October 16, 2005


Ok, back to normal. 3 and 3 last week with the Bacon Special losing once again. I'm 14 and 16 on the year and my Specials are a pathetic 1 and 4.

Enough chit chat, here we go:

Tonight, take Houston and get 9 points against Seattle. Seattle is not a blow out type of team, and Houston isn't as bad as their record.

Denver by 3 against New England. New England is sore, and Denver is darn good at home.

Tampa Bay will rip Miami a new hole today. Miami is not a good team in any way shape or form. Tampa looks like a playoff team.

Jacksonville getting 3 against Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is coming off an emotional win, and Jax is out to prove that they are a playoff team today.

Tennessee getting 3 points at home to Cinci. If this was last year, Tennessee would be 5 point favorites. Take the 3 and watch the game.

Bacon Special: Detroit plus a point against Carolina at home. Detroit needs to win games like this to make the playoffs. This is a pivotal game for them. Contender or pretender. I just don't see Delhomme having a good game today, Detroit at home has been very good against the pass, and Foster is out for Carolina as well.