July 24, 2005


About Arab terrorism and suicide bombers to be exact?

Seriously, their culture is so screwed up. They get young people for the most part to blow up in front of innocent people.
I'll guarantee that the masterminds average age is much higher than those who are committing the bombings. It is a matter of brainwashing. And it starts with the culture, one that promotes death and hatred.
I'm sick of hearing about these bombings. Something has to be done. Arabs and Muslims should be speaking up. If they don't, it is a sign that they condone this crap.
Are they scared to speak up or do they condone it? I have to assume they condone it. Human beings have to be touched about innocent lives being taken out like this.

In two thousand years, we could be remembered as being a slight step above the caveman. And it is the Arab culture that makes everyone primitive.


  1. I saw a Muslim dude on CNN last night, renouncing terrorism and Islamic terrorists. I was only halfway paying attention, but I didn't once hear him say anything like, "Yes, terrorism is wrong, but..." I was pretty impressed by him, from what I heard of the interview.

  2. Here is a good site, from what I've read of it, where Muslims are speaking out against Islamic terrorism:


  3. I'm noticing more articles on the subject. I think Muslim leaders are finally getting it. Their silence is destroying the way the world perceives them. I'm still not sure if when a Muslim cleric says terrorism is wrong, he is including Palestinian terrorists.

  4. Well, wino...if the jihadists get their way, there won't be any "future historians" since all necessary human knowledge is already contained in the Quran, ROFLMAO!

  5. I think it would be a godsend to the Mohammedan’s if one of their own would step forward like Martin Luther did for Christendom. A Mohammedan Reformation, in 16th Century Luther style, could possibly shed some light on a 7th Century mentality that seems to be locked in the darkness of the Quran and pervasive in the Fundamentalist Muslim World.

    A fear induced silence may very well prevent a Mohammedan Reformer from speaking out in such a radical way, as death would certainly follow - fear of death is an effective silencer simply because deep down inside the Mohammedan’s know there will be no virgins in heaven waiting for them, let alone seven.

    Since premarital sex is strictly forbidden in the Muslim World, you have a bunch of idiots who can’t wait to have sex and are willing to become martyrs just to get a whiff of some juicy pussy in heaven.

    These idiots are truly crazy in any definition of the word. These idiots do not have the brains to rule themselves, let alone the rest of humanity. The Mohammedan culture certainly makes the Arabs a step above the caveman. If there is any hope for humanity, Arabs will some day follow in the steps of Pithecanthropus; let’s hope.

    Seriously folks, just one mans opinion