April 9, 2005


Galileo was right. The universe is not earth centered, either is our solar system.
I'm pretty sure that no major religion still believes that the sun revolves around the earth anymore. Yet it took a lot to accept fact.
The time is right to accept evolution as fact. All you have to do is watch a science show on TV or even a nature show and it is always a fact that this and that goes back millions or billions of years. Its accepted on TV. And most of all it makes complete sense. Do creationalists just mock the shows? Do they scream "blashphemy" ? Do they quickly turn the channel? Do they block the channels that show science stuff?
Now, I'm not gonna say that evolution has to mean that creation didn't take place. Although I don't believe that there is a god, I'll respect the fact that the majority does. God could have created the universe, and god could have waited to talk to intelligent beings.....once they evolved into intelligent beings.
It is time for religion to open up to this idea, especially as more and more facts come out. Do creationalists realize how stupid they look? Its one thing to have faith, but faith can't negate facts.
The Unitarian Universalists have the right idea. They even let agnostics in.

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