December 16, 2005

NFL Week 15 Picks

Good week ended. I went 4-1-1 and improved my record to 42-40-4 on the year. The Bacon Special came in to make my pathetic record 4-8-2. With games on Saturday, I am submitting picks early, so here we go:

New England by 4 and a half against Tampa Bay. I noticed this line didn't jump around with the uncertainty of Brady and his knee. I'm thinking New England is a cinch here.

Tennessee getting 7 against Seattle. Seattle thinks they are gonna cakewalk this week. Don't count on it.

Houston getting 2 against Arizona. Houston will win. Watch.

Philly getting 3 and a half against St. Louis. The Rams are deader than Philly this week.

Oakland by 3 against Cleveland. This is a system play. Cold weather eastern team going to sunny California to get their head handed to them on a silver and black platter.

And my Bacon Special: Washington by 3 against the flukey Dallas Cowboys. Watch for Bledsoe to get shut down. This slaughter is gonna be as bad as Custer's Last Stand.