February 14, 2006

Oh Yeah, It's Valentines Day Today

I almost forgot to make a Valentines Day e-card for my beloved wife. I know what everyone is thinking; I'm such a romantic.


  1. Oh mickey mouse goes porking.

    He's the leader of the Band
    that screws for you and me.
    Mahummud Louse! Mahummud Louse!
    M O U S E!!!!

  2. oh yes forgot .. quite touching..

    all that doing has gotta have some touching I take it .

  3. It's probably more fun if she doesn't have a sense of humour!!!

  4. Update. She didn't like it. She officially lost her sense of humor. Time to give her the boot.

  5. I heard marriage is the death of friendship (with others).
    Seems to also be the death of humour, even humor (for the yanks).

  6. Marriage is the death of lots of things. I try to spell the American way because most of the readers here are Americans. Does that make me a self hating Canuck?

  7. When I speell the American way some suspicious canuks think i am a fake canadian. Teaching overseas I learned to spell both way, when I don't mispell that is.

    okay okay here is an extra one: "s"