December 11, 2005

NFL Picks for December 11th

I fell below 500 thanks to being 2 and 4 last week. My record on the year is 38-39-3 which is bad enough to possibly allow me to pick for a newspaper. My Specials have been horrible (I must like saying horrible) at 3-8-2 this year.

This weeks picks:

Pittsburgh by 6 and a half against Da Bears. Yes I am actually picking Pittsburgh.

Jacksonville plus 9 against Indy. Indy may lose this game.

Carolina by 6 against Tampa Bay. I'm looking for a blow out here.

Dallas by 3 and KC. Dallas really needs this one, so does KC but Dallas is at home.

Detroit getting 6 points against Green Bay.

And my Bacon Special is the Jets getting 3 points against the Collinsless Oakland Raiders.