November 26, 2005


Lately on Yahoo message boards I have been encountering some posters who are labelling me, and Atheists in general, as God haters.
Look you brain dead Fundies, I can't hate something that doesn't exist. I don't hate Santa Claus, I don't hate The Tooth Fairy, I don't hate The Easter Bunny, and I don't hate God.
I don't even hate the concept of God, at least a God that cares about mankind and provides a life everlasting for anyone who hasn't raped or murdered. Even though I see absolutely zero evidence that God exists or even existed. If the concept of God makes people not rape and murder and gives them hope for life eternal, let them embrace it.

But, keep it away from me. Don't push it at me. And if you are going to interpret God as being a vengeful, earthquake making, hurricane blowing, volcano spewing madman, you then become my enemy if I have to hear about it.

And if you are going to push ID in school to numb the brains of the young, you are also my enemy. ID is not a science, it has no provable theories associated with it. All it does is attempt (in a futile way) to poke holes at evolution.

And now America is paying for it. The three R's in school are starting to become the Retarded Religious Right.

It is shameful that the Darwin Exhibit it New York had to rely on private sponsors.
Mind you, so does anything to do with ID. But one thing is real and the other thing borders on Mythology/Philosophy/Theology. Corporate America is scared shitless of the RRR. Logic and reason is being shunned by sponsors. I'm going to buy No Name from now on, until a few companies come to their senses.

How about "Evolution Goes Better With Coke" or "Pepsi, Choice of Homo Sapiens" ?

Cheers to Guinness for their very innovative commercial, which will probably never be seen in North America at prime time:


  1. That is a great commercial! I remember Biology in highschool...dissecting a frog and a pig. But I don't remember learning evolution. But my memory has many holes.

  2. I don't remember learning evolution either. I took high school physics and biology. But most importantly, religion and God was never mentioned in my science classes, and that is the way it should always be. You should check out the Raving Atheist forums. It is mostly a place to let off steam against organized religion and religious movements. Lots of funny posts there too that you would enjoy. They allow "believers" to join, unlike Christian sites who will delete Atheists posts and then kick them off the boards. Look at my links for a link to the Raving Atheist.

  3. I love your blog (well, except for the sports stuff). LOL!

    I am an atheist Jew, too, living in fundie Texas.

  4. Thanks. Sorry about the football stuff. But I love football on Sundays. I read a few of your blog postings, it is hard to decipher that you are an Atheist by reading them. But I believe you.

  5. I am still a Jew. I belong to a Reform shul. I don't buy the God stuff, but love the cultural aspects of our religion and heritage. I am raising my children Jewish and have what I consider to be a strong Jewish identity, inspite of my non-belief of God. I have many Jewish acquaintances who don't believe in God, but haven't walked away from being a Jew.

  6. I haven't walked away from being a Jew either. It is impossible. Jew's are Jews from the day we are born to the day we die, it doesn't matter whether we believe or we don't. I'd probably be involved with shul's if I had kids. I don't so, this is pure speculation.