May 27, 2006

Sexual Predator Too Short For Prison WTF?

Richard W. Thompson, guilty of molesting a 12 year old girl is getting probation because a judge is worried about what 4400 prisoners might do him in prison because he is only five foot one. This LOW LIFE is fifty fricken years old. He had sex with a 12 year old child. He should be spun around from one prisoner to the next. And if someone decided to end his life, would it be a tragedy? Not in my books. This would NEVER happen in Arab countries. In Arab countries, the girl would be stoned to death for shaming the family.
Here are the voting results from an internet poll. 16,000 out of 16,200 people who responded to the poll seem to think like me: there should not be any height discrimination for who doesn't have to go to prison.

I don't get the rationale. What is the judge saying? If he was 5 foot 3, he could fend off the loving discipline in prison he deserves? What is the height cut off? What does this say to other short people thinking of molesting?

Richard inspired me to sing a song:

OK, not all short people are evil. In fact, I don't hate most short people and some of my best friends are short (I'm sure you've heard that one before) is true though...really. So short people are more than welcome here.

But I am sincere about telling Steve and Bernarda that I don't want them around here, and I don't care how tall or short they are, but my guess is that they are tiny people and hang around with lots of other tiny people.

BTW,I could have changed the words in the song to "Palestinians have no reason....etc". But see I didn't because I'm not the hateful guy some people are trying to make me out to be.


  1. Bacon, Steven's views drive me nuts, in fact, they drive me to madness. No matter how hard I try, no matter how often I use fact and (what I believe to be) reason I cannot win him over from moral-relativism.

    BUT, he is not a bad guy.... I just think his humility and liberal guilt compells him to have compassion for those that probably don't deserve any.

    Lets not give up on Steven. I still have hope he will reject appeasing those that inflict violence and instead stand up for freedom and ideas that encourage prosperity. As you know, I recently made the ideological shift myself... I shamefully practised the soft-bigotry of low expectations.

    I stand up for Steven because I see his viewpoint as identical to my own just two years ago. I escaped the dark-side, I have hope he will as well. Don't give up on him!

  2. I find it impossible to debate him. He never admits he is wrong. He cherry picks arguments, he makes false accusations, false pretenses, and points that completely prove him wrong are ignored by him.

  3. Bacon: Its like an amusement park. You must be *this* tall to get on this ride.

  4. I think they should make a point of putting people like this in with the worst violent offenders and have done with it. Perhaps nasty little perverts or big perverts might think twice before inflicting their screwed up lusts on innocent kids. Perhaps the judge is a closet pedophile. Wouldn't surprise me. He'll probably contact the twit to exchange photos. Asshole.

  5. The horse ran at Woodstock - Wednesday at Windsor - Standardbred - thanks for the percentages - our "listed" trainer is also our driver. He does quite a bit with the training and deserves the extra cut anyway but our partner is actually calling the shots but doesn't have a license - not sure if he had one before or not - he was a driver for years tho. We expected something like 10% anyway

  6. sorry to post yet have an interesting site. I'm very opposed to a lot of what you say but not with any animosity. You do make some valid points and if I cared enough I would probably look into it deeper instead of relying on my ignorant and unsubstantiated but deeply felt beliefs. I was raised to be atheist/agnostic and find more comfort and peace in having faith. If that's a stupid crutch, I'm glad to have it just as much as a real crutch would be an aid if my leg were broken.

  7. Jeannie, no problem. Individual beliefs don't bother me. I just don't want them in my face. And I especially have a problem with creation being the issue it is in science classes. It shouldn't have even got this far.

    Religion in the home or in the place of worship is fine with me.

  8. I asked baconeating if he knew about some real jewish atheists. I asked him about Spinoza. His answer,

    "I'm very familiar with Freud. I'm not interested in the others. I really don't want any part of what you consider culture.

    The opera bores me as does classical music, and I stopped reading books after university."

    An atheist who doesn't know who Spinoza is. That must be a first.

  9. I'm familiar with Spinoza through Einstein's famous quote. But I'm not very intested in philosophy. I never was.
    Spinoza was pre-Darwin, so to me, he had a lot of gaping holes in the information available.
    I went through high school and university without a mention of Spinoza and had no reason to study him. And I still don't.

  10. Baco, It doesn't say anywhere in the article that he had sex with her. I point this out only because this is the second place I have seen this story posted where the person posting it has followed their exclamations that he should be gang-raped for a decade with "HE RAPED A CHILD!"

    Personally, I say too bad that he's a shrimp—he did the crime, send him in. I agree with you on that. I don't agree with jumping to the absolute worst conclusion about what actually transpired when there is absolutely no details whatsoever about what form his molestation took. It doesn't say he had sex with her. The other story I saw posted where they were calling for his death had even LESS detail.

    Does that matter? Yeah. I'd say so. If he just exposed himself to her, for example, I'd say maybe the probation was fair. If he tied her up and sodomized her, I say he should be thrown into a cell block filled with the most vile sexual predators we have and let them roast him on a spit (so to speak).

    Bernarda, in Baco's defense, I have no frickin' idea who Spinoza is either. I've heard the name once or twice, but don't know the first thing about him—and yes, I'm an atheist. I'm not an atheist intellectual, I don't know the history of atheism, I don't need to: I don't believe in God. Period. It's that simple.

    Not everyone needs to have an exhaustive knowledge of any given stance they claim to hold. Sometimes it certainly helps, depending on the topic, but it's hardly mandatory. Especially when it comes to atheism.

  11. **sniff sniff**

    You said you liked spinners.

    **slamming door on my way out**

  12. in the world we live in, i think it;s actually quite a fair verdict. there are height restrictions on jobs such as firemen, army, policing. if short people are not deemed unfit to perform such jobs on the basis on height and not performance then it only stands to reason, that a similarly stupid argument be used to keep a short person out of prison, a world with even more obstacles of a physical nature.

    if it were down to me though and i had to keep a legal system there would be no room for discretion. it such be written in terms for a layman to understand, such as 25years imprisonment for every single person murdered, 5 years for actual bodily harm result in no permanent physical damage, 10 for permanent damage etc then percentage reductions in sentence for good behaviour.

    the whole legal system is pathetic though, it represents a population of people who are thinking of others and not deciding for themselves. if that 12yo girl cant fend him off and he had opportunity, why shouldn't he? but then, if 99% of the population want to kill or torture him for such an act, why shouldn't they?

    in my perfect world,the only crime would be deception. if evidence comes to light that someone lied about their actions, they should be imprisoned. people should own up to their actions and then let the chips fall where they may.