February 10, 2006

Scientific Facts Fundies Would Accept (if only they were only true)

Breastfeeding a female baby increases the chances that she becomes a lesbian by 5 times.

Not breastfeeding a male baby increases his chances of being a homosexual by 5 times.

Dinosaur fossils are found to be just weird rocks. And like snowflakes, no two weird rocks are alike.

Stars that you see at night are just an optical illusion like rainbows.

"Soul" found in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The area of the soul is much larger in Christians than in Muslims or Jews. Atheists and monkeys, and other lower animals are missing this brain feature.

During near death experiences those who believe in God always see a white light. Atheists only see darkness. Muslims and Jews see a flashing yellow light.

Garden of Eden found in Iraq. A tree is found with "God was here 3761 BC" carved in it.

Those who take science in high school live 6 years less on average than those who don't take science.


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm, that explains it. My mother alternated between bottle and breastfeading.

  2. Thanks for linking me on yahoo. I'm getting hits. Geez if people are listening maybe I'll write up some more political stuff.

    check it out
    It' Valentine Jihad now.
    They are
    burning valentine cards and destroying gift shops in India.
    I hear they worship the Gods of Fire, Rape, and Cow Dung over there.

    Hey BTW, I am really unhappy what the fundies did to Speedy Gonzales.
    Speezy is rotting in a politically correct Jail somewhere in Southern California.
    Speedy, sob! We hardly knew you!

    At leat those PC twits never knew you!

    Arriba !!Arriba! Undele!!!

    Oh Speedy taught me mucho Spanish. :)

  3. I have another one: "The molecule of DNA was engineered by an unknown intelligence. Christians have the DNA sequence that codes for the proteins necessary to create a brain that understands the fact of the existence of that unknown intelligence. Atheists, Buddhists, Muslims and everyone else, lacks that sequence.

  4. LOL, but I need to keep the list simple so that Fundies can understand it.