September 18, 2005

NFL Picks: Home Dogs Will Cover

OK, I went 3 and 3 last week. So I was just as good as any chimp flipping a coin. Actually I was a little better because my Bacon Special won.

This week I like a few home dogs, so here we go:

Da Bears getting 1 point against Detroit. Detroit will come off their high against Green Bay and bounce this week.

Carolina getting 3 points from the Dynasty team. New Englands defense is hurting and this is a big game to Carolina.

Arizona by 1 over St. Louis.

Oakland getting a point from KC. KC will bounce and look for Lamont Jordan to get at least 2 TDs today.

Tampa Bay by at least 2 and a half against the Bills. This should be a gimme for the Bucs.

And the Bacon Special is Houston getting 6 from the flukey Pittsburgh Steelers. This is known as a sucker line. Bookies don't lose money, they know something.