June 9, 2006

Cool Test, If You Want To Break The Ice With A Stranger

I used to get over my shyness using a very similar type of test to this with bar chicks. This is a Personality Test for Bar Chicks.

If you don't have a good to excellent memory, grab a pen and paper. For each question give one or two reasons "why." Here we go:

1. What is your favorite wild animal and why?

2. What is your favorite domestic animal and why?

3. What is your favorite type of tree and why?

4. What is your favorite type of body of water(lake, river, pond, etc.) and why?

5. What is your favorite flower and why?

6. What is your favourite food and why?

7. What is you favorite color and why?

8. What you would do in a white room ,if you could do anything or bring anything you wanted?

9. Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting.? Close your eyes to help you imagine.

Here is the where to go for a quick interpretation of your results. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the whys are the important part of the answer.

I found chicks really liked this type of quiz because it was simple, and about them and what they were supposed to be really like and what they really wanted. They loved the attention, no matter how devious my intentions were. In fact many of them thought I was a psychiatrist or psychology expert because I was so polished on what the answers meant.

The test I used was simple though, only questions 1,2,6, and 9.

Amishav, feel free to wow the Israeli girls with this.


  1. I wonder if it works on all chicks, regardless of where you happen to find them. I think I'll try it on the chicks at the gym.

    My URL has changed too, by the way. I'm at curbed-enthusiasm.com now. You might want to update your link. Or, you might not want to.

  2. Corporal, I made the changes, thanks. Now why would a married dude want to do the devious test on gym chicks? Hmmmm.

    Shlemazl, who cares:)

  3. I have been using a different version of this "test" for about thirty years. The questions are a little different, but most -- although not all -- of the associations are the same.

    Seriously, it's amazing how closely you can match people and their internal attitudes without their even knowing it!