December 24, 2005


Two excellent weeks in a row. Last week I was 5 and 1, the week before 4-1-1. I'm hot, but every time I pat myself on the back I usually hit myself too hard and fall back to the ground. On the year my record is now 47-41-4 and the Bacon Special's record is 5-8-2.

My heart goes out to Tony Dungy. His son committed one of the most selfish acts I've ever seen due to it's timing. It is now going to be impossible for him to enjoy winning the Superbowl, and in fact, his son's suicide will probably cost Indy the Superbowl. Football is a very emotional game, played by mainly believing Christians. The suicide is going to mess these dudes up in my opinion and bring out the wrong type of emotions. Talent and coaching is out the window when this happens.

Here is todays picks:

Carolina by at least 5 against Dallas. Dallas will see their playoff chances crushed today. Carolina looks like a much better team these days.

Cleveland getting 7 against Pittsburgh. Cleveland is not that bad a team, and this line looks fishy to me.

KC getting 1 against San Diego. I really want San Diego to win, but I just think even though they need the game very much to make the playoffs, they are going to come up short, coming off the high of beating Indy last week and then playing in the noise cripping Arrowhead Stadium.

Baltimore by 3 against Minnesota. Baltimore is a December team. Minnesota was on a streak, until they met a good football team last week, putting Minny back in their place. I think a Raven victory is in the bag this week.

Washington by 3 against the Giants. Washington was completely humiliated earlier this year when the Giants shut them out in blow out fashion. I ask, why is Washington 3 points? They would get the same action at Pick em. The answer is that they will win decisively today. This is payback time, the Skins have been waiting for this one. And they really really really need to win to stay alive for a playoff birth.

And my Bacon Special is Tennessee getting 5 and a half against Miami. Miami should be favored by more and the over under number is high. Look for a high scoring game going down to the last play.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, and to my Atheist friends, have a good weekend.