October 9, 2005


I blew it last week, well actually Seattle blew it. There is no way in a created universe that Green Bay should have covered. But they did, and I went a shameful 2 and 4, bringing my season record to 11 and 13, which means that a chimp who has never watched a full NFL game in his life, would more than likely have a better record than me if he flipped a coin to pick winners. My Special also lost, which makes my record 1 and 3 in that department.

Let's move on. Week 5 is a tough week; I've never seen a week where 12 out of 14 games have point spreads of 3 and a half points or less. Wow. Any hoot, here are my picks:

Monday first. San Diego by at least 3 against Pittsburgh and Roethlesbergersteinowitz.

Tonite, Jacksonville will bring Cinci down to earth and win by at least 3.

Dallas will upset Philly today getting 3 points.

Houston will win by at least 3 against Tennessee.

The Bills are doing the smart thing and not giving up on the season starting Holcomb over their rookie. They will win today by 3 or more against Miami. It is too cold out today for Miami. I've always liked the name Kelly Holcomb for a quarterback.

And the Bacon Special is Atlanta with an iffy Vick over New England by at least 2.
For the life of me, I can't see how New England isn't 5 or 6 point favorites here. The Bookie Gods know something. Atlanta will cover.