October 2, 2005

It is Sunday Again: NFL Picks

I am a human coin. But a fair coin. So far this year I am 9 and 9 with my NFL Football picks against the spread. Dammit, I know I am better than this. I am 1 and 2 with my Bacon Specials. Now that is pathetic.

I have no excuses this week. I even really like 5 of my 6 picks this week.

OK, San Diego getting 4 points from New England. New England will crash. They are very sore and will focus on Tomlinson. Drew Brees will have a great game.

Jacksonville will humble Denver. Jax by at least 4.

Detroit will cover against Tampa Bay. In fact, I can smell an upset. Detroit is getting 6 and a half points as a cushion.

Carolina will blow out Green Bay tomorrow night by at least 8 points.

My 6th pick (I still haven't given my Bacon Special yet) was a tough one. I decided to go by the book and take a home underdog. Tennessee to cover over Indy getting 7 points. Something funny is going on with Indy, they are winning but Manning isn't throwing much, and their defense is playing great. Still Tennessee is not a slouch team.

Finally my Bacon Special. Go to the bank on this one: Kansas City will destroy Philly. K.C. is favored by 1 and a half, but look for a double digit romping today.

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  1. 2 and 4. Yech. The Green Bay loss against the spread should never ever have happened.