July 4, 2006

Acidman, A Blogger Who Made A Nice Post About My Blog Is Dead

I just found this out yesterday while going through my blogroll and checking out his blog Gut Rumbles. I was under the impression he wasn't all that well, but didn't really know what was wrong with him. I wasn't a frequent visitor to his blog. His last couple of posts, and the comments there were disturbing. 54 is way too early a time to leave.

Acidman, made my day when he posted this in February:

February 08, 2006
Look what I found!

Is Bugs Bunny Jewish, or just a run-of-the-mill infidel? I never realized how much Yosimite Sam resembles a red-bearded Muslim mullah when dressed in desert robes. Or that Jake Plummer resembles Jesus Christ. Does that reference to "smothering gerbils" mean what I think it does?

The guy ain't worth a shit at prognosticating football games, but you've gotta like ANYBODY who calls himself the bacon-eating athiest jew, even if he does live in Canada. He's got a pretty good blog.

But I really wanted to link him just so that I'll appear in the search if anybody ever Googles "Bacon-Eating Athiest Jew."

Posted by Acidman @ 02:41 PM

Acidman was one of the first bloggers to give me major recognition. I will always appreciate it. Rest in peace.


  1. 54 is too early, what happened would u know or can u find out and share with us?

  2. Well, that sucks. He sounded like a cool guy with a good sense of humor. This cracked me up: "If my blog does not meet your standards, then LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?" May he rest in peace.

  3. I found your blog by reading Acidman.

    I'd visit his blog once a week or so....man, I'll miss him.