December 31, 2005


Last week I went 3 and 3. My record for the year is 50-44-4, Bacon Specials 5-9-2.
Lots of meaningless games this week. Might as well focus on the dogs.

Arizona getting 6 and a half against Indy.

Jets getting 1 and a half against the Bills.

Atlanta getting 3 and a half against Carolina. Carolina needs the win but have a lousy
record in Atlanta.

Philly getting 7 against Washington. I thought this spread would be higher. Watch Washington struggle to get into the playoffs.

St. Louis getting 12 and a half against Dallas. This game might be meaningless by the time it is played, but even if it means something to the Cowboys, they just aren't a blow out type of team.

Bacon Special is Oakland getting 8 points at home to the Giants today. No matter how much the Giants need this game, they are still going to the West coast against a team that was a major disappointment this year. I can't see the Giants winning by more than 4 or 5, if they win at all.