May 13, 2006

Maybe Schizophrenics Should Solve the Word's Problems

In a really interesting study reported at, it seems that schizophrenics are better at problems to do with logic (on a limited basis) than us norms.
It has to do with the way we take context into account when solving a problem. Context can actually trap us into making logical errors.
The study, done in France, found 58% of norms failing in a particular logic task, compared to only 19% of non-norms failing the same task.
There could be many reasons why the norms fell for the trap, but the bottom line is that they fell for it.
I say that we get a group of schizophrenics, lets say 50-200 and we try to explain problems like Iran's nukes, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Darfur, Arab terror, global warming, gay marriages, abortion, young earth philosophers, IDers, over-population, the Iraq war, Muslim cartoon violence, and limited oil resources. We then act on their solutions as long as there is an overwhelming (70%+) agreement by the non-norms.
The two biggest problems are, how can these problems be put to schizophrenics in an unbiased way, and how can we get the world to listen to their logical answers.


  1. "Maybe Schizophrenics Should Solve the Word's Problems"

    After they finish the word problems, maybe they should solve the world's problems too!

  2. Bacon, I think the concept has legs -- and possibly other body parts. The only problem I have is that two schizophrenics will hear, let us say, six different voices in their heads. Multiply that by 50 or more and the answers you get will be all over the map.

    I suggest we ask a single schizophrenic (say, my mother-in-law) to solve the problems of the world. That way, depending on the day of the week, you'll only have to sift through several dozen possible answers.

    By the way, thanks for the tune. I love those guys.

  3. Hmmm. I wonder how many of them would solve the world's problems by killing all the Jews? Oh, sorry. Those are Iranians, not schizophrenics. Doh!