January 21, 2006


I am guaranteed now to have a winning record against the spread this year as I went 2 and 2 last week (56-52-4 for the year). I missed predicting the Denver score last week by one point. Lets hope this the reffing is better this week. It is one thing to challenge a play, it is another to have the ref reviewing the play actually know the rules of the game, I guess.

Denver is 3 or 3 and a half point favorite at this time, so lets go with the 3 and a half. They don't need that stinkin' half a point anyways. The Broncos didn't play as good as they could last week against New England, maybe it was New England's aura, maybe Shanahan choked a bit.....he was outcoached for almost a full half. But things will be different this week. Pittsburgh is coming off an emotional game, and I am no fan of a team who plays as conservative as Pittsburgh does. Denver again, has by far the most offensive weapons as any team in the league and this week they will make the Steelers look like circus clowns. Pittsburgh does have weapons too, but I think the team as gone too conservative of late. Look for Tatum Bell to have a good game for Denver, watch Big Ben have a horrible game. Denver 24 Pittsburgh 7.

The second game is very interesting. Seattle opened up as a 5 and a half point favorite. I expected that to stick, but it was quickly brought down to 3 and a half points. It couldn't be because of Foster's broken ankle, that is a negative for Carolina. Goings started quite a few games for the Panthers last year, but he was still number 3 on their depth charts this year, and it isn't like Carolina has many weapons other than the super human Steve Smith. What the heck were the Bears thinking? How can the best defensive team in the league allow Smith to get two TD's and more than 200 yards in receiving? Is Smith that good?
Alexander was cleared to play, so I just don't get the action on Carolina by the general public. It must be the very smart money that is going with Carolina. Carolina must by a lock. I'm looking for Carter to light up the scoreboard. He had a couple of receptions last week against the Bears. Delhomme is going to have another big game. I just don't know why. Carolina 31 Seattle 20.