March 2, 2006

Canadian Study Suggests Screening New Immigrants

Thank, Relapsed Catholic for finding the story.

In a study released a couple of days ago on counterterrorism policies:

Former senior Foreign Affairs official Martin Collacott writes that Ottawa should "demand a more explicit commitment to Canada and Canadian values on the part of newcomers."
OK, Canada is a Mosaic. But a Western Mosaic. We don't condone terrorism. Heck, we don't even have a death penalty. I'm thinking that what Collacott is referring to here is that we don't expect new immigrants to fight for Mecca or plot to fight for Mecca from within Canada, and we don't expect new immigrants to be involved in criminal elements. Make no mistakes, this study is all about the Muslims. He isn't talking about the Chinese here (yeah, I know there are some Chinese Muslims).

"If they find such acceptance difficult, they should not come here in the first place," Mr. Collacott writes in Canada's Inadequate Response to Terrorism: The Need for Policy Reform.
I really like the wording here. Canada is not Mecca. If you are touchy about being scrutinized for your loyalties, stay out of here.

Here is the oath: "swearing that they are not only fully committed to Canadian values and will give their complete allegiance and loyalty to Canada, but that their actions in the future will reflect these commitments."

Those who behave in a manner that seriously conflicts with Canada's principles -- for example by supporting or engaging in terrorism -- should lose their citizenship, he argues.
Prison is good for anyone who is born here who commits a terrorist related act. A new immigrant who commits such an act should get thrown out and I don't care if his life is in danger wherever he is thrown. This should be a lifetime contract between the Canadian government and the new immmigrant.

'In the paper, he says that while a variety of terrorist groups are active in Canada "most terrorist attacks in Western countries in recent years have been carried out by Muslim immigrants."

He urges Canada to reform the refugee and immigration systems, but also to build bridges with the Muslim community, both to ensure Muslims are a full part of Canadian society and to enlist their help in dealing with extremists.'
Canada is a haven for terrorists, no question. The Liberal policies of the past have caught up to us. I'm not against immigration, but I think we went overboard; too much, too fast. New Canadians are getting special treatment by second generation Canadians who have many government positions and wield tremendous overall influence. And now it is political suicide here to speak the truth, while attempting to get elected. It is almost taboo here to attempt to fight terror. The majority of Canadians want terror eliminated, but the means needed to do so "offend" too many Liberals. Liberals should understand that wishing away cancer without any treatment, rarely gets rid of the cancer.
As far as building bridges. I think that should work two ways. The Muslim community needs to be willing build bridges too. Instead of going berserk over cartoons, maybe they should go berserk against terrorist acts like 9/11.

From another article:
'little action has been taken to stop terrorist fundraising in Canada even though this is now estimated at $180 million a year.'
This is probably a lowball number. I can see it being much higher. Too many loopholes here.

Canada has a vast border with our closest friend: America. It isn't fair to the USA that we are being so lax in the War on Terrorism. Anyone who doesn't think that the USA is our military protection is fooling themselves. They spend hundreds of billions of dollars protecting Western values and democracy, and Canada benefits from this astronomically. If you aren't here to embrace Western values......................there's the door.


  1. Left wing ideas of tolerance and multiculturalism are failing in the face of the Muslim swarm.

  2. Great post, Bacon. Not even the extreme leftists shed a tear over 9-11 though.

    It seems to me that the extreme leftists think that they can control the Islamofascists and attain their own ends by doing so.

    I believe that the main movers and shakers of the extreme left are to blame in this and not all leftist per se. The people on the left who follow what their demogogues say are just duped individuals who believe the lie that they would be better off in a communist-like civilization.

    They believe the lie despite the fact that no communist country has ever embraced or shown the slightest reverence for freedom of individuals since its inception by Karl Marx, who coincidentally abandoned his wife and kids to pursue his sick philosophy.

    Ever since the USSR crashed to the Earth under its gigantic socialist bulk, extreme leftists have looked for a champion against the West and have come to whole heartedly jump into the waiting lap of fundamentalist Islam, because they see in it a tool to bring down the "Evils" of Western Civilization.

    Our kids are taught in todays schools that Western Civilization is responsible for slavery, yet it was Western Civilization (Britain mainly, Europe and U.S.) which staunchly and soundly eradicated slavery from Western Civilization forever. In the U.S., we went the hard way and paid with the price of over 500,000 dead to see to this end. Yet, Islamic countries still to this day have legal slavery, especially in Muslim Africa, where the slave industry still thrives. Every now and then, a story will slip in the media about this, but it is once in a blue moon.

    Its obvious by now that the extreme left are against a democratic Afghanistan and Iraq, because it is a setback to their new fundamentalist allies, whom they think they can control.

    Politically they give Islamic terrorists a voice and work to paralyze Western and Eastern Democracies into inaction, while day by day terrorists do the dirty work of killing and bullying free peoples into submission. This was seen recently when the media would not publish the Mohammad cartoons so as not to further fan the flames of Islamic outrage, yet many media outlets republished old Abu Ghraib photos.

    Any religion can be satired, except Islam. We shouldn't do anything to raise the ire of Islam.. We are racist if we do. Bullshit. Its high time we start calling these Quislings out for what they are.

    We in the USA are just as much to blame for putting up with this crap as anyone else. Its high time we act by voting these fools out of positions of influence.


  3. And today they capitulated to the Sikhs and it's not the first time.
    The situation is hopeless, regardless that a few of us protest the loss of the freedom and safety of this country.
    We will have progressively the problems of Britain, Israel and Iraq.
    Americans at least defend themselves. Every day I hear the Dems and Repubs, Am. Liberals and Am. Rightists arguing. At least they argue, they are all trying to defend themselves there.

    In Canada it is worse than just Liberals, there is no argument here, no process of defense. No one argues about these policies, no national debate, we just watch helplessly as the bureaucrats cut our throats as they have done ever since NAFTA and the GST. and every other thing.
    All of it goes through without resistance or debate, Even the sale of Molsons to Am, company. It wasn't even discussed as to whether monopolization or globalization of the company was good for PEOPLE for consumers for the quality of the lives of PEOPLE!

    The newscasters just reported it as if they were robots. No economic debate , no controversy about corporate monopolization, nothing.

    We have a oligarchical government and it has capitulated totally to policies which have already destroyed our lives. We have already lost, we lost a long time ago Any individual stands up gets mowed down by the humans they are trying to save.

    This is no longer the Canada that I grew up in and it is not worth saving. Soldiers die in Afghanistan for nothing.

    Draw a line of defense. Stay inside a protective circle.

    I say let the Mus limns blow the hell out of the population canters that have been compromised. They are not worth saving. They don't care to defend themselves nor the rest of us so let them be destroyed and don't shed a tear for any other Canadian.

    I say let you all die , 99.999 percent of you deserve what you get. You could change it all but you do not. You all deserve it.

    For the remaining percentile I say "Tough Tribbles!" caz we are all doomed so get used to it. The best you can do is die with peace dignity.
    Just run away and hide the best you can. If you do not hide then die with the "stupidos."
    Close the door and harden the heart.
    Turn off the news and stop listening to it.
    Leave any major population center,
    retire to remote places.
    Don't have children.
    Try to live out the rest of your life outside the system as much as possible.
    Let everyone else die and kill each other.
    Stay out of it, nothing you can do for a hopeless people. There is not a single organization or political party that will protect us as humans.

    Curse all your fellow Canadians and harden your harts. If you care about any Canadians you will be punished and be sorry for it.

    Go head, curse me for living and I will curse you for living. Let us start the process of personal freedom.

    Be glad you can't live long enough to see the future.You wouldn't like to see it.

  4. Johdarr:

    I lived in Commie China for years as an expat teacher.
    Westerners haven' a clue how the system works there.

    NOT EVEN 95 percent of those who came to work for only 1 to years or 95 percent of the tourists.
    They don't see Nazi flags and Storm boots so they think everything is the same.
    They teach English to the children of CCP party members and they think they are just harmless business people.
    Don't blame Marx or any intellectual, they are irrelevant.
    All good commies kill the intellectuals and make martyrs out of them, a living idealist is a reactionary and must be killed, a dead one is a martyr. Commie idea is to use the rhetoric of idealists without it's actuality, they don't need to implement it because they control the image of reality. just like North American Corporate Media.

    But nothing is the same.

    Commies don't stormtroop, they don't need to, because they own everything, business, media schools.. they just shunt you out, keep long information lists, file you, staple you, shove you in a drawer, take you quietly aside and bury you.

    They marched into Shanghai in 1949.
    ..didn't kill anyone.
    Peaceful huh?
    Lot of idiot liberals still don't know the truth.

    Slowly they took names and information put CCP political officers "attached to" every school, every economic unit.

    Two years later, after isolating individuals after destroying the structure of the groups they belonged to, they took people one by one and isolated and they started the secret and quiet executions. ... and never really have stopped.
    In fact see the book "Liberal Fascism" and you will see the philosophies of Extreme Liberals care well compared to fascism
    Funny, I always thought I was a Liberal because I believed in freedom and social policies but later I learned the word "liberal" refers to a form of mental illness.

    I really think a new language and terminology needs to be invented.
    Because i still think I am a liberal that supports victory in Iraq ,supports victory in Vietnam, opposes the takeover of South Vietnam to the North Vietnamese, supports Israel, opposes dictatorships, an anti-commie in a world where liberals don't believes commies exist, opposes corporate power supports abortion, support ewxtermination of all the Islamonazis and will sacrifices all the innocent with the guilty if necessary and I want to save the whales but I think McCartney is an idiot and I would like to ssee him clubbed along with the harp seals.

    So this terminology about liberals, Nazis etc is is all messed up.

    Wait a minute!!
    Liberal Facism>>>>>> opposite is Rightist Democratist/Freedomist
    >>>>. is me!!!!

  5. After reading the posts so far, something crossed my mind. It used to be the left that produced the theorists and perceived thinkers that were shut up by the society at large. Now it seems that it is the political Rightists, at least in Canada and Europe.

    Max, I don't think Mccartney is an idiot to bring attention to the seal hunt. It is barbaric. And if not brought to the worlds attention, will continue to go on. Islam got away with that kind of crap unnoticed for centuries.

    About the Sikh being allowed to bring a dagger to school because of freedom of religion: this is how crazy our nation is. A Sikh can't bring a dagger on a plane because of security fears, but can bring it to a school.


  6. McCartney is an Idiot. i wantta see him go to Baghdad and give a concert and sing "Give Peace a Chance".
    Lets see if he's got the guts to really stand up for something.

    Canadians need to get off their liberal kesters and get a little barbaric. Too long they have forgotten the lessons on of Attila, they got a lot of Islamonazis to club on the head.
    They need barbarian practice.

    There just aren't enough harp seals to club over the head and in every province, that is the problem.
    We need to have a festival of annual kitten clubbing once a year to get into the spirit of things.

  7. "After reading the posts so far, something crossed my mind. It used to be the left that produced the theorists and perceived thinkers that were shut up by the society at large. Now it seems that it is the political Rightists, at least in Canada and Europe."
    Correct insight modern Leftist = conformist = think thoughts other people have created = believe what apparently is true whithout checking out what actually is true = the easy road out = the dumb road out.

  8. OK, you like to complain about "terrorism". So can you define what terrorism is? I haven't seen anything like a definition on this website.

    Basically, all I see is that people call "terrorists" those who have a different political agenda than them.