November 9, 2006


What is it with you people? Must you ALWAYS resort to name-calling, vulgarity and adolescent-level discourse? Where is that 'superior' sense of intellect that you are all famous for possessing?

I haven't bothered to read your blog and won't and you you know why? Because if I wanted to get the 'jewish' point of view on anything, all I need to do is turn on the tv, open the newspaper or listen to the radio. Besides, the title is a dead give-away anyway--'bacon/eating/atheist/jew--I can just imagine the marvelous sort of stuff that must be in there--jewish superiority, hatred for all others (especially those who oppose you, such as the arabs) And of course the typical foul-mouthed, four-letter word dissertations that people such as you are famous for displaying since your intellects are too clouded with poison to be able to debate anything on a logical premise.

Oh, and, by the way, since you are an atheist, as the title of your blob of a blog indicates, what makes you a jew anyway? Don't tell me it's that "jewish race thing' as if there were such a thing. News flash for you--Judaism is not a race, its a way of thinking, just as are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or whatnot. Once again, you have to hide behind something rather than come out in the open and debate it in an intellectually honest way. But then, what more would a rational person expect? Judaism is no body's friend, and turns it's victims into maniacs.

Another news flash for you--If you want to know why there was this thing known as the Holocaust, just go look inthe mirror and read your blog. People like you are what lead decent people into driving you out or subjecting you to some sort of extra-judicial action rooted in self-preservation, and as long as people like you continue to exist, there will always be this thing known as 'anti-semitism' as if you had a drop of real semitic blood in your eastern european veins at all.

Now, as much as I love to engage in dialogue of this type, the truth is that I have more inportant things to do than deal with mentally dysfunctioal types such as you. if I wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it. you can go on jabbering about this or that on that piece of used toilet paper you call or whatever it is called, but don't waste your time with any kind of insults thrown my way or whatever. As I said, I have more important things to do than deal with the kind of 'superior thinking' that you are trying to sell humanity, so don;t even bother leaving your comments or responding to this.

If you really are that interested in dialogue though, I will be happy to share your comments, email address and blog information with the 10,000 or so muslims I have on my mailing list. That might keep you busy for a while.

Mother must be so proud of you

Go have a BLT on me!



My reply:

Monkeyboy, you don't even realize how braindead you are or how much of a hypocrite. You say I can't be a Jew because I'm an Atheist but still say "your people" in your email.

You are a joke. Leave the West, go back to Arabia.

We don't need your filthy ilk here.

Luckily, you are impotent.

As far as your Arab buddies go, give em my bog addy. I can take the heat, I'm not a coward like you. I won''t even delete their comments.

You are a sick mother fucker. But then again the Lebanese have an average IQ average of 83, and it comes out in your writings.

Fuck off and die,

-The Atheist Jew


His reply:

You know why it is so easy to write pieces that show the real uglyniess of the Judaic mindset?

Because within 5 minutes of it hitting the airwaves, there is someone like you who comes along and validates everything that was written. All the banality, all the baseness, all the adolescent, childish, impish remarks. You can't argue like a rational, intelligent person, and so instead you have to screech like some ghettozied, vioelnt, inbred, backwards trash who is unwelcome in every country where he goes.

And this is the way it has always been, hasn't it? and thus it will always be, until you people learn how to get drag yourselves out of the ghetto and along with the rest of humanity.

Impotent? What a joke, I have a large family to succeed me, unlike you. Coward? Another joke. I am writing pieces out there in the open for all the world (and in particular you and your judaic gangster ilk) to see.

save your time, don't write back.



My reply:

Impotent, as in politically impotent. Impotent in the mind. You really are a stupid freak.

Your mentality is why Arabs can't win a war. You are a common retard.

You have no argument. You call me a Jew, then you say I can't be a Jew. You have nothing but rhetoric. Nothing but an imbecile. But I don't mind exposing you. I have a rather large audience of readers. They are all getting chuckles from reading your bullshit. And most aren't even Jewish.

Blah blah blah....Jews get kicked out because of bigots like you. You have an inferior complex, maybe because you are an Arab, I don't know. See a psychiatrist. You are sick.

As far as arguing with you goes....I rebutted you on my blog. But you are too much of a coward to read it.

America said no to Arabs on the Ports Deal.....not no to Jews.

1.4 billion Arabs are humiliated by 13 million Jews. You wear your shame pathetically.

Fuck off and die

-The Atheist Jew

He replied yet again:

Arabs are winning the war. Their societies haven't been corrupted with Jewish filth the way that the west has. That is why you and all your bloodthirsty cousins have to resort to sending American mercenaries out to slaughter them.

'Common retard' I have spent 5 years as a teacher at the high school level and now I guest lecture at colleges and international conferences around the world and speak half a dozen languages. You talk like a typical foul mouthed jerk who reads nothing but hustler all day.

'Large audience of readers'--yes, probably birds of a feather, which is why I am obviously not impressed with this little medal of honor you have decided to pin on your lapel.
Jews do get kicked out because of people like you, not by bigots. When a hostile foreign object invades the body and makes it sick, a healthy body drives it out through vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and diareah, which is what the jews have aleways been--the bdy's refuse. And when it can't expel it, it kills it in the 'oven' of the body, meaning a high temperature, or if you prefer to use a more sensitive term, 'holocaust.'

I will not read your blog because I am not into intellectual and spiritual pornography.

Arabs humiliated by a few Jews? No, the arabs are being murdered by a few Jews who have blackmailed and bribed the most powerful nation on the earth into giving them everything they demand. If the US stopped acting as a host to these parasties, Israel would shrivel up like a balloon, and you know this. What does Israel make? nothing. What is its business? Sex slaves and pornography, and that is about it.

'Fuck off and die'--well, we're all dead men, aren't we? I guess the big difference between you and me is that when I die I will be surrounded by loved ones who will honor my memory, whereas with you you will only be missed by a few others of your gangster ilk who will have to go somewhere else to get their daily dose of atheist, racist garbage.


My reply:

A high school teacher? Whoopty Doo. I know lots of high school teachers who are crackpots like you. You can't even spell "ugliness." Is English your second language?

Arabs haven't won a war in centuries. If you like Arabia so much and hate Jews so much, why don't you move. We don't need you here. Your ilk is polluting our air.

And no, the Iraq war had very little if anything to do with Israel. If America were fighting for Israel they would have bypassed Iraq for Iran. Again, you just have lies and pretend they are facts.

Jews got kicked out because generally they are a succesful minority. Forced to take jobs out of the mainstream. And when regimes change, the easiest people to steal from and kick out are the successful minority. But that is logical....and logic is foreign to you.

You have kids. Hopefully they didn't inherit your self loathing and inferiority and low IQ. If they did they did and think like you, they should have been aborted.

Does your community know about you? I'm pretty sure they soon will.

You are a sad sad twerp,

-The Atheist Jew

November 8, 2006


I couldn't find Mark's picture, but I imagine he looks like this:

Update 1: I left a comment on the wussies blog, but he deleted mine as well as a few others that didn't condone his words.
Update 2: It appears Mark is of Lebanese ancestry, and he wrote a piece that where he basically says that the West will be better off if it is Islamized.
When I read this post over at Elder of Ziyon, my first reaction was, why give Mark Glenn, retarded assmonkey supreme, any attention whatsoever. But I realized that one of the purposes I've invented for blogging is that I have a need to expose idiocy. And Mark Glenn has to be one of the largest hypocritical imbeciles I've run across in some time. More important, his piece of rhetoric, Judaism Is Nobody's Friend, completely justifies Israel's existence.

I'm not going to bother reading the other drek on his blog or his past writings Crescent and Cross, but what I gather from Elder's past articles is that this demented little twerp Mark somehow tries to say that Islam and Christianity are completey harmonious with each other, except the Jews spoil this wonderful potential marriage.

Let me just rip Mark apart based on his newest entry.

The first part of the article illustrates why he is coming out of the anti-semitic closet in stating what most intelligent people know already, that Zionist is just a PC word used by anti-semites to describe dirty filthy Joooooos.

He could have saved about 10 paragraphs of crappy writing and just made the point.

Someone should also clue him in on the fact that Israel has been on the defensive since 1948, and if the Arabs dropped their guns, there would be no more bloodshed. But Mark makes it clear by the end of the article that facts aren't as important as dead Jews.

He says laughable things like: Islam has been painted as being ‘this’ and ‘that’ for several years since the ’war against terror’
Mark, in case you don't know, almost every war on the planet these days involves Islam. 9/11 was done by Muslims. When the cartoons came out and painted Muslims as being intolerant, many Muslims became intolerant.

Yes, Christianity has also been lampooned, but they seem to be good sports about it.

Mark, you have to understand that Christians and Muslims will be lampooned more than Jews because there are 1.4 billion Muslims and over 2 billion Christians on the planet, and less than 15 million Jews. Do the math Mark. Buddhists don't even get lampooned that much. It isn't just the Jews. Well except for Muslim countries that have no problem placing anti-semitic cartoons. Oh yeah, us Jews lampoon ourselves all the time. I guess that doesn't count.

Mark is a retard:

He states that Zionism is only a biproduct of a much larger thing: The cancer known as Judaism. Herzl was an Atheist. Do you mean ethnic Jews, or do you mean the religion?

He sort of clarifies it with this idiotic statement:

At best the Jews (most of whom are not religious anyway, short of prostrating themselves before the strange gods of money, comfort, and political power) make up a few tens of millions, and yet we are supposed to treat the whole subject of their ‘religion’ as if it were some kind of precious gem of incalculable monetary value?
I get it, you don't really mean Judaism, you mean Jews. Ethnic Jews, Atheist Jews like me... and of course the fake religious Jews.

Of course what would Mark be without denying the Holocaust:

"the fact that we have spent so much time wet-nursing the egos of one small minority of people who are said to have had a rough time during WWII we have allowed WWIII to be born."

OK, now he gets all religious on us.

"Judaism has been at war with us for over 2,000 years, ever since this man named Jesus of Nazareth came and blew the lid open on what Judaism‘s real agenda was. Judaism is a declaration of war and manifested by thousands upon thousands of acts of intentional malice directed by Rabbinical generals against the rest within the non-Jewish world in matters involving money, business, politics, and culture."
It is clear that Judaism was here first. So by saying that Judaism declared war on Christianity is similar to saying that Christianity declared war on the Mormons. Oh yeah, have I mentioned this yet? JESUS NEVER EXISTED. He was invented by Paul in a successful attempt to start a new cult that was an offshoot of Judaism. All quotes that were supposed to be attributed to Jesus were written way after the fact by Christians who at the time found it beneficial to malign Jews.

"the man I most admire and revere, meaning Jesus of Nazareth"

I love the fact that Jesus is the man he admires most. It makes sense to me. (I can't stop laughing while I am typing this).

OK, now for some more assmonkey rhetoric:

It does not belong in the same class with other faiths dedicated to improving the individual and making him or her more pleasing to the one responsible for all creation. It does not make people better, it makes them worse. It is like a highly radioactive element that can bring nothing but sickness and eventual death. It does not bring liberation but rather enslavement. It does not foster humility (the first step in breaking down the spirit of haughtiness that impedes the reform of the person) but rather feeds the ego. It is not about God, right vs. wrong, or the ‘thou shalts’ and ‘thou shalt nots’ in a general sense.
What the hell is he talking about? First off, Judaism is full of rights and wrongs and thou shalts and shalt nots. Even us Atheist Jews have that stuff ingrained in us. How the hell does he justify Islam over Judaism? I'd say he is dumber than a box or rocks, but I don't want to insult rocks.

"Notice, it is not called ‘Yahwehism, ‘Jehovaism‘, ‘God-Ism’ , ‘Moral Behaviorism’ or even ‘Old Testamentism‘, but rather ‘Judah-ism‘."
Notice Christianity isn't called Yahwhism, Jehovaism, etc. Retard.

"It’s primary concern is with the tribe of Judah and those who make up the tribe, meaning the Jews."
Wow, and what is Christianity and Islam mainly concerned with. LMAO

It is ‘their baby’ and the goose that laid the golden egg. It is a winning lottery ticket that never expires, their ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card and their Genie in a bottle that grants them every material, monetary and political wish. It is like a highway with no speed limits nor guard rails and where there are no rules. This is why we find that in Judaism’s rule book–meaning the Talmud–that everything is geared towards what benefits the tribe, and in particular, the rabbis who ‘cannot be punished with Hell’ and before whose writings and sayings ‘God stands in awe’. It is not as much concerned with bringing the soul to the paradise of the next world it is concerned with making a paradise of this one, the rights and well-being of non-Jews be damned in the process.
Please give examples. The rhetoric here is mind numbing. And how does this differ exactly from Christianity and other religions? Oh yeah, you forgot Jews have lots of rules, you just choose to ignore them.

"While the other two Middle Eastern faiths that are Judaism’s organic enemies–meaning Christianity and Islam–elevate the virtues of humility, charity and righteousness, Judaism not only elevates, but institutionalizes and legislates the vices of haughtiness, supremacism and callous disregard for other human beings. It is the codified mindset of mankind’s first murderer, Cain, who slew his brother Abel over reasons of envy and economics. Gentiles exist to serve the Jews. Rape of gentile children, murder, lying, theft, usury, all these things that have been condemned in every other religion around the world are given full sanction in Judaism when it benefits the tribe."
Wow, this dude needs help. Oh and "Islam elevates the virtues of humility, charity and righteousness" ROFLMAO I think he has Judaism and Islam mixed up. Like I said, he needs help.

As far as Christianity is concerned, it was obvious that Jesus Christ was as interested in the haughty, elitist, immoral and callous tenets of Judaism as Judaism was interested in His message of humility, righteousness, and charity. This is the reason why Judaism put Christ to death 2,000 years ago and why it continues to gloat over his ignominious end to this day. If indeed Christianity sprang forth from Judaism, why then does Judaism maintain to this very microsecond that Jesus was a sorcerer and a sexual deviant who suffers in hell by being boiled in a caldron of semen and feces for daring to oppose the Rabbis and that His holy mother Miriam was a ‘harlot who mated with carpenters’ ?
Really, do Jews say this? I say Jesus never existed. And if I'm wrong and he did exist, he was just a regular dude who lived and died. Nothing special.

"…And of course, the often-heard ‘I am Jewish and I never ran into any of these supposed teachings of the Talmud’…

I do not doubt that this is indeed the case. I know many such persons myself, people who are as much victims of the scheming and plotting of the Judaic priesthood as everyone else."
OK, you are confusing me. Are you mad at ethnic Jews or religious Jews?

"But what we have to keep in mind is that they are good people in spite of the fact that they were raised as Jews. They are good people because of the fact that they chose to retain their humanity despite the best efforts of their rabbis and other leaders to rob them of it. They chose to follow the laws of God rather than the laws of men, because in Judaism, the Rabbis are God and to disobey them is to disobey Him."
So it is the Rabbis who corrupt Jews. But most Jews are not supposed to be religious accroding to you. Where did dirty Jews get their humanity from? Are we born with humanity? Rabbis are Gods? That is fricken hysterical. Ask 2 Rabbis a question about religion or ethics and you'll get three different answers.

Now read this. If this isn't insanity, I don't know what is:

"And as far as the average Jew being exposed to the teachings of the Talmud, it should be obvious why the Rabbis would not want such a thing taking place. There is an old saying that ‘3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead,’ meaning that conspiracies oftentimes fall apart because of someone’s big mouth. The more moving parts there are to a machine the more susceptible it is to breakdown. It is highly likely that if the average Jew were schooled in the Talmud and its criminal agenda that such persons–for no other reason than fear for their own lives–would have nothing to do with implementing the agenda of their leaders, and thus the Jewish agenda would be like a Man-O-War at sea with no sails, no ors and no gunpowder."

Let me get this straight. Rabbis have a conspiracy theory going to perpetuate the bad things that are in the Talmud and they somehow get all the Jews in the world to understand them without having to use the Talmud as a reference. You know what. This dude belongs in a mental institution.

His most hypocritical line (he is far too gone to get the irony):

"I can’t imagine a more miserable existence than living without a conscience and not being able to feel compassion for the suffering of innocent others. What could be a more hellish prison than being robbed of the life-saving salves of humility and righteousness, the same divine qualities of the human spirit that Judaism devours as if it were a cancer?"

The puke has a dream:

"I dream of the day when there is no Israel and it has been ‘wiped off of the map’ as the President of Iran once noted. No more dead Palestinians and Iraqis. The western world going about its business of implementing the principles taught by its founder, jesus of Nazareth. No threat of nuclear holocaust and our children sleeping safely at night with a veritable future ahead of them…"
Umm, you really don't get Islam, do you? Or has your hatred of Jews clouded your already demented mind?

"Judaism is nobody’s friend, and the sooner that the rest of us–Jew and non-Jew alike–come to realize this, the better off we will be. Get rid of it. It is a cancer. Cut is out and throw it away, as Jesus instructed that we do. It has never and will never be of any benefit to mankind. We cannot live in any kind of ‘peaceful co-existence’ with it. It is a declaration of war, and as long as it exists out there, mankind will never have peace."
What a bunch of bullshit.

This complete imbecile uses no facts; only rhetoric, baseless claims, false analogies, and slanderous lies in order to make his point:


November 7, 2006

I Always Knew Me And Kermit The Frog Had A Bond

He finally has come out and admitted that he is an Atheist:

"There is no God, and you know it Folks!"

-The Infidel Guy

"I've always been an atheist," says Asia. "Science explains everything."

-Porn Star, Asia Carrera.

Asia's favorite jokes about religion:

1. God said, "Let there be light." Nothing happened for a few moments. Then God said, "Who the heck am I talking to?"

2. Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Give him a religion, and he'll starve to death while praying for a fish.

3. A little boy prayed for a bike. Then he realized God doesn't work that way so he stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

Asia went through a horrible ordeal in June when the man to whom she was pregnant to, died in a car crash. She has an internet journal. You can read about it here starting on June 11th.

I wonder if she is still an Atheist. One more thing, she is supposedly a member of Mensa.

November 4, 2006

In Canada, We Get South Park Episodes Late

But now, thanks to Youtube, I don't feel like a some second class Westerner.

South Park makes fun of Atheists. Here is part one of Go God Go. Some of it is hilarious, some of it is funny, and some of it agitates me in a very uncomfortable sort of way. Youtube will most likely take this down fast, so watch it while you can. It comes in three short segments:

Part two will be aired in the USA next week. Hopefully the Youtubians will allow me to view it as well. I get over 200 friggin channels but the Canadian Comedy Central channel is two to three months behind. Time to get back in my igloo.

November 2, 2006

Was Ted Haggard Just Trying To Cure Male Prostitute?

Update: I just had to add this cartoon. Click the cartoon to enlarge it.

Oh, do I hope these allegations are true. Think Progress has linked a video news story that states a male prostitute alleges that he was paid for sex by the main pastor of GW Bush, Ted Haggard. And that this business affair lasted for 3 years.


Haggard is one of the biggest Evangelical leaders in America...which means the world when we are talking Evangelical Christians.

Haggard has stated that if one is a homosexual, you can still get to heaven as long as you don't do the dirty:

"Where should Christians draw the line when it comes to homosexuality? To answer that question I talked to Pastor Ted Haggard who is the President of the National Association of Evangelicals, and aide to President George W. Bush, and head pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“All of us were in sin. All of us needed redemption,” said Haggard. “If a person has homosexual tendencies... they need to practice abstinence just as a single heterosexual would need to practice abstinence. The difference would be that the single heterosexual could get married and become sexually active with their heterosexual partner whereas, the homosexual would have to practice spirit control and self-restraint throughout the balance of their lifetime.

In I Corinthians 6:9-10 it clearly puts the issue of homosexuality on the table. In the New International Version of The Bible it says that “homosexual offenders” will not inherit the Kingdom of God. It would be easy for someone to say that homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God. However, The Bible doesn’t say that. The Bible says “offenders”. Therefore, if someone claims to have been born a homosexual, they are not committing homosexual sins until they have comitted a homosexual act or “offense”.'

If the allegations are true, I guess Haggard isn't going to heaven, unless of course he converts to Catholicism. Then he just has to confess his sins. And Ted, homosexuals can still get married to women and have kids. You did.

I'm laughing while I'm typing this post. Again, if the story is true, it just solidifies my theory that those who shout the loudest against homosexuality and gay marriage are fighting their own "homosexual demons."

If you watch the video at Think Progress, you'll notice that Haggard is looking up to the right. This is a sign that one is thinking up a lie.

One of the main reasons I'm smiling is that Ted Haggard is an ignorant and dishonest Fundy, especially when it comes to evolution.

Here again is Richard Dawkins interviewing Ted from the Root Of All Evil flick:

******UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE*************

Looks like Haggard quit as fearless leader of the National Association of Reality Deniers

Sorry Mike, but this is really making my day.

***********UPDATE NUMBER TWO***************

Ted confesses. And Fox News is totally ignoring this story on TV. Cowards.