February 1, 2005

Valid Point about the I/P conflict that is ignored

It kind of bothers me when I point out on Yahoo that Arabs only owned 20% of the pre-partioned land when Israel was created. Most of that 20% was owned by absentee Arabs. I never get a response to that fact when I post it, neither from the Paliphiles who believe the entire middle east was OWNED by the Arabs or the Pro-Israelis. It makes me wonder if Pro-Israeli posters don't want to acknowledge this or am I missing something? The fact is most of the actual Arab Landowners are dead by now and/or didn't leave in 1948 or 1967. As far as the majority who left, they were renting anyways. Nobody in the Western world considers rented property their land and nobody uses the right of return to go back to an old apartment. Most Palestinians alive today in disputed territory were born in either other Arab countries or the West Bank and Gaza. It would be interesting to find the number who live outside of Israel who were born in Partitioned Israel and what their story is, and I mean true story.


  1. i've noticed that you get very few responses, if any, when you post historical facts. i don't know why that is.

  2. I agree that is a valid point. I like your blog.