September 25, 2005


I went 3 and 3 again last week. My Bacon Special went down too. I am now 6 and 6 on the year, includig 1 and 1 with my Specials. In other words I am the perfect coin for anyone to flip. Lets see if I change this:

Minny by at least 3 and a half against New Orleans. This pick has nothing to do with the hurricane disaster, I just think Minny has to comeback from last weeks embarrassment in a big way.

Arizona getting 6 points from Seattle. Seattle is not a blow out team.

New England plus 3 points against Pittsburgh. OK, I admit I'm an anti-Steeler fan, but New England is the best coached team in football, sure they have defensive injuries, but their braintrust will beat Pittsburgh this week.

Carolina by at least 3 in Miami. I hate taking away favorites, but I am going to here.

San Diego will humble the New York Giants. When a far East team plays a far West team in the Western time zone blowouts usually occur. Especially with young quarterbacks like "the other Manning"

And finally my Bacon Special. Buffalo Bills to beat Atlanta by more than 2 and a half points today.


  1. I think if you get these right, you should also start posting Georgia Lottery Numbers.