January 5, 2006

Star Jones The Atheist Hater, Lookie Here:

Here is a female bonobo. The bonobos are the closest related animals to us humans. Star Jones thinks humans are special and not animals. This is what human females do when they are alone, aint it? Look familiar Star?

But Star, they are just like humans:

Now here is a male and a female bonobos doing it missionary style. I'm sure a missionary didn't teach them either. The female reminds me of my wife the way she is lying there waiting for it to end. Star, how can you say they are that much different than humans?

C'mon Star, it is time to face reality.

C'mon Star, it is time to face facts. Evolution is real. Give up the humans aren't animals routine already.

And one more thing about Star Jones:

This is not meant to be racist. I really can't stand Star Jones. This is irony. Forget the fact she hates Atheists, she is a Fundy, she doesn't believe in evolution, she doesn't think man is an animal, she doesn't think animals have souls, she wears dead animals, she thinks OJ is innocent, she believes in a Young Earth. Maybe she is Bigfoot, and she is trying to hide this fact by pretending to be an ignorant Fundy.


  1. Consiglieri InfidelJanuary 05, 2006 3:02 AM

    Shame on you pusgut. Cracking up. I wonder, whether Mrs Wino knows about your blog.

  2. It was really nice of you to put a picture of star and her twin sister on your site.