February 5, 2006

Super Bowl Predictions

I blew it two weeks ago. But the past is the past. I'm undefeated in the future.

Seattle belongs in the Super Bowl, they got a bye in the Wild Card round, Pittsburgh didn't.
I'll give the Steelers credit though, they exploited a weakness in Denver's secondary in the Conference Championships and made something like 8 or 9 third and longs in the first half, it was ugly to watch such exploitation. Denver figured it out at halftime, but it was too late, Pittsburgh changed their game plan once they had a three touchdown lead.
Seattle is like a hot knife on butter right now. They blew out Carolina, and the week before that manhandled Washington while their star Shaun Alexander was on the bench most of the game with a concussion.
Darrell Jackson, the second best receiver in football today, missed 10 games, but came to play in the playoffs so far. It is hard to say how good Seattle is. We'll find out today. Washington was a gimme to beat, and by shutting down Steve Smith while Carolina was forced to use the 4th running back on their depth charts for most of the game, in retrospect, they were easy to beat too. Pittsburgh has been extremely well coached as they gave Peyton Manning fits by figuring him out, but their conservatism almost cost them that game, and they went on to play a perfect game against Denver. Remember, a team that wins easy is never as good as they look.

Seattle will win the game 31-20.

Now for the props.

I got real good information that Seattle has been studying coin toss replays, and I expect them to use this knowledge to win the coin toss. They will receive.

Seattle will score first, in the first quarter on the first drive. Joey Jurevicius will catch a 36 yard TD.

Pittsburgh will kick a field goal in the last 2 minutes of the first half.

Seattle's defense will have 2 interceptions, one for a touchdown by Lofa Tatupu and one fumble recovery. Pittsburgh will have 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery.

Randle-El will have a completion, but it won't go for a touchdown.

Shaun Alexander will run for over 100 yards.

Willie Parker will run for 58 yards, Bettis will run for 12 yards.

Jeremy Stevens and Shaun Alexander will score TD's for Seattle.

The halftime score will be Seattle 17 Pittsburgh 10

There will be no special team scores.

Heath Miller and Willie Parker will score for Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh will score a final TD in the fourth quarter to make the game an over. But no one will score in the final 2 minutes. The game will end with Hasselbeck taking a couple of kneeldowns.

February 4, 2006

Fatwa over footy prints

This is from 1955. Does the Muslim uprising surprise anyone. Afterall, Yosemite Sam the Arab was trying to murder Bugs Bunny during this entire cartoon because Bugs got "footy-prints all over my nice clean desert." Mel Blanc the voice of Bugs, Yosemite, and Daffy must have had fun with this one, because chances are that Mel was a Zionist since he was a Jew.

Bugs, are you making a racist joke?

I'm not sure, but is this a towel head joke?

Bacon and God: Reaction over Mohammed Cartoons

Anti-semitic cartoons are found in the Arab press frequently. I expect it. That being said, I see nothing wrong with cartoons that portray Radical Islam in a terrible light: they should be printed daily by every paper as far as I'm concerned. I do have a problem with newspapers printing cartoons where the main reason is to piss off a certain group. I think a simple cartoon of Mohammed's image fits that definition. If the purpose of the cartoon is to antagonize a group, it shouldn't be in a public newspaper. But I have no problem these types of cartoons appear on blogs:)

February 2, 2006

My Take On Amona

I always look for an end result. I can't see an end result in the Israeli Palestine situation without defined borders. I can't see an end result that includes small settlements. Though painful in the short run, the only way an end result to the I/P situation will occur, is to place emotions aside, define the borders, keep as many Arabs outside of those borders and then defend those borders as the situation warrants it.
Without religious Jews, Israel loses it's identity and spirituality, without secular Jews, Israel becomes an Arab-only state.
Yesterdays display of emotion by the settlers and their supporters was identical to Rachel Corries actions (assuming she didn't know she was defending an arm's tunnel), or Palestinian rock throwers. It was shameful. I can't get over the mindset of those who attack their police, their protectors. Try that in Canada or the USA. The end result is that the settlers looked just like crazed Islamists and they were put on display on TV viewed throughout the world. And bottom line, they wound up dismantling anyways. Many IDF soldiers were injured. I can't say enough how disappointing and terrible this was.
Israel is a democracy. Lots of parties though, it is pretty much impossible to get a majority. An election is coming up. The biggest issue is going to be "not" dealing with Hamas. And this means finally putting those final borders into place because Israel clearly has no one to deal with. Smart choices are going to have to be made as to where the border goes. And it is imperative that yesterdays display is not repeated.
To me, the Gaza withdrawal and the withdrawal from any small settlements will help Israel defend herself in the future from attacks. These attacks though will now be deemed International acts of war, and not civil unrest. The last thing Israel needs is civil unrest from Jews. Decisions are made by the government to remove some settlements, and they should be viewed in the same manner as they were when they were built.
Let me ask a very hypothetical question to the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews that believe the disputed territory is Holy land: If you could guarantee that not one more Jew would die as result of an Arab bullet, missile or bomb, would you give up the territories?