March 4, 2006


OK, I know, I'm not going to make everyone happy here and I'm not going to find anyone who agrees with me completely. Keep in mind, I'm a godless rationalist and the following ideas and thoughts reflect that.

The first thing that I would do is amalgamate Canada and the USA politically, with an eye towards Mexico in the next 50 years. Canada and the USA share the same Western ideology, and philosophy. There is no need to have a political border between the two nations. Culture can still be maintained, just like the South in America has a different culture from the American nomadic-like individual who lives in Buttswipe, Minnesota.

Now the issues(easy ones first):


Legalize it. Regulate it. It is a reality. The government should make money off it, and the health of the prostitutes should be monitored regularly. Most sex is about prostitution anyways, whether it is has to do with marriage, pre-marital dating(when the woman tries to hook the man). Whether it is an emotional gain or materialistic gain, it is prostitution. Sex driven by biogical reasons only does happen, but it isn't the main reason two people are together for more than a one or two night stand.


Legalize it. Again, the black market on gambling is huge. It is going to happen regardless. Everyone knows that people are betting, whether it is with old fashion bookies or new fashion internet bookies. The government should be in on it. Back when there weren't any offshore houses, at least the money would stay in domestic hands, but now it leaves the country. It is ridiculous for this to happen. If it becomes regulated and legal, at least problem gamblers can be spotted quickly and helped.


Legalize pot. Keep alcohol legal. Life sometimes is harsh and we need to escape every once in a while if we choose to. Myself, I hardly ever drink. I used to when I chased skirts. I have other means of escape, but I don't want to deny the less creative. Heroin and cocaine should be dealt with severely. The drug dealer and importers should be looking at a minimum of five years for a first offense. The users should get a 3 month sentence for a first offense in a drying out jail(different than a regular jail full of actual criminals). Second offense would be a year. Cocaine and heroin can kill you immediately. Illegal. Drunk drivers should be jailed 3 months, no questions asked for a first offense. And 2 years for a second offense. A universal test will be needed for those who drive stoned, and they should receive the same sentence as drunk drivers.

Death Penalty

If you murder a stranger, you get the death penalty and or if you murder a child not in your immediate family, you can get the death penalty. These are cold blooded murders in my books. Emotionally driven murderers (and I'm not calling terrorist acts emotionally driven) should receive 30 years to life.
If someone rapes a child(this includes any adult having sex with anyone 12 or under), they get 30 years to life. No exceptions. Not even for Priests.


The world has enough unwanted children, but I'm not going to use this as the basis for my belief here. Any stance on abortion is considered contraversial these days, but everyone has a stance.
I believe that if the woman can live with her decision to abort a fetus, it is her choice. I consider any living being that can't survive outside of the womb and grow up without expected defects to be abortable. According to what I've read on the subject, I am comfortable with 26 weeks. After 26 weeks, no abortions. But there is no law that prevents a pregnant woman from going skiing or sky diving or falling down a flight of stairs(wink wink).

Separatation of Church and State

No religion in public schools. None. Zero. No homeschooling either. We don't need kids to grow up thinking the sun revolves around the earth. If you want religion in school, there are private schools, there is also your house of worship. If you don't have enough of a population to have a private school for your specific religion, move to a country that does. No, Sikhs cannot bring hatchets to school because of religious freedom. Christmas and Easter are to be grandfathered in as holidays. It will still be OK for kids to hand out Christmas cards (as long as they dont contain anti-semitic messages) and Valentines day cards (kids need to deal with the reality that they may not receive one if they are an unlikable sociopath. It is a good lesson in life).

Taxation and a Paperless Monetary System

The future is here. Start implementing this now. Fingerprint and/or wrist chip technology should be used for ALL financial transactions that are not done on-line. Pin numbers will still be needed to keep the hackers (limb hackers that is) away from identity theft.
Personal taxes and business taxes should not be brain surgery. My idea is to have government regulated approved expenses and other deductions for every type of job imaginable and every type of business imaginable(this will keep the government busy as they have to approve what is what for each case if something new is brought up). All transactions will fall into the specific individuals own expense categories (personal living expenses versus expenses related to business, which come off gross income). Every transaction falls into one of the categories. At the end of the year, the government emails you a statment on much you owe. It will be a straight 20% of earned net income (yes, you still get to deduct Retirement Savings as against gross income). All welfare checks will have the 20% deducted at source.
A person can have multiple business accounts if he or she has different sources of income. Different pins are needed for these accounts because the deductions will be different. Corporations will be dealt with the same way as an individual. A straight 20% tax on net income. No off shore tax deductions will be allowed for corporation or individual.
All goods and services will have a 10% tax as well. No exceptions. Native Indians included.


Since the government already knows all your transactions(see above), they can react accordingly based on any red flags that may come up. This should curtail terrorist funding and other black market dealings. I guess the door is open for barterring (drugs for guns, for example), but again, any unusual types of transfers or purchases will warrant a red flag. And I give the government unlimited power to act against suspicious activity.


I'm realistic enough to know that 30,000 years from now, if man is still around, every human alive will probably have olive skin and slightly slanted eyes. The society will be mainly agnostic and atheist. But this isn't 30,000 from now. People are still upset over cultural and/or racial differences, especially if someone wants to come over here an impose their own cultural dogma on us.
Immigration should be related to current employment levels. If unemployment rates are too high, immigration should cease until they decline.
All immigrants need to sign an oath stating they know they will be kicked out immediately if they commit any criminal act that has a sentence of one year or more attached to it and they will comply with all rules in place on the date of their arrival. This is a lifetime contract.

War on Terror

At this present time, Radical Islam is an immediate threat to Western civilization and the future of life on this planet. We can not sit idly by and wait to be attacked. Their fairly young dogma must be changed. Their culture must be reformed.
Eskimos don't need their culture reformed, but the Muslim world does. Until such a reform occurs, the War on Terror is a top priority.

Health Care

This is where a good chunk of your tax money will go. And I am not against having a tiered hospital set up either. If you can afford it, you are free to seek premium care. But basic needs will be payed by the government(Canada's system).


Outsourcing and trade is a problem. I think the only way around it is to impose more significant tariffs. Domestic jobs need to be protected at all costs. Canamerica can not continue to be a Sugar Daddy for the rest of the world. Aid should be cut off except in humanitarian circumstances. Any region that welcomes terrorism should be exempt from aid.

Gay Marriages

If gay people want to get married, let em. Really simple. What is marriage any ways? The highest divorce rates are found amongst the most religious. Now since I'm allowing for gay marriages, can you guys stop kissing in public? I just don't like looking at it. It isn't a law or anything. Just do me a favor. Thanks. Oh yeah, women you can keep kissing in public, that's cool.


TV stations, radio station and newspapers can either choose to have adult content(cursing and/or nudity) or not have it. Just let the religious goody two shoes know ahead of time that a certain TV station may show a nipple at any given time so that they can channel block it if they choose.
I'm also pro-cum shot too when it comes to late night TV. Why hide it? It's a reality. Put it on Fear Factor. It would be fun.

OK, now you know where I stand and what I would do if I was Supreme Ruler of Canamerica. Like the good Atheist that I am, all the above is subject to change based on new information. It was a constant flow of new information, that turned me from an assumptive believer in god to a proud non rigid Atheist in the first place.


  1. Agree on all points but one. Suggest you do some research on Adam Smith and his book AN INQUIRY INTO THE NATURE AND CAUSES OF THE WEALTH OF NATIONS. Don't try to read the book itself though. I understand it is very dull and difficult reading.

  2. What point? I did take economics 101 in university, so I have more than average background on the subject (slightly).
    Are you talking about trade?

  3. Your program is so extremely pathetic.
    Are you going to be extreme ruler of Canamerica or of the Animal Humane Society?
    Point One:
    You are already living in a dimension of the worst totalitarianism in history. You have something that is forcing you to eat shit every day and in every way. It has a knife to your throat and bashes your head against the concrete every minute.
    It lies to you about its' existence misdirects your attention away from it.
    Some want to reform it,
    Some want to rewrite it,
    but 99.999 percent cannot even see it. It is the invisible being that fills your life like air fills your lungs. The problem with modern humans is that they need the media to affirm the existence of something. Unfortunately this being controls the media. Only a few can see this being with clear eyes and not needing the media to define reality for them.

    What it is.
    Some of the enlightened

    Wake up!

    Wake right up!
    Don't listen here!

    These are not your fathers!

    Point Two: "Extreme penalties? Wake up and join the big leagues. Extreme penalty is death. Death is needed for those convicted of dealing heroin and other hard drugs. Death within one year, judicial process must be finished from charge to execution in one year. That is the only way to win, Jail is just part of career criminals lives, death is the end of the criminal activity.

    War of terror? Same thing. Don't prosecute war like civilian criminal cases. Capture = death , conviction of terrorism = death penalty enacted within 6 months . Putting terrorists in jail is ridiculous, they are a threat so long as they are alive.

    Third point: Your embrace of technology to assist financial corporations will also lead to totalitarianism. The technology is in the hands and power of the enemy previously mentioned. Pin numbers preventing theft is ridiculous. They simply threaten your wife or beat you and chain you to the toilet (it has already been done) until you give the pin to them. Also the pin can be sold at a higher level within the bank security. Have you not seen the statistics on identity theft? This crime barely existed by comparison before technology. What this is , is the offloading of operating costs to the consumer. Also it places the consumer under corporate control.

    You remind me of Trotsky and all the Chinese intellectuals/idealists that were killed by their own creations. If it were a perfect fair universe it would be fine, but you are making the same mistake they did which is to give the power to the totalitarians. Who guards the guardians. Wake up! We have no guardians are to be trusted, we already have a dimension of totalitarianism because we are ruled by an oligarchy. Until oligarchical rule is ended corruption, such as "sponsorship" and everything else will continue and get worse and worse.
    The opposite must happen people must have their own protection form the system, they must have their identify preserved separate from the system and the system must be destroyed before any reform can be implemented. If not, any "reform" simply aids the existing pattern of totalitarianism.
    The day the RFID's go in the general population is the day the human race ends and is the day nothing matters any more.

    If you were king of Canamerica the other Kings of the power elite and Islam will bury you because you don't have the moxie to use power nor understand power and you would fail to deal with them.

    Understand these words: "power" , "force".
    They are the keys to understanding what is happening and the keys to ruling and the keys to freedom.
    As for myself I believe that trying to get people to understand what is happening and what they are doing and trying to motivate the to change is useless, truly a useless waste of energy. It is impossible to penetrate through the corporate controlled media. Maybe three people in Canada's 30 million might be interested enough to even listen, it's not enough. so I retire from politics, I concentrate on saving myself and thinking of Canadians ans "the damned". I moved my not-theoretical political posts to another blog and I put them to sleep. I truly decided not to pay attention or watch the news anymore. Nothing can be done to save Canada or the world , one can only catalog and predict the ways it will be destroyed. So really issues are pointless, the only trick in the news is to catch the indicators of Hell that show the road the Race is about to take to the Appocalypse.
    Damn you Bacon,! I now got to stop reading other blogs caz i can't stop from reacting and sa8ing my 2 cents. You make me come out to say something because your lack of Kingship is just so obnoxious and revolting to me.

    Even you have the freedom of your imagination to do almost anything, the best you can think of can be compared to supplying a new brand of dog food!
    Come on! Release your real imagination !!
    Let it really go!
    It's only your imagination! surely you can do better than that tame baloney.
    That is like Canadian Air you know why that is not really funny...because it has no true acerbic punch, it is declawed humour.
    You are the same ..just like a declawed King.

    Now I will go back to ignoring the zombies of Canada.

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  5. "every human alive will probably have olive skin and slightly slanted eyes."

    Not correct for theory of evolution. Is like - inbreeding doesn't work.

    But forget that! Physical evolution as we knew it is finished because of modern convenience technology. Only mental/cultural evolution can take place now and that direction is unsure, whether it is improve or unimproved stupid or smart , up or down.
    But no longer is physical evolution a factor wherein even the severely crippled can live and breed. Second: Genetic manipulation will replace natural selection with 50 years, so the quest as to the colour of the race 30,000 years from now depends on who will be the victors of the coming Apocalypse. Fundies like the American groups will be outnumbered and outcloned by the new generations coming. And eventually they will be out-resourced as the new genetics will be successful and be rich and nd the money will be in gene splicing and cloning.
    It's a human wave that can't be stopped. If politics interfere then it will be nations like the Chinese and probably American Underground radicals that will breed the new superhumans.

    BTW abortion is a sina qua non in China, no one gives it a second thought.
    We should have an annual liberal clubbing event like say on Yonge street in Toronto where we can cull the population like the harp seal pups. like somebody has to go it might as well be the liberals .

    If I were King I would set about right now registering the liberals and Fundies so they can be culled from the overpopulated society.
    If you wantta know what I'm talking about, go to Guangzhou/Canton or HK and see the sea of people on the streets. If a thief is caught, he can't run anywhere, I actually saw it. He meekly surrender when the bus driver collared him and a crowd gathered. He couldn't run because there there wasn't any space to run. I heard of thieves caught on the streets being pinched to death.

    You gotta see that so you can ask yourself:

    "Do you want that happening here?
    Wall to wall people?

  6. Max Max Max. My platform is based on the idea that I would have the majority going along with me and I wouldn't wind up dead on my throne.
    I wasn't describing Eutopia here. I wasn't giving my idea of perfection. I was basing everything on a realistic platform.
    Sure, clubbing Fundies and Liberals would be ideal.
    Killing drug dealers would eventually ensure drug dealers didn't pop up again.
    But I was trying to be realistic.

    As far as evolution goes. I am aware that differences is the key to survival. However, we are dealing with a species (humans) who are aware of external factors and possible extinction.
    The major reason people aren't generic is because of climate. Everyone traces back to the same people in Africa.
    But now the world has gotten smaller and those born in the land of the rising sun are now everywhere. And climate becomes less of a factor because we don't have to spend most of our lives outside anmymore.
    Fundies do have way more kids than non-Fundies, so the argument is that Atheists could become the endangered species. I counter this by the fact that as we gain more concrete proof of evolution and possibly abiogenesis, future generations will not be able to rationalize their ridiculous religious beliefs. So Fundies, will be giving birth to many more Atheists shortly.

    If you want fun go here

  7. Climate is a ZERO factor in evolution now. So will be racial origin in 50 years as the test tube will rule.

    You got 1.3 billion commie atheists versus 1 billlion ilamic fundies.

    The West doesn't count , their goose is cooked. They have grown too soft from the good life amnd they have forgotten how to bash heads. Every time someone's head is bashed there is a video camera and the headbasher gets fired . It's the end of aggression for the West . Death of culture by the liberal videotape.

    oh the Horror the horror.
    You can hear the hippies wail as we burn in the muslim fires.

    The only question is which of the rising superpowers will pick our bones.
    The atheists will win , they are already into genetic modification.

    I got no time for more now, i gotta go to church and pray for my guilty soul and you should be in church now, its 10:30 am there.

    Repent repent. The end is coming repent now your guilty soul.

  8. Unless you break corporate power you have no platform.
    It is unrealistic to ignore the realism of corporate power and you have not addressed that issue.

    Think about it in church while you pray.

  9. I help break corporate power with the transparency that comes with my tax initiative.

  10. If it weren't for plagiarism and copy & paste, you wouldn't have any posts at all. Your postings are nothing more than offensive shit.

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  12. WINO
    by: lardy_mess56 (50/F/shasta county) 03/05/06 01:50 pm
    Msg: 2423635 of 2423650
    2 recommendations

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I am only telling you this as 1 friend to another.

    Your blog blows. It's crappy. Having a blog is like having a baby. You don't need a license to have one. You don't need to meet any qualifications to have one. Anybody CAN have one or more than one. And the ones who normally have them are the ones who really shouldn't have them because they suck. Having one doesn't make you important either.

    What I'm trying to tell you is GET A FUKKING JOB AND STOP SPONGING OFF YOUR WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rape a child, and die. It's that simple.

  14. Hey, I see you've got a troll. One word, okay two: Haloscan Premium. Best $12 you'll ever spend.

  15. Rape a child and die is impossible to argue with.

    I know who the troll is. He is a regular on Yahoo. Says he's from Burns, Oregon, but I don't believe him.

  16. "Oh yeah, women you can keep kissing in public, that's cool."
    IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS RIGHT, YOU OFFER GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES FOR THREESOMES, and three times a much for threesomes with 2 women, meaning one nighter threesomes get free rooms at luxury hotels with bar and supper tabs completely paid for and check out time is three day later.
    Just show your proof of sex after the first night with a five minute video clip, loaner camera from the hotel. This is to prevent fraud , you must have proof of three way sex to get that government subsidy.
    Think big, and think realistically .

    Remember corruption is the soul of all kingship and all dictatorship. Think realistically and go with the flow.
    I reminded that idiot on his "fun" site that there are 1.3 billion Chinese dying to breed 6 billion ancestors, give him a good scare.

  17. "I help break corporate power with the transparency that comes with my tax initiative."

    Are you serious??!!! That is trivial and nothing to do with how the system works. If you are then you know absolutely nothing about what is happening. Maybe you had better see "the corporation" just for a start. but i didn't need to see that to know since i majored in soc and phil.
    The government totally serves the corporate elite, not the people, the corporate servants go back and forth between corporate positions and government positions. Look at what Mulroney and Martin did when they hahahaha "retired".
    The corporations own the legal system and the they own the patents on your body. They own\ the media and they have already owned your mind by brainwashing you since kindergarten. why do you think you have never wanted to change the system...becaue they taught you that you couldn't right from grade school. They taught you not to SEE the system from grade school.

    Even the beginning would be to change the monetary system , change how money is created and eliminate usury and break the power of the corporate banking system. Bet you haven't got a clue how it works. Almost no one does It's well hidden.
    Also you need to go to the judiciary and burn son th judicial buildings shoot the supreme court justices that are totally corrupted by the corporations and repeal every law the corporations have passed with their justice buddies for the last 1000 years and then forbid corporations to spend any more money on lawyers more than any citizen facing them in a court of law and supply complete government legal funding to any citizen in a fight against the corporations. c
    You will be a deluded king a puppet king just like all the puppet prime ministers.

    Ohh and you forgot the number one thing of current history. The sponsorship scandal was completely covered up. Nobody went to jail, no money was recovered and all financial records were hidden under "privacy laws" My first step would be to have the police seize all the bank records of the sponsorship scandal and then you would see the politicians and bank officials going to jail and you would d find corruption far wider than the sponsorship scandal.
    But of course that is such a Nazi thing to do .."siezing the bank records of the oligarchical elite" that it the liberal protest, of course it is not Nazi to seize the bank records of drug dealers but not we should not inspect the records of the elite.
    Liberal leftie Canadians deserve to be ripped off they are so stupid.
    If you peeled back the false veneer of respectability of the Canadian elite you would have to jail half a million corrupt people. We are a wealthy country but the people haven't seen half the wealth. Where do you think it has gone?
    Geez you haven't got a clue.

  18. I am trying to use a realistic platform here, not a perfect one. Conceivably someone could get elected using my beliefs. Possibly.

    I do have a clue. Like I said. Transparency would be a good start. No offshore bs. PS, I used to work on Bay Street.

    Did you read many of the Philosophers posts while you were there? I really don't know where to start with him, so I spread myself out thin.

  19. I am trying to use a realistic platform here, not a perfect one.

    that's the whole point. Your platform is NOT realistic because you don't have a clue how the power structure works.
    The fact that you refer to making obvious reforms as Utopia or a perfect platform means that you don't' have a clue what I am talking about. Doesn't matter where you worked you show no indication of understanding the economic system, Nobody who works on Bay street would understand it either you would only understand what propaganda you have been fed.
    we are dealing with a system wherein corporations have had control of the newspapers and media since the beginning . All economic news relating to understanding how they do things has been suppressed and the public attention misdirected. All sociologist s and economist know this but the thing is all those graduates can only find work in the corporations so most are bought off.
    Get elected? Big Deal. It would be a sham just as the last election was a sham because nothing changed. The same Party, THE CORPORATE PARTY was re-elected.

    You need to start researching to understand how the system works, because you don't know. you only know the lies and deception and excuses you have been fed. better see that movie for a start.
    If you truly understand
    SHOW HOW YOU WOULD DESTROY THE COLLUSION OF THE CORPORATE-POLITICAL ELITE. If you can't do that or address that you might as well lay down and die for that is the end result of the current situation.
    Go ahead! Demonstrate your understanding of how money gets into the system. It's very simple just a paper trail. Yet not even one member of the corporation forum can explain it. Why is that? Why is such simple information more secret than nuclear secrets?

    What the hell does it take to get through to you people ? U, see the words but something goes wrong in your mind, you don't understand so you dismiss or discount somehow and you walk like zombies.
    You are dreaming,,,wake up Wake up Wake up!!!
    "Corporations will be dealt with the same way as an individual. A straight 20% tax on net income.

    For Two reason:
    1. corporate profits don't make it into the "net profit" column, you obviously don't know about corporate accounting.

    Corporate profit is not just a little bit extra, it is not just billions, it is not just trillions.. corporate profit IS THE NATION'S WEALTH. There is nothing else. It is everything,. It is us , all of us, we all live or die by what the corporations do with their wealth. IT BELONGS TO EVERYBODY. Any "profit" made from corporations needs to be carefully monitored and regulated as to it's use. All corporate profit should not be allowed to be used by private individuals It should be under strict regulation to be used as capital for the benefit of the nation and no other purpose. As it is it is used Globally to extort and exploit the poor of the earth and nothing much is going back into the development of the infrastructure of the originating countries.


  20. " I just want to get realistically re-elected"
    that is the platform of ALL the goddam parties.
    They , none of them believe they can change the system, they have been taught that since birth, that they cannot change the system.

    So all they think about, is how they can get elected , what lies and little BS tweaks they can do within the system so that they can get their goddam pigs snouts in the trough.
    If that's all you got line up on the wall with the rest of the dictators and corporate pigs and wait for the revolutionaries or Muslims to shoot you, because it is what you deserve.

  21. If you READ what I post here, you would have seen that I told you that I posted on the the lunatic philosopher's site.

  22. Max, I do read what you post. But you bring in too many ideas at once for me to properly respond to you.

    I read your post from earlier today...I just wondered what you thought of his other posts.

  23. Yeah okay, watching the Oscars.

    I don't think I'll bother too much with that guy..

    You need electroshock therapy to get through to o religious nuts.
    First you got to deprogram them form their family upbringing, then you can start with therapy and education.

    excellent Scifi idea!! Space ray form outer space,, inundate the world with electro shock wave, all humans shaken up and deprogrammed[ world starts over in confused state but quickly reintegrates and humankind race is saved!!

    Inter Galactic Psychiatrists come to earth's rescue.

    story Title:

    I never promised you an Earth Garden.

  24. So pot and booze is ok and coke and heroine should be forbidden and consumption penalised? Come on... I´ve tried coke (several times) and it´s not that bad. All drugs should be legal (and controlled) otherwise you´re calling for trouble (prohibition causes more problems than the drugs themselves)

    As to "amalgamating" Canada... have you asked canadians? they might not really want that... They´re quite happy now as they are.

  25. I agree with everything except the prostitution and pot rules. I believe prostitution should be mildly illegal. My theory is that it is more fun if it is naughty. Same goes for pot. The people will simply seek out something else that is naughty to amuse themselves with if good time girls and weed is industrialized. There’s something atmospheric about sleazy red night districts too even if you go there just for the sights and sounds.

  26. Michael, heroin and coke lead to addictions that cause actual gun violence crimes. Nobody knocks off a 7-11 for pot money.

    AA, the fun part is hiding the hooker statements from your spouse or girlfriend.

  27. "They´re quite happy now as they are.
    # posted by Michael : Mon Mar 06, 09:28:02 AM EST "
    Who is happy? Maybe you Uncle Toms are happy.
    The rest of us are under the jackboot of a corporate oligarchy led by the corporate banks. The corporations have been diagnosed as having the personalities of psychopaths and have only one goal which is to amass power for themselves.

    They are corrupt beyond redemption and beyond justice as they own the justice system and the media. For example they canceled the Somalia inquiry and they stonewalled the investigating into the sponsorship corruption. They own the patents to life itself and they lie about how the economy works.
    No criminal investigation is or will ever be underwaay about the sponsorship corruption .
    The best that Canadians have to look forward to is exploitation, slavery, and death.
    Bacon's program is absolutely nothing. It is election promises as to what he would do if he was elected. And he would net be able to do anything because he would never even dare to think about changing the system.

    The big questions are to examine the behavior of donkeys and blind people.

    Why don't donkey's want to move?
    Why don't the blind want to see?
    Why do lemmings insist on to die?

    I wish they could just destroy themselves but unfortunately they destroy me with themselves.

    TV stations, radio station and newspapers "


  28. The media targets it's customers. The media is scared of offending anything that resembles a majority. The only way to change this is by getting rid of anyone who gets offended.

  29. Alcohol causes violence too. Should it be illegal? I´m pretty sure it´s illegalisation which causes most of the problems related to drugs (remember alcohol prohibition un the US: crime, poisonings etc.) "heroin and coke lead to addictions that cause actual gun violence crimes" ??? I don´t think it´s that simple, bacon. Heroine is just the illegal adulterated and poisonous version of morphine. Morphine addicts (addicted in hospitals due to long illnesses etc.)lead NORMAL LIVES apart from one moment when they inject themselves and are a bit "off it". Bacon, forget the PC bullshit story that we´re fed from the media. Drug laws are there to keep a lot of people in their jobs (cops) and gangsters with their dirty business. Really.

  30. Ok more than a bit "off it"

  31. Abolishing coke and heroin through stiffer penalties isn't the same as abolishing alcohol.
    And again, alcoholics don't rob 7-11's or sell their bodies for a drink.
    I know it is a fine line, but this is how I look at it. And like I said, I can't please everyone with my views.

  32. Druggies rob and sell their bodies because of the prohibitions (prohibition makes drugs expensive and marginalised) I´m not saying they should be sold in Wallmarts, they should definitely be controlled.

    I´m not asking you to please me with your views either.

  33. I saw a great documentary about some old guy who researched and met lots of heroine addicts and smugglers, starting with the preconceived idea that heroine is bad mh´key?. However towards the end of his enquiry he changed his mind and realised that the problem was prohibition. I wish I had a link or something to that program. I saw it ages ago and can´t remember...

  34. From my brief knowledge of those who quit hard drugs, I have concluded that the best way for someone to stop is to keep them away from the drugs and keep them away from those who are aren't interested in quitting. If the drugs were harder to find, there would be a lot less demand, in my opinion.

  35. Yes, but from that logic, one would have to ban alcohol and tobacco. They are very dangerous too.
    In my experience drugs are very easy to find. Drug laws are causing a lot of pain and suffering, specially to the most innocent people at the bottom line of the drug organisations (smuggling a little coke in a plane for example)(or those poor farmers growing it in South America).

  36. "Marijuana use (for example) among Dutch high-schoolers is roughly one-third of what it is in America, despite the current drug laws in place" - According to Wikipedia

  37. A good article about this in Wikipedia:
    And yet another from the Guardian newspaper:,6903,1385987,00.html

    Sorry to flood your blog with these links and shit, Bacon. But I really think you´re wrong about this. And you´re right about a lot of things so please give this some thought.

  38. OOOPS! Ididn´t mean to post that 5 times...

  39. Michael, I hope you don't mind but I deleted the repeats.
    As far as dropping prohibition on coke and heroin, I feel very strongly that if they become available at say a drug store, more people will use it. I think an argument can be made that more people stay away from these drugs because they are illegal, than are attracted to use them because they are. And since they are so addictive allowing these drugs to be on the counter will cause a lot more grief than we have right now.
    Yes, alcohol and pot and cigarettes are addictive too, but there has to be something for the mere mortal to escape with. Again, I read the articles and they didn't change my mind.

  40. Pity I can´t find a link for that documentary I saw, all these young people getting really fucked up because of the adulterated nature of street heroine, and living marginalised... It was really gruesome. On the other hand there were morphine addicts with normal lives who after work had their little injection and that was it.

    The argument from "utility", as in
    "if they become available at say a drug store, more people will use it. (...) more people stay away from these drugs because they are illegal, than are attracted to use them because they are"
    doesn´t really address the issue of freedom of choice. If tobacco were illegal you might (probably would) avoid a lot of deaths, but you don´t think it should be banned... "there has to be something for the mere mortal to escape with". I see some lack of coherence here.
    On the other hand there seems to be some sort of taboo about the subject, the old "drugs are bad mh´key?" kind of mentality. Why not look at things in cold blood, and do some proper unbiased research about the real effects of drugs...
    What I mean is, how can we trust the FDA to provide unbiased information? it´s in their own interest to paint a demonised picture of drugs to keep them in their jobs!
    I´ve tried a bit of everything. For example, coke, I´ve done it about 5 times and I don´t like it. Full stop. That´s it, I´m not going to try it again. But I think I should have the right to choose. (Imagine I was caught and sent to prison or something, would that be better for anyone?)With the proper information people can make their own minds. Set the minimum age at 25 if you want, or any other control measures, but let people make their own decisions.
    How much damage is the "war on drugs" causing compared to the damage drugs would cause if legal? why not compare both for a change...
    And let´s not forget that the biggest beneficiaries of illegalisation are the drug barons themselves... huge economical interests behind this.. lucky that the government never compromises its decisions to the pressure of powerful lobbies... yeah right...

  41. Again, people don't OD on cigarette smoke. I hate cigarettes, and I think we should spend lots to educate.
    People don't OD on alcohol or pot.

    But they do OD on coke and heroin. Needle use increases aids cases regardless if the government OKed it or not.

    Some countries have harsher penalties against drugs. Like the Arab countries. I can only see harsher penalties cutting down the use and the amount of addicts.

    Question. If you had a 20 year old, would you like to know he uses heroin or coke. Would you care the same if he uses pot or alcohol?

  42. People don´t OD on alcohol????????
    And harsher penalties would cut down the number of addicts but that´s not the only issue, for the reasons I already gave you.
    And of course I would prefer my son to take pot or alcohol than coke or heroin, but, what about my/your/our(joking) son going to prison for possessong a tiny amount of some stupid substance?

  43. What's the matter? Too cold up there for you?

    If you didn't have a national healthcare plan - I'd tell ya to fuck off ;)

    Oh yeah - and thanks for letting me kiss in public - kiss kiss!

  44. No, you don't get it.

    You talk about the media as if the media were the media.
    The media is not the media.
    The media is owned by non-media corporations.

    Thus they determine what news favourable and unfavourable to them is to be printed.
    We need a REAL media.

    It is a big LIE , a DELUSION that there is a media.
    Just to realize this is to take a first step to indepenmdent thought and afreedom.

    There is no media , there is a corporate appartchuk, an organ for corporate propaganda for the pwere of the corporate-political elite that represses Canadians.


    Why reliance on technology is not the answer, and is the road to slavery
    The nature of the guardians must change, the nature of social control must change before more power is given to technology.

    Americans begin to have a new perception of Islam and Fundies

    Okay, I'll see you all in the camps in the gas ovens. but I think you all will be there before me, caz i got the good sense to hide out in the mountains.
    That'll buy me a couple of extra years or maybe even months or if I'm really lucky maybe a couple of extra days.

  45. Max, you should write an article about your Eutopia on your blog.

  46. LMAO
    I agree totally. I'm gay and also can't stand seeing men kissing in public, but I also hate seeing straight couples do it as well. Keep it in the bedroom!

  47. Jay, OK, straight couples can't kiss in public either. But two chicks still can.

  48. Your position on the prohibition of so-called "hard" drugs like cocaine and heroin is illogical and irrational.

    These, along with other drugs, should be legal. The reason people may hold up 7/11's is because the drugs are expensive--in more ways than one--because they are illegal. If they were legal--maybe even with controlled prices--people could get them at reasonable prices and they wouldn't have to frequent dangerous criminals to get them. People can and do lead normal lives even with addictions, including heroin or cocaine addictions.

    Did you know that all these anti-drug laws only came into being after WWI? Was there an enormous drug problem before that? Alcohol was seen as the biggest public health problem. Yet by the time of prohibition, the consumption of alcohol per person was in steady decline. This decline is continuing up to today.

    See the book "Alcohol" by Griffith Edwards.

    Conceptually, there is no difference between use of these different substances. It is an illusion to think that legalization would lead to a boom in drug use. There is a limit to the amount that people could consume and to the number of people who would be interested in one substance or another. Mostly what would happen is that drug users--including alcohol users--would change from one to substance to another or alternately use different ones.

    Of course there should the same restrictions as for alcohol in driving or forbidding sales to minors.

    Finally, who are you to tell people how to live their lives and what they can and cannot do in their private lives?

  49. "Max, you should write an article about your Eutopia on your Blog."
    It's not about me, it's about you. If your blindness was removed you and everyone else would make the obvious changes to create Utopia for all of us.
    But you don't because of the flaw which makes you blind to seeing your world. I already wrote on my Blog about how to find the key to yourselves. You just have to use it.
    But i give up, I can't reach any of you people , you have been brainwashed since birth by corporate power and corporate evil and you don't even realize it nor see how. I can't fight it , but I can just make sure I can go somewhere to escape from your world and your self-created miseries.
    Don't worry about Utopia there is no hope for any of you.If you were King it would have no point because you would be the King of Zombies.

  50. Bernarda, you live in the past. It is evident in all your posts.

    I am not telling people what to do in private. But some things like shooting guns, practising pedophelia in your own house and doing illegal hard drugs can be justifiably dealt with in my eyes by prohibiting it.
    And also levying very harsh sentences.

    Max, I thought something happened to you. I'm just trying to be realistic and playing the cards I've been dealt here.

    I know it is far from perfect. A perfect world would call for tube tying after one baby is born until our overall population is controlledc. But I doubt that would happen.

  51. As usual Bacon, you don't respond to any specific point. You make gross generalizations.

    Even you should be able to see the difference between taking drugs and praticing pedophilia.

    You have to be the most intellectually dishonest atheist I have ever encountered. I am at the point of questioning your ability to understand basic logically concepts. You give atheism a bad name.

  52. Look idiot, quit cherry picking, in fact GFY and get lost. You are nothing but a vile puke.
    You made many generalizations and you are upset because I gave you a general answer.

    What specific point am I supposed to address, you retarded assmonkey?

  53. I gave you very specific reasons for legalizing drugs. Maybe you should read them.

    I gave you references, which you said you liked. Maybe you should read them.

  54. I don't want to read anything you have to offer me. I don't know why you are here if you think I'm not rational.
    Either make a specific point or don't. But don't expect me to do homework assignments. I'll read what I want when I want. I don't want to read your crap, because whatever you have read in your life turned you into the imbecile you are today.