November 13, 2005

NFL Week 10 Picks

Last week I went 2-2-2. I thought last week was going to be tough, I'll take 500.
I wonder if Terrell Owens is going to be picked up by Desparate Housewives to replace the guy in the basement the show fired this week.

My record is a pathetic (for me) 27-26-3 going into this week. Bacon Specials are 1-6-2 (Blech). Here we go:

Giants by 9 over Minny. I can't believe I'm taking a team giving 9 points, but Minny sucks and the Giants are looking real good right now.

Oakland at home getting 3 against Denver. A healthier Moss will help, the home team advantage will help and I think that the bye last week will hurt the Broncos. It was a rhythm stopper.

Green Bay getting 9 in Atlanta. This is strictly a gut call. I don't know why but I think Green Bay will cover.

St. Louis getting 6 and a half against Seattle. Seattle is better this year but I am seeing a very high over under in Vegas right now. Lots of points usually means a see saw type of game. I think Seattle will win by 3 or 4 but the Rams will cover.

And my Bacon Special: The Buffalo Bills by 2 and a half against KC. KC had a dramatic win last week against Oakland with a totally gutsy call made with 5 seconds left, but the Bills have been able to review the tapes of this Priestless team and I'm expecting McGahee to get a couple of TDs in a Bills victory. I have also heard from a few Bills fans and they are saying the Bills have no chance this week. Well, why are they favorites in Vegas. Take the Bills.