October 23, 2005


First off, I am completely embarrassed. I have CNN on most of the day, and I had absolutely no idea that the KC-Miami game was played Friday night until I saw the headlines of a sports site on Saturday morning. Damn you Ted Turner. Mind you I was going to bench Priest Holmes in my fantasy football league, and he came through with an above average game.

Last week, I went 3-2 and 1 tie. My first winning week this year. Now I am 17-18-1 with my Bacon Specials at 1-4-1. Oy vey.

Here we go, 7 games picked this week instead of six:

Minny at home getting 1 and a half points from Green Bay. Minny isn't as bad as they are playing, or maybe they are. Green Bay is as bad as they are playing though.

St. Louis by 3 against New Orleans. Even with Martin at QB and a sore bunch of receivers, and no head coach, St. Louis will cover. New Orleans has to adjust without McCallister, and Joe Horn is a no go again today.

Cincinatti will defeat Pittsburgh today as a Pick em. This will be an emotional game for Cinci especially. It will be too tough for Pittsburgh to overcome this. Plus Cincinatti might just be the better team.

San Diego plus 3 and a half points against Philly. Watch for San Diego to prevail or at least cover in a high scoring game.

Seattle by 4 against Dallas. This is Seattle's chance to show they are for real while they are waiting for their wide receivers to get healthy. Dallas hung on by their chinny chin chin last week, and I can't stand Bledsoe.

Oakland by at least 3 against Buffalo. An East coast team that is middle of the road usually gets destroyed when going to the West coast. Oakland will be up for this game today.

And my Bacon Special: The NEW YORK GIANTS by at least 2 against Denver today. Just watch and learn.


  1. Looks like Pittsburgh proved you wrong. They finally seemed to get it all together. But if Tommy Gun had been on Q...well, it may have been a different story I guess.

  2. Pittsburgh has been proving me wrong a lot this year. I thought Bettis being back would be a bit of detriment but they had their offense going on all cylinders Sunday.