June 18, 2006

Atheism For Children

The author of the book Did You Know That All The Gods Came From the Same Place, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, was the founder of American Atheists.

Her Fate(Some Atheist Trivia):
Disappearance and death

On August 27, 1995, Madalyn, Jon Garth, and Robin Murray O'Hair (William's daughter, whom she had adopted) disappeared from the headquarters of American Atheists, leaving a note implying an absence for some time and a visit to San Antonio, Texas. In September, Jon ordered $600,000 (USD) worth of gold coins from a San Antonio jeweler but took delivery of only $500,000 (USD). No further communication came from any of the O'Hairs, and one year later, William Murray filed a missing persons report.

There was speculation that the O'Hairs had abandoned American Atheists and fled with the money. One investigator concluded they had gone to New Zealand. Other theories suggested fundamentalist Christians had kidnapped the trio. Another rumor was that O'Hair had died of natural causes, and that her remains had been secretly disposed of to prevent the possibility of a "Christian burial" by her son. The O'Hairs were declared legally dead, and many of their assets were sold to clear up their debts.

Ultimately, a murder investigation focused on David Roland Waters, who had worked as an office manager and typesetter for American Atheists and who had previous convictions for violent crimes and also one for stealing $50,000 from the organization. Police concluded that he and his accomplices had kidnapped the O'Hairs, forced them to withdraw the missing funds, and then murdered them. Waters eventually pled guilty to reduced charges. Subsequently, in January 2001, Waters informed the police that the O'Hairs were buried on a ranch in Texas, and gave them the exact location of the ranch and the bodies. When the police excavated there, they discovered that the O'Hairs' bodies had been cut into dozens of pieces with a saw. The remains exhibited such extensive mutilation and successive decomposition that identification had to be made through dental records, by DNA testing, and in Madalyn O'Hair's case, by her prosthetic hip.

Now for something that will make you smile at a minimum, watch this video.


  1. My favorite part is when Colbert prods him "can you think of a better building where you could put these?..."

    And he says "no can't think of a better building."

  2. Completely not related to this post, but there is some new news about the alleged Gaza beach strike that makes us all look like complete dumbasses.

    A german newspaper asks the following questions

    - Why no one was running after the shells exploded?

    - Why did the paramedics tell the reporter where the incident was but arrive afterwards?

    - Who covered the bodies with sheets before the ambulance showed up?

    - Why was the same man in the video lying injured one minute, and standing holding a gun the next minute?

    - Why were a dozen bearded Hamas affiliates looking for evidence before the ambulance shows up?

    And the most OBVIOUS question which shames all of our intelligence...

    - How is it that the little girl, who apparently survived because she was swimming at the time, was completely dry and clothed?

    After seeing her dead family, did she decide it was a good time to dry up and change out of her bathing suit?

    We are all soooooo dumb!

  3. I saw that just a few minutes ago. Someone brought it up on the Yahoo message board for the I/P conflict.

  4. Hadn't seen that story before. I wonder how many children have seen it? I also wonder why the hell he would toast to our fasicist president.

  5. Yes, the happenings in Gaza suck. What's next?? The wholesale murder of the Palistianians?? All I can think about is how hard Clinton worked and how close he came to peace in the area. Then he was out of office and we got Bush the Messiah who welcomes conflict in the middle east.

    By the way this is for comments on "Atheism for Children....

    This guy is funny and the book is great. Can I get the book on Amazon??

  6. I think the book is available. Just do a quick Google search for the title.