May 20, 2006

These Guys Must Be Berkeley Grads

Sometimes you have to wonder if certain people take the concept of a free country and free speech a tad too far. Isn't this rally just sickening though? At least thanks to free speech, we know who the enemies are and what they look like. And this kind of stuff proves to me at least: TO BE PRO-PALESTINIAN IS TO BE ANTI-WEST

Getting back to Berkeley. I don't think there is a high level education institution that creeps me out more. Arab instructors with their blatant anti-semitism, actually get to teach "America's" young.

This guy pretty much sums up Berkeley:

"Encountering anti-Semitism and intolerance at the bastion of free speech and liberalism—UC-Berkeley—was shocking to me. Having attended a very diverse public high school in San Francisco, my friends were from all racial and socio-economic backgrounds, and being in a family of Holocaust survivors taught me the supreme importance of tolerance and respect. When I came to UC-Berkeley, I was uncomfortable because I saw self-segregation and hatred running rampant. I wanted to change this, so I ran for and won a seat on the student government senate. To my astonishment, what I found among the leaders of Berkeley was even worse; I encountered anti-Semitic rhetoric and race baiting politics. This at Berkeley?" More

Here is a first hand account of how vile Berkeley is.

Here are some nothworthy anti-semitic incidents that happened at American Colleges from 2002-2004. Notice how many happened at Berkeley.

I know Berkeley isn't completely full of anti-Western, terrorist sympathizing pieces of crap and Dhimmis, so my apologies to those who are not.



  2. Yeah, they're pretty similar to the schmucks we have here in Montreal at Concordia. Google 'SPHR Netanyahu Concordia' ... you should get results about how retarded these kids are. The movement for "Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights" did everything but throw stones at Netanyahu when he came to give a speech. I didn't know there was solidarity for the right to riot?

    Note also that a right-leaning prof at Harvard was prevented getting tenure...

    I think it's a stretch to say being pro-palestinian is to be anti-West, though.

    Centrerion Canadian Politics

  3. Hey.. I am anti west and I'm anti terrorist..I'm anti PLO but I'm not anti palistinian..I'm not anti human...I'm anti capitalism but thats probably cuz I'm poor.. Go Reds..Commies that is...and I was so close in enrolling in Berkely..and oh yeah I'm anti west coast..I pro New England

  4. Somehow I am shocked theat anyone would be shocked that anti-Semitism is still alive and well.

    The real shocker is the level of the rhetoric which matches the hyperbolic discource of partisan politics.

    Stop the world, I want to get off!

    “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” (Marcus Aurelius)

  5. GLO, LOL. You know what I mean, since the PLO/Hamas runs the show and makes the decisions for the Palestinians, they basically represent the Palestinians ideology which is to throw all the Jews into the sea, and the only state they will accept is a Jew free one.

  6. It does not surprise me that one of the most "liberal" instituions in the country is so blatatnly anti-jewish. Since liberalism lost its mind and its heart during the Reagan years it's steadily becoming more and more reprehensibe over time- and its disease is filtering down to all levels of education.

  7. You of COURSE knew that last years Fall 04-Spring 05 ASUC President was Misha Leybovich, a Jewish student at Berkeley... right?

    You of course DID know that Hillel at Berkeley is quite popular, has its own building near Bancroft, and that one of the more popular classes in the History department in History 175C, Jews in the Modern World, with around 100-200 students? Or what about History 178, the History of the Holocaust, taught by Dr. John Efron? Even basic core corses, like History 158 (modern Europe) are taught by people like Dr. Wetzel... another Jewish Professor. Nobody sees fit to point it out until people like you call it anti-semitic.

    Two of my favorite professors were Dr. Einhorn, US History, and Dr. Erich Gruen (Jews in the Roman World). There's also Dr. Yuri Slezkine, although I must admit I haven't met him personally or know much about his work.

    This is in addition to the countless Jewish professors in the science departments, and other fields.

    I don't deny the large Palestinian presence there, as well as pro-palestinian classes, but you are not being an "honest poster" when you deny the above facts.

  8. I posted a link on your board acknowledging a Jewish presence at that school.

  9. Bacon, how did all those anti-semitic voters elect a Jewish President? How did his political party, "Student Action" manage to get into the Academic Senate? Did you know there are a number of prominant Jewish writers at the Cal Patriot, one of the most prominant conservative magazines in the country?

    Did you also know that our quarterback in December of last year was Steve Levy? A popular Jewish athelete on the Cal Football team?

    Or what about articles ike these? "160 students attended the Berkeley Hillel passover celebration."

    To all of Bacon's Jewish readers: Berkeley is a wonderful home for you, or any other liberals who wish to come. There is anti-semitism there, just like everywhere else. But its a good campus, with good people, and you will find lots of opportunities to express yourself.


  10. There is anti-semitism there like everywhere else??????

    I linked college anti-semitism incidents from 2002 and 2004. Berkeley was mentioned a lot. 99%+ colleges were not mentioned.

  11. firstly, those incidents of anti-semitism (to my recollection) were from the City of Berkeley, not the school. Big Difference believe it or not if you know the difference between Telegraph, and San Pablo. Which you don't so it doesn't matter.

    i have shown you name after name after name, group after group, of prominant and successful Berkeley Jewish students.

    There is even a Jewish Studies program on campus:

    Of course, you don't want to talk about Holocaust survivors like Hedy Epstein talking on campus

    No, you continue to talk about a campus you've never stepped foot in, you probably haven't so much as visited the main page.

    You choose not to explain or deal with any of the information I've provided you, and despite the "reality" you stick to your magazines.

  12. Steve, you choose to totally ignore the links provided in my post. Buzz off.

  13. Waht, Steve ignoring the point in order to pain you as a racist? yeah, haven't seen that in, oh, ten minutes.

  14. I went to Berkeley a few years ago and I didn't see the level of anti-semitism described in your links, BEAJ, but then again I was in the sciences. A lot of the faculty is Jewish, and there's also Jewish greek life. Mr. Pipes is telling the truth Im sure, but I think there's some stuff he hasn't taken into account when forming his conclusion. It's a really top school, and it has really strong academics. Most students are very happy there.

    And lya, I think steve was trying to say that Berkeley's not racist, instead of saying BEAJ is racist. or did I read it wrong ???

  15. Hi Bacon Eating Atheist Jew,

    Steve mentioned that in general Jews in UC Berkeley enjoy a pleasant and welcoming environment with many outlets, programs, centers, and groups including if I may add sororities and fraternities (AEPi) that embrace the Jewish community. I can't help but see you did not really respond to his point: How does a campus prominent for anti-Semitism elect a Jewish student body president (which is probably like the ultimate popularity contest and an important leader position)?

    I saw you posted these links to support your conclusion on the school, but you omitted a lot of facts that contradict what you say too it seems. How do you address those contradictions to your points? There's a huge Jewish community in Berkeley, do you contend that the campus is hostile to them despite the information Steve provided? Just curious on your thoughts on that.

  16. Rockie, Steve has been accusing me of racism for a little while now, he doesn't address the points I make, and just deflects and/or goes on a tangent.
    Point is that Berkeley seems to have a lot more anti-semitism associated with it than most colleges.

    Jennie, I just checked out who Misha ran against. Renita Chaney, a black girl who is outspoken against Arabs in Darfur. She also complains that Berkeley has a low black population in the student body.

    Steve's friends were caught between a rock and a hard place on who to vote for. They probably didn't vote.

    Even so, I didn't say Berekely has an anti-semitic, anti-American majority.

    But from what I've read, Berkeley has more than it's share of Jew haters and terrorist sympathizers.

  17. They missed one. In early May of 2002, an Orthodox Jew wearing a kippa was assaulted by muslims or by some who could pass for middle Eastern as he walked across the UC Berkeley campus.