February 11, 2006

The new Pope is moving in the right direction

Watch the edited version of the South Park Bloody Mary video here.

I'm starting to like this Pope. First he examines a statue of Mother Mary on South Park and he winds up declaring: "A chick bleeding out her vagina is no miracle. Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time"--Pope Benedict XVI.. Now he declares "science no threat to faith." Outside of the fact that he was in the Hitler Yoot and he is against Aids infected Africans wearing condoms, he isn't that bad a guy.


  1. Hey I saw it last night.
    South Park

    Took a KO punch at the pope and another one at Alcoholics Anonymous.
    So I guess this means the pope and the aristocrats joke have reached the same level as both are ridiculed by South Park.
    ding ding ding da ding da ding ding ...
    Will the pope cry a Fatwah on South Park?

    Yeah RC's are sexist. So are Jpaanes and Islamiccs even worse. They all got that in common.. mistreatment of women.

  2. Hey , I gotta ask the web owner a serious , very serious question.

    Do you realy like bacon?
    I mean really?
    How do you like it best ? Bacon and eggs or on sandwiches with other stuff?

    Bacon has a hefty aroma.
    Maybe I can bottle the aroma and sell it to Islamophobes who can do some funny stuff with it.

  3. Max, I am Canadian too, so I just saw the episode for the first time on TV, though I saw most of it on the internet a month ago or so.

    I like bacon. Not Canadian bacon that much. I like it in BLT's, straight bacon sandwiches, on clubs, on pizza (as long as it is strip bacon). I like it wrapped around filet mignons, and I like bacon bits in caesar salads.

    I don't like eggs, I don't eat eggs. I don't mind ham, but I prefer bacon.

  4. Oh yeah bacon bits!!!
    Oh have a fantasy of throwing bac on bits on some protestors, or carpet bombing Syria with bacon bits!!
    I had a lot of pigs blood in China, really good tasting.

  5. You don't like eggs though?

    What are you a commie or something?

    Scrambled eggs , omlettes with pieces of ham and bacon.

    something wrong with you, afraid of a chicken with a bird flu suicide belt?