January 13, 2006

NFL Picks for Playoff Week 2

I went 1 and 3 last week, but the Cinci game shouldn't count because of what happened to Palmer. Of course, try telling that to your bookie. The only game I picked right against the spread (Carolina) was the one I was most sure of (unlike most of this year). But looking back at my comments and predictions, the only one that missed the mark was my Cadillac Williams and his great game which failed to materialize. My year record is now 54-50-4

The offensiveless Washington Redskins are playing in Seattle. The spread looks phoney.
Normally I would say jump on Seattle, but Vegas seems to want Seattle action. I'm going with the Redskins getting 9 and a half. And I do know they are capable of better offensively. Seattle should win the game. The Redskins are beaten up and the Seahawks are pretty healthy. Look for Seattle's prevent D be the downfall for Seattle bettors. Seattle 31 Washington 24.

In a game which might be better than the Super Bowl this year, Denver is 3 point favorites against the champion New England Patriots. I love Denver here. Their defense has improved immensely this year and offensively they have just too many weapons. The only question mark is Plummer's composure. But he is an old pro now and I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. New England has had a very hard time establishing a running game this year. They pulled out a trick card last week by focusing on Faulk as their back. I know the Pats have had lots of injuries early in the year, and they are definitely at their peak right now, but Denver is just going to be too tough for them tomorrow. Denver 28 New England 13.

Indy is playing a flukey Steeler team. This will be an easy victory for the Colts who are favored by 9 and a half. Look for the Colts to surprise a bit and revert to their earlier games this year where they played a controlled game. It is a bit more boring for Colt football, but it was extremely effective. Indy 24 Pittsburgh 14.

I wish I would have watched the Bears more than once this year. But Chicago got very little exposure to anyone who didn't buy the right to watch all the NFL games this year. Good defense is huge in the NFL. But Carolina is no slouch in this department either. I don't like the idea of a quarterback coming in and replacing a successful formula. I think this will be the Bears downfall on Sunday. Carolina trounced Atlanta the last week in the season and then demolished the Giants last week ***as predicted***. Even though they are peaking, it won't be a cakewalk in an unhospitable Chicago, it should be a close game. Carolina 20 Chicago 17.