemporary word was mentioned about the miracle man Jesus. Zero contemporary evidence. Zero secular evidence. And since 37 AD, there has been no secular reason to believe in him either.

Now here are a couple of short Youtube videos on the Myth of Jesus. The first one is very informative, the second is more for entertainment, but it does make some interesting points:

One more thing: Being a Jew, I don't want it to seem that I'm just picking on Christianity, so let me add, the Exodus never happened either.

March 6, 2007

Video Response To "Israel Shouldn't Exist" Rhetoric

I was going to make this a two-parter, but I decided, so far at least, that this gets most of my message out:

I am using the video to respond on Youtube to anti-Israel rhetoric and hopefully it will change a few minds as well.

Tension In The Canadian Blogosphere

Anti-semite in denial assmonkey blogger Robert McCLelland got his ass handed to recently for comments he made on one of his crappy posts a few days ago. First he defended the Stormfront-like spewing from retarded poster Arthurdeccco. See comment #2.

Then, later in the thread, Robert showed his intelligence and love of Jews but stating:
Quoting fellow imbecile Tri-Guy:
"When the State starts rounding up my Jewish neighbours, I’ll speak up."

Robert stated:

Not me. People like Klownsella, Chernyuk and Smeagol the Jew have taught me it’s not worth getting involved. When next they come for the Jews I doubt I’ll even be able to muster up a “what a shame”.

I've written about My Blahg and Robert Mclelland before. He and his flock are politically impotent screwballs, but it is fun to watch them implode and throw feces in their cages.

Shlemazl makes a great comparison to McCLelland and his flock of Left Wing anti-semites and Nazis.

The biggest efforts came from Jason Cherniak (Cherniak on Politics) and Steve (Fluid Mind), who through their pens, got the NDP to disassociate themselves with McClelland.

I followed Cherniaks lead and removed Ontario Blogs (administered by McClelland) from my sidebar. Here are Cherniaks posts on the subject:

Blogging Dippers Should Revolt

NDP Condemns McClelland

Why I Did It

McClelland Off Progressive Bloggers

Cherniak is a smart guy. He is a Canadian Liberal though, most probably because his family have a proud Liberal party history. I am confident he will become a Conservative though. After all, OBL would want the Liberals to be in control of Canada right now. He'd really want the NDP's, but they have no shot. The Liberal party in Canada today has evolved into a party that attracts those who support terrorism.

One more thing:

I got an email to participate and have my readers participate too, if they wish on a blog called Blog To America.

Basically it is what is states; write a letter to America and it will most likely get published there. My letter. It is open to anyone from anywhere. Cal from Oman posted a negative letter that pretty much blamed Jews and support for Israel on why he didn't like America. I like the comments left there. He got bitch slapped severely. At least in the first 10 comments to date. Fun reading the comments.

March 4, 2007


Click on cartoon to enlarge it:

From Memri:
'the Kuwaiti education ministry plans to delete Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from the high school curriculum. This article states that everyone has the right to freedom of religion, including the freedom to change his religion and beliefs. Dr. Rashid Al-'Anzi, chairman of the committee on human rights curricula, explained that the article was deleted "because it is contrary to the Islamic shari'a… and is not in accordance with what we want the pupils to learn."'

Sound familiar? Isn't that why many on the Christian Right want evolution out of science classes, or why they pull their child from school altogether so they can homeschool the Godidit version of science?

Here is what Dr. Ahmad Al-Baghdad, a Kuwaiti reformist, states when it comes to secular science and education:
"It is no coincidence…that education is failing in all Arab countries. Is it reasonable for everyone to ignore the fact that education cannot be religious in its content and orientation? Unfortunately, everyone is disregarding the fact that education cannot work, in any society, unless the contents of the curricula are secular, or at least modern

"Introducing religion into every scientific field [of study] causes a drop in the level of scientific teaching. I ask the minister of education to have a look in one of the elementary school arithmetic books, which have been infused with religious contents that do not belong in them…

"We are not permitted to adopt the secular teaching methods, although we know that the secular Western or Japanese education is much more effective, pedagogically and scientifically, than the quasi-religious education [that exists] in the Arab states… Secularism is a way of life which is completely impossible [for us] to implement in our education [system]… The best proof of the [religious] orientation [of Arab education] is the deletion of articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because they are contrary to Islam.

"The expected result of this hodgepodge method of teaching human rights in Kuwaiti schools is that pupils will acquire a deficient and distorted understanding of the truth, and will also learn things that are false. The balanced approach that the Arab education ministries are aiming for - [an approach] that combines religion and secular sciences - has not been realized in a satisfactory manner, or to be more precise, has failed completely.

"Until the Arab governments decide on their pedagogical philosophy - [and adopt] a purely religious philosophy or a purely secular one - scientific education will remain a tattered hodgepodge [of conflicting notions], and will produce graduates that have diplomas instead of people with a [true] love of knowledge.

"Anyone who believes he can walk a tightrope for very long is deluding himself and will end up failing abysmally. This is what happens to anyone who places himself under the control of the religious groups, who have never brought humanity anything but misery."

He'll probably wind up in the West. This is what happens to Arab/Muslim intellectuals. Good for the Western gene pools though. We need smart guys like this procreating in the West.

I don't know how true it is, but according to some recent articles, the braintrust in Saudi Arabia is considering banning the letter X, because it is a cross.

Here is a gem from the land of intellectual darkness:

Saudi Arabia's commission issued this 'famed 1974 fatwa — issued by its blind leader at the time, Sheik Abdul Aziz Ben Baz — which declared that the Earth was flat and immobile. In a book issued by the Islamic University of Medina, the sheik argued: "If the earth is rotating, as they claim, the countries, the mountains, the trees, the rivers, and the oceans will have no bottom.'

In a university book? Don't count on the cure for cancer coming from an Islamic state.

But don't expect it come from the American Bible Belt either. Just look at the recent words of Marshall Hall of Cornelia, Ga., is a retired schoolteacher who has spent the last 30 years protesting the teaching of evolution. His books argue not only that Darwin was wrong but also that science has been wrong ever since Copernicus and that the idea of Earth turning is a "carefully crafted Bible-bashing lie."

A teacher? I feel sorry for his former students.

Before I get flack from modern Christians who will say this fixed earth guy is not representative of the American education system, I would like to draw attention to the new source of information for reality deniers: The Conservapedia.

Their mission:
Conservapedia is a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American. On Wikipedia, many of the dates are provided in the anti-Christian "C.E." instead of "A.D.", which Conservapedia uses. Christianity receives no credit for the great advances and discoveries it inspired, such as those of the Renaissance. Read a list of many Examples of Bias in Wikipedia.

Conservapedia is an online resource and meeting place where we favor Christianity and America. Conservapedia has easy-to-use indexes to facilitate review of topics. You will much prefer using Conservapedia compared to Wikipedia if you want concise answers free of "political correctness".

Yep, the Fundies have found another way to try to dumb down America. Again, I'm convinced that the more they expose their beliefs on the internet, the more they are shooting themselves in the foot. YEC's cannot withstand scientific confrontation.

I really don't mind their page on Atheism. It actually looks like it was written by an Atheist.

But check out their "kangaroo" entry:

According to the origins model used by creation scientists, modern kangaroos, like all modern animals, originated in the Middle East[1] and are the descendants of the two founding members of the modern kangaroo baramin that were taken aboard Noah's Ark prior to the Great Flood. It has not yet been determined by baraminologists whether kangaroos form a holobaramin with the wallaby, tree-kangaroo, wallaroo, pademelon and quokka, or if all these species are in fact apobaraminic or polybaraminic.

Also according to creation science, after the Flood, kangaroos bred from the Ark passengers migrated to Australia. There is debate whether this migration happened over land[2] -- as Australia was still for a time connected to the Middle East before the supercontinent of Pangea broke apart[3] -- or if they rafted on mats of vegetation torn up by the receding flood waters[2].

I wanted to edit it and add a third possibility (but I wasn't able to sign in and open an account for some reason):

Kangaroos could have floated on the back of crocodiles from the Middle East to Australia. Since there was plenty of fresh dead people and animals in the water, and crocodiles live in the water, they were full, and had plenty of leftover food. So they didn't have to eat living animals, and even thought ahead (probably God inspired), to bring living animals with them to Australia so that crocodiles in the future would have something to eat.

A Qur'anic version of the Consvervapedia would probably do very well in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

On the Conservapedia see also Thoughts From Kansas, Boing Boing, and Librocrats.

March 2, 2007

Only 60 Out Of 500 Canadian Muslims Think Cutting Off Harper's Head Is Justifiable

This is how I picture how moderate Canadian Muslims pray:

Environics recently published a survey which questioned 500 Muslims living in Canada about their views on various issues.
The overwhelming majority of Canadian Muslims surveyed like living here, and do not support terrorist activity (at least within Canada).
The disturbing part of the poll is that 12 percent of Canadian Muslims believe the foiled terrorist attacks a cell of Muslim radicals were plotting for southern Ontario last summer were justified. That plot included cutting off Stephen Harper's head. I wonder if 12% or even 1% of any group in Canada can justify domestic terrorism other than Muslims. And who knows how many of the Muslims interviewed justify international terrorism. Lets just say that is is more than 12%.

Lets see, 12% isn't really a big number if those are the chances that the football team you are betting will win the game, but it is a big number when you are talking about those among us who are supporters of assmonkey terrorism. 700,000 Canadian Muslims multiplied by .12 equals 84,000 potential terrorists or potential terrorist enablers.

The Liberals and the Canadian Joke Party (The NDP) recently got together to make it easy for those 84,000 Muslims to fuck up Canada by voting against two provisions to the Anti-terrorism act.

Like I said before, if extra time was spent on me at the border because I look semitic or I have a semitic sounding name, I have no problem with it. We shouldn't make it harder to prevent terrorism. There is no sign that terrorists have given up.

CSIS identified over 50 possible terror cells in Canada and we are very close to the Islamic capital of North America: Dearborn.

Screw the Liberal party and of course the NDP. Is Stephane Dion courting the terrorist vote? You decide. He is courting the Muslims, that is for sure. Especially the Muslims, who put their head in the sand when hate is taught at Mosques and those who deny the reality of why Islam is perceived the way it is in the West.

The sad thing is that the moderate Canadian Muslim population is pretty much completely silent and overwhelmingly impotent when it comes to dismantling the radical element. The allow the radical element to be their spokepeople.

Only 7% of Canadian Muslims vote Conservative. Now that is a low number, and it is very telling. It means that 650,000 out of 700,000 Muslims don't mind making it easier for terrorists to do their thing in Canada.

I've always said that The Conservative Party in Canada is the lesser of three evils.
Islam (yeah, I know I can say "radical Islam," but I'm not) is the biggest potential danger to humanity other than natural disasters. The Conservatives understand this and haven't backed down on bit.

Oh, you don't believe me about Islam being the greatest threat to humanity? Here is a pretty cool site:

See also Disturbing Reality Buried