May 11, 2006


Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada's spy agency has warned: a terror attack on Canadian soil is "now probable."

It seem that the Religion of Peace has found a reason to hate us. Stupid us. We obviously haven't done everything we can to make Canada a Muslim country yet.

Looks like we need to be taught a lesson. Some innocent people need to die, so we can learn.

Thank you Liberal Moonbats, for allowing terror cells to grow in Canada. Until there is a Mosque on every street corner, us Canadians will have to watch our backs.

One more thing I've realized, our troops in Afghanistan are much braver than me. I'm a wimp (a keyboard warrior) in comparison to the Western ground soldiers fighting terror. These soldiers are fighting for our freedom and our future. The sickness of Islam must be defeated and reformed. Most Canadians haven't realized it yet, but according to CSIS we will understand it soon enough.

Aaron, from Aaron's Case, on his main page, speaks for many of us when he says: "Hey, I'm just a friendly family guy and relatively high-profile blogger who objects to a religion that would dhimmify all non-adherants and make them pay jizya for the privilege of remaining alive under Muslim rule. It pains me deeply that there has yet to be even a rally of even 1000 Muslims out of the 1.2 billion adherants anywhere on earth to renounce violent jihad or even to protest the widespread practice of female genital mutilation and honor killing seemingly unique to that faith throughout the Islamic world.".....but publish a cartoon of Mohammed and watch the shit fly.


  1. ah the politics of fear... i missed it

  2. I heard Al Qaeda is on Al Qaeda's own shit list.

    It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that when Canada sent in troops to Afganistan that it would become a target. Your own source carries a related article in how Canada is a "soft" target and why such is the case.

    It has nothing to do with not having enough mosques, but if you're in a hurry to get a mosque on every street corner out there, please make sure they don't all look the same.

  3. Maybe we can set up some Mosques in the backrooms of some our strip joints.

  4. "ah the politics of fear... i missed it"
    From Jihad Steve

    So I guess speed limits and seatbelt laws are just "the politics of fear"

    why do we need air traffic controllers? What are we... pussies?

  5. If you fuckers would quit speaking Canadian.....

  6. anonymous - I take it from your deep analysis of the politics of fear that it is impossible, in your mind, for the government to prey upon the fears of its citizens to accomplish its own political objectives?

    And is making such a point akin to challenging "air traffic controllers"???

  7. ""ah the politics of fear... i missed it"
    From Jihad Steve

    So I guess speed limits and seatbelt laws are just "the politics of fear"

    why do we need air traffic controllers? What are we... pussies? "

    *LOL* Well done.

  8. Bacon: I too am awaiting a Muslim protest against Musim violence. I won't hold my breath.

  9. What is the reason that there are no Muslim protests against Muslim violence?
    Do those Muslims that may have the ability to reason, maybe even have a conscience, fear the reprisals if they did protest. Or are there very few Muslims who are actually opposed to Islamic terrorism?

  10. Do those Muslims that may have the ability to reason, maybe even have a conscience, fear the reprisals if they did protest.

    Fear of reprisals from a small and insignificant cabal of extremists hiding under rocks in Waziristan? That doesn't make any sense.

    Or are there very few Muslims who are actually opposed to Islamic terrorism?

    Muslims are opposed to terrorism; that much is true. Spreading Islam by the sword is not considered "terrorism," but rather an "opening" of the world to Islam; or futuhat.

    Something BEAJ said in the body of the post really stuck out at me:

    It seem that the Religion of Peace has found a reason to hate us. Stupid us. We obviously haven't done everything we can to make Canada a Muslim country yet.

    It may sound like a joke to us, but it's a reality to them. I've been reading a lot of Quranic commentary and Islamic jurisprudence as of late and one of the conceits I've come across is this: Muslims do not make war. Muslims are forced into war by the infidels' resistance to accept Islam.

    The process of da 'wa is a peaceful one. You are invited to become a Muslim. It is your refusal to become a Muslim that forces the Muslims to war against you. Since the world's religion must be Islam and all its peoples must be Muslims, anyone who doesn't accept the call to Islam is considered a rebel.

    So when BEAJ says they're upset at us because we haven't done everything to make Canada an Islamic polity, unfortunately, he is right. Islam cannot exist apart from its mission to convert the whole world; unless, of course, Muslims reject the pronouncements of Muhammad, the hadith and over 1400 years of jurisprudence. Good luck with that.

  11. Selfishness, pure simple selfishness - that's why Muslims do not protest.

    With all due respect - there have been demonstrations post 9/11, not very many, but there has been an outcry on their part. Muslims in North America and oh, hell, all over Europe are in a constant state of fear as well. Yeah, say what you want about well, if they'd just... They have more pressing issues, like keeping their jobs, fighting discrimination, and self defense.

  12. Pimpette, you forgot about the pressing issues about cartoon protests.

  13. No, Bacon, I didn't. I clearly stated that there have been demonstrations and outcry post 9/11. Me thinks I have it all covered - lol.

    All kidding aside, did you have protesters in Canada. I don't remember there being any here in the states.

  14. dt devereaux - please post the Quranic verses in which you are speaking of. I'm sure you have no problem explaining the time such verse was delivered through introductions to the verse at hand and the interpretation of the verse via footnotes, as you have been "studying" Quranic verses and I'm sure you have an authorized version of the Quran at hand.

  15. They have more pressing issues, like keeping their jobs, fighting discrimination, and self defense.

    Hear that? Easily assauging the West's Islamophobia by renouncing "terrorism" and proving that Islam does not inherently promote violence against non-Muslims is NOT a pressing issue for our so-called "moderate" Muslims. They'd rather spend their time fighting "discrimation" rather than showing a legitimately distrustful populance that grounds for such scrutiny are unwarranted. With groups like CAIR speaking for Muslims, I can't say that I'm convinced that this is a matter of priority as much as one of dissimulation.

    With Muslims being catered to at every juncture--whether it's toilets in British prisons being altered so they don't face Mecca or police being prevented from conducting raids on Muslim suspects during prayer time; authorities in Australia making "cultural" execptions for domestic abuse cases involving Muslims; mandatory Islamic studies for students in some American public schools; a media and a government that bends over backward to remind us that Islam is a religion of peace; and our right to freedom of speech and a free press being being taken sacrificed to Muslim sensibilities I'm not sure what Muslims have to fear. They certainly have nothing to fear from a tiny minority of extremists, right? I guess they have more important things to do rather than turning in those suspicious fellows who live and pray along side of them.

    Britain is still suffering from the scant information they've been able to piece together about London bomings. It looks like a large population of Muslims in Britain are either too frightened of boogeyman or they just have better things to do -- like fighting the dirty looks they get from not cooperating with the authorities who are trying to find more information about the individuals who slaughtered 50 of their fellow citizens. (But I guess they'd have to consider them "fellow citizens" instead of unclean infidels, wouldn't they?)

    And as BEAJ pointed out, sending millions of people to the streets threatening to unleash new Holocausts against Europe and America is hardly a productive use of time; nor does it make them look like anything other than a hostile foreign element that has no problem imposing their will--and their laws--on everyone else, provided they have the numbers to do it and a sufficient number of spineless non-Muslims, fearing that their embassies and printing presses will be burned to the ground, let them.

  16. Commentpimpette,

    Suras 2, 9, and 48 come to mind as chapters which contain instructions for violence against the un-believers. You may also reference history which, from the time of Muhammad, through the first 450 years of unprovoked Islamic conquests after Muhammad’s death and the spread of Islamic influence, by the sword, across the Middle East, the West and the Indian subcontinent thereafter, is replete with ample documentation published by Muslim jurists and Caliphs as to the Quranic inspiration and justification of their deeds. If you’re not up to the scholarship, you needn’t look any further than pronouncements made by Islamic leaders, be they Khomeini, Sistani, Gaddafi, bin Laden or Zarqawi, which all reference the Quran, the hadith and the example of Muhammad as legitimizing their viewpoints, and moreover, their justification killing and subjugating non-Muslims. Unless they’re talking about a different Quran I’m not aware of. (What the hell makes you so damn arrogant as to tell these people that they’re interpreting their religion wrong?)

    And no, I do not have any problem explaining the relevance the time in which these verses were written and how that applies to them today. First, however, I must point out that you first ask me to point out these verses which purport to incite violence against non-Muslims, then, as a safety, knowing I just might know what I’m talking about, seek to diffuse their meaning by implying they’re out of date or not applicable to today. Make up your mind. Which is it? This is like when an apologist claims that Islam is not inherently violent then, in the next breath, says that Christianity is violent too. Well, which is it?

    As to your question, I’d refer you to Quranic verse 9:29 and Sayyid Qutb’s commentary on it; it specifically relates to the issue of whether or not such a verse is relevant to today. Oh, and Qutb is only one of the most influential Islamic thinkers of modern times; quite precise and the literalist and quite brilliant, I must admit (but I’m sure you know better than he.) Though the verse 9:29 was written at the outset of a particular campaign, the fact that the call to Islam is timeless necessarily means the pronouncements therein are likewise timeless. Islam cannot exist in perpetuity with any other religious system; and jihad is the means to establish Islam’s unequivocal superiority over the world. If Muslims do not strive to fulfill those commandments, the whole is Islam is false (now try telling 1.5 billion people they’re full of it.)

    These are not my words. I’m not making this stuff up. What I have over you, however, is the humility and open-mindedness to admit that not everyone thinks the way that I do. There’s a wealth of information at your disposal and I suggest you start seeking the answers to these questions yourself rather than arrogantly dismissing other peoples’ assertions outright without ever having done any of this “studying” yourself; you who know more about Islam than the people who practice it; you who seem to profess a certain amnesia or willful ignorance not just of the history of Islam, but with how it is practiced today. Unless YOU can name me an Islamic country that isn't hostile to non-Muslims and that doesn't justify its complete depravity with the Quran, hadith and examples of Muhammad, you should be quiet.

  17. D. T. Devareaux - your big mistake was talking to a bunch of atheists who could find the same crap in every other religious book.

    There's nothing wrong with critisizing RELIGIONS, but when make it sound like most religions are fine, but this one really sucks, you sound like a bigot.

    And frankly, Im tired of hearing how noble a thing it is to trash Islam.

    And anyways, good fucking luck convincing all the worlds Muslims their religion is a terrorist religion. If your strategy to deal with Islam is to convince us that 1.5 bn people who follow Islam cannot coexist with us, then what the fuck are we supposed to do, nuke the Middle East, and commit the same atrocities against Arabs as was done against Jews? Is that your MASTER plan?

    You sit here saying "Islam cannot exist in perpetuity with any other religious system" and then suggest that end of the day, anything but the utter destruction of Islamic society is what you'll be satisfied with.

    I mean gosh, what OTHER solution is there but to kill all Muslims if you find them so detestable? They sure as hell won't conver to the Xianity, or Buddhism, even though that would make you real happy! You can feel some of the atheists some of the time, but you can't fool all of the atheists all of the time.

  18. lol... you can feel atheists too... but I meant to say "fool"

  19. d.t. devareaux - when's the last time you were nearly run off the road because someone took offense to the scarved child in your passenger seat? I'm sorry, but I remember level headed friends running out to buy guns after 9/11. I remember conversations with people in which I felt the need to call my muslim friends and beg them to be careful. I still to this day can not believe the rage some people feel towards muslims. Yes, they need to worry, kind of like the Jews needed to worry before the Holocaust happened - yes, even that started out with a hate campaign, my friend, I believe caricatures were of the earliest forms of that campaign.

    why don't you just simply answer the question instead of arguing arguments that haven't come up yet? It sure took you a lot of words to not answer a question. Why? What's with the preemptive strike?

    Sayyid Qutb's commentary???? You bring up a man who is known as a RADICAL?? A man who had once been a secular muslim that they suspect had turned to extremism after being jailed and tortured and watched many of his friends tortured. Yes, the man was once brilliant. His ideas were appealing to citizens of third world countries, geez, I wonder why. His views on government and his vision of a socialist Islamic eutopia I'm sure sounded wonderful to thier poor lives.

    His COMMENTARY on the Quran is highly criticised. It is not even a Quran - it is his PERSONAL opinion/commentary on the matter.

    Traditional and modern scholars shy away from his works and use different Qurans.

    Yes - he is definately the father of Fundamentalist Islam, but now let's talk about how do we set these people straight and get them back to the Islam that once was in the not so long ago past - pre-1967.

    Also, sweetie, what you have over me is nothing. You think you have humility and open-mindedness? All I did was ask you to quote the verse and provide the time frame in which the verse was conveyed and the footnotes from an AUTHORIZED version of the Q'uran. What your open mind brought to the table was the father of fundamental Islam. Thank you so very much for the open-mind. Beautiful.

    Now, let's talk about humility. Anyone who has humility doesn't point out that they have humility. End point.

    Unless I can name an Islamic country that isn't hostile to non-muslims, I should be quiet????? FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
    How's that for quiet.

    You couldn't even do what was requested of you in a polite manner.

  20. Steve, I guess since we can't beat em, we might as well join em. Are you a full fledged Muslim yet?, if you aren't I'm sure you are thinking about going Cat Stevens very soon.

    DT, excellent comments. Very insightful and right to the point. I get it, so do my intelligent readers here I'm sure.

    I also think Pimpette wants you.

  21. Bacon - as usual, your reason is beyond reproach. You may wish to enroll in a logic class, if you have the time. Your arguments have devolved into name calling and fallacious rebuttles of my arguments.

    You haven't addressed my main point which is that if you see Islam as incompatible with the world, based on the Qur'an, what do you intend to do?

    You can't have Islam without the Qur'an, and so what do we do? Kill them all? is that your master plan?

  22. Steve, first point, you are intellectually dishonest. I asked one question 3 times, and you refused to answer. You cherry pick points, and you make retarded inferences and conclusions based on your Arab controlled mindset.

    Now, I am not talking about genocide. Again, I say defense. Until they wake up and reform.

    Why is it on the onus of those whose innocents get attacked to be the good guys and bend? You have the same attitude with Hamas and the Palestinians as you do about suicide bombers. You have no concept of reality. Points made are completely lost on you.

    Zionist Jordan destroyed you on your blog with common sense. But as usual it goes Whoooooooooooosh, right over your pea brain.

    What is the point of debating you. You are a moron. Really.

    DT made phenomenal points here. Pimpette spun them, but you ignore them, Jihad Steve the Dhimmiwit.

  23. At 5' 2 1/2", yes, I'm a spinner, but not that kind of spinner!

    Bacon, you just don't get it - this is just no damn better than the fucking nazi versions of the Talmud.

    Thanks for stooping that low, people.

  24. your defense is based on the notion that they are a dangerous, vile, and otherwise worthless race of people. you're a fucking racist. so stop name calling me a muslim just because it is apparently the worst thing you can call someone you jerk.

    i feel sorry for the atheists that get sucked up in your ideology of hate. how hypocritical of you.

  25. Pimpette, I get it. And no, I don't give much too much emphasis on the ugliness in any bible, and give people more credit than that....mostly.

    Steve, again, you are putting words in my mouth, at least you are a consistant imbecile. Seriously Steve, you must love getting your ass kicked, because I don't see too many people who agree with you. You've been completely slammed and had your arguments destroyed, yet you keep coming back for more.

  26. Bacon, I'm sorry, but when you say that someone made phenomenal points and those points were a bunch of bs, you contradict yourself and thereby give the appearance of being a bigot.

    You give far to much credit and credence to the fear factor commentators, hell, you've turned into one yourself.

    You wanna see another Holocaust this time upon the Muslims, keep at it, it's not too far off - but remember that you will have contributed to it. Geez, and I thought that religion had the deed to all evil.

    Good night, sweet dreams!

  27. Pimpette, he made excellent points. You asked for an example, he gave you an example.
    He also brought up a point that Muslims have their priorities out of order. The fact noise was made over cartoons and very little noise over terror is ever made, is proof that either, Muslims are OK with terror or they don't realize what they need to do to improve their image and while doing so, they wouldn't have to worry so much about persecution.

    The fact is that their silence is equated with acceptance of terror.

    Sorry, but that is just the facts.

  28. "I don't see too many people who agree with you."

    If you were the only zionist in a room, would that make Israel an illegitimate state?

    your atheism is your only redeemingly quality. other than that, you're a twisted individual.

  29. Keep dodging and making stuff up Jihad Steve. You are as transparent as a 3 dollar bill. Did you right your congressman about Darfur yet?

  30. you can call me Jihad steve all you want, it just proves to me that those words are meaningless to you. I have never harmed an innocent Israeli, I've never even fired a gun, I suppose to you anybody who opposes the oppression of minorities is a jihadi. I wonder, if I were defending blacks, would you call me nigger steve?

  31. You are a terror apologist with no feasible solution except to accept dhimmitude(and don't spin me and worry about my answer).
    That makes you Jihad Steve the Dhimmiwit.

  32. bro, I have no once said any terrorist attack was ever justified not once. I know as well as you do the things that have happened in the name of Islam, including the gang rape of Mukhtari Mai in Pakistan, including thousands dead on 9-11. I don't make any fucking apologies for that.

    I am just not as interested in you in the easy answer, which is that they are inbred morons who practice a terrorist religion. You make a feasible solution impossible with that attitude.

    You say the same insults OVER and OVER to me because you think that you can accomplish with repetition what you can't establish with argumentation. You've proven next to nothing, except that you're a racist.

  33. You have it is ass backwards. Example Hamas, they state that they will not stop terrorizing Israel until Israel stops existing. They are the ones who make a feasible solution impossible.

    What you call racism is me just analyzing the guts of why terrorism exists, it has nothing to do with a solution, it is an observation based on facts.

  34. "Thank you Liberal Moonbats, for allowing terror cells to grow in Canada."

    Oh, it was the Liberals eh? Conservatives in the States didn't seem to help stop terror cells from growing there. And by the way CSIS shouldn't be making politically charged announcements - that just stinks. I'd rather my country's spy agency stick to spying instead of meddling in domestic political affairs so hypersensitive anti-liberals don't get into a tizzy every time someone says the word "terrorism".

  35. Saskboy, when I say Liberal moonbats, I'm not talking about the Canadian polical party.

    Although the Libs are way more terror cell friendly with their policies here than the PC's seem to be, but for an example of Liberal Moonbat see Steves posts.

  36. This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

  37. I've already read it. Zionist Jordan and I destroyed you in the comment section. Jordan's points seem to go right over your head. You are a true idiot. I can't help insulting you by the way. I think your IQ is dropping with each post you make.

  38. Not a bad logo, even Muslims themselves would be better off without (today's) Islam!

  39. Look at pathetic Jordan, no matter how much they ("moderates" my ass)hate the Jews they are still not "Halal" enough in Hamas butchers' eyes.

  40. Use the little L then, unless you're talking about the Liberal party of Canada, or starting a sentence about your "liberal mooonbats".

  41. I asked for an example and no such example was given. I asked him to QUOTE the verses WITH introductions and footnotes FROM an AUTHORIZED Quran. He failed.

    All he did was to bring to attention an extremists commentaries on the Quran - an OPINION. MOST of the Islamic scholars and acedemics do not follow these commenteries and use more traditional texts.

    You're starting to sound like hdoff with the whole, if you do this, then you wouldn't have to feel afraid of persecution.

    HEY DUMBFUCK - Why should any group have to fear persecution? Why should jews have been persecuted during WWII? There were political reasons for that - beyond the whole new world order thing. Did they deserve to die because they were jews?

    But, once again, here you go a whole web page dedicated to condemnations of terrorist attacks:

    I've used a few of the links from their on the mb, I realize that you need a refresher course.

  42. I remember that link. Out of 1.5 billion Muslims, I'm sure there are a few that denounce terrorist acts. Try finding Muslims condemning suicide bombings in Israel. I know it can be done, but you really have to search for sincerity.

  43. Really? That's the reason? You really have to search for sincerity?

    go ahead and search it yourself:

    it's not due to lack of it or sincerity - it's due to the lack of it being news - it doesn't make for attentions getting news.

  44. What percentage of Muslims do you think are completely against suicide bombings of innocent Israelis?

  45. I'd like to say I have an answer for you, but I don't. Polls show in 9 different countries that in general those muslims ranged in the teens and up in favor of suicide bombings in defense of Islam.

    Now, how honestly those questions were answered - is another question alltogether.

    I'd give you an I think, but that would be neither here nor there.

    How many of your fellow bloggers do you think would be happy to see a mass extermination of Muslims take place? How many do you think would answer that question in complete honesty, without the ego of their character influencing the answer or without worrying about what the correct answer may be? You will never know if things are being said to be pc or to be intimidating, neither being truth.

  46. I would like to think that the majority of anti-Islamics would prefer seeing the Muslim world change and openly show they are compatible with the West. Whether you think they Muslims are or not doesn't matter, perception is what it is all about, and going nuts over cartoons and not going nuts over terrorist acts is not good for Muslim PR.

  47. So you believe that one needs to live by the same values that you set for yourself in order for them to be .... and just what would I use to finish this off with?

    Would you say that if the Muslims do not start to adhere to your values that the muslims should be exterminated? Let's not talk about what you'd/they'd like to see, let's talk about if you/they don't see that.

  48. You don't get it. Perceived Muslim values is that they want to make the world Muslim.

    Either they should change this perception, or they should stay in Muslim countries. Real simple.

  49. That's what you think. YOU BELIEVE that those are muslim values.

    I would say that the ones that believe this are staying in Muslim countries - sleepers excluded (which I'm sure is a .something percent of a countries muslim residents/citizens.

    This is from your post: Thank you Liberal Moonbats, for allowing terror cells to grow in Canada. Until there is a Mosque on every street corner, us Canadians will have to watch our backs.

    Because of terror cells? You think these terror cells want a Mosque on every corner? Bacon - they want your country out of theirs - that is the point to why Canada is now probable for terrorist attacks. No more, no less. Nice spin, though. Very good attempt.

  50. "Probable"? Wow. Terrorist attacks have been officially considered far more than just probable in the States for the last five years, and yet not a single one has happenned. Could we try not panicking for a change? I have full confidence in RCMP's ability to do its job. And, yes, I do take the Toronto subway.

  51. Leo, if I still lived in Toronto I would still be taking the subway too.
    But don't think the RCMP is going to be able to prevent a terrorist attack. Although I respect them, that is asking a lot.