July 31, 2006

Are the Lebanese Insane or Just Really Stupid?

Yes it is sad that children died yesterday in Qana. It is horrible when any unwilling participants are victims.

But what gets to me is the fact that the Lebanese are uniting over their common enemy, Israel. This is completely ridiculous. If they were showing any form of thought, they would see their enemy is not Israel but radical Islam, and in this case Hezbollah.

These people are praising Hezbollah as defenders.

Hezbollah is purposely putting children in harms way by firing missiles from civilian areas. This is not what a human being would do. Who puts children in the line of fire? Only assmonkey Arab terrorists do. They aren't even shooting military targets from civilians zones, not that that would be acceptable, but they are targeting Israeli civilians. And they get actually get praised for their actions, because the people in the Arab culture are too damn stupid to get it, or is the culture just that insane?

In the West, a good analogy is a police chase where the criminal speeds through a residential area putting many at risk, and winds up killing an innocent person or two. Sure, there is an investigation to see if the officer could have done things differently, but we know who is to blame for the deaths, and it isn't the police. We know who we have disdain for, and it isn't the police. And in this example, I would bet that the criminal in most cases didn't go through a residential area thinking he was putting residents in danger. The Hezbollah subhuman animal knows exactly what he is doing.

Another thing I find troubling about Lebanon is that as soon as this conflict started, the civilians were only heard pleading to Israel, the USA, the UN and the rest of West to put a stop to it. I don't remember seeing anyone pleading with Hezbollah to put a stop to it. It is like they understand the vermin that has infested their counntry.

The Lebanese are not completely innocent here either. They watched Hezbollah increase their arms position in the South over the last two years especially, and said nothing. They did next to nothing, when they were supposed to be disarming Hezbollah.

It is this compacency that is all too common in the Muslim world amongst the "moderates." Yes, I know Lebanon has lots of Christians, but they too have been guilty of complacency. When growing up in Muslim culture, you go with the flow, I guess.

The main thing is that the Lebanese have united behind Hezbollah. This gives me no hope when it comes to the Arab/Muslim world. They seem to need somone on the outside to hate, someone on the outside to blame. They are either insane or way too stupid to become tolerant and peaceful.


  1. Short answer is yes, to both. The Lebanese are both insane and stupid. At least they are exhibiting behavior that can only be so characterized.

    One might argue that the Lebanese Christians should know who their friends are. And, more importantly, who their enemies are. This used to be the case, but that time is long gone.

    I used to think that it was Islam that was to blame, but now I believe that it is tribalism. A primitive, pre-modern tribalism that counts family, clan, tribe, and sect as being worthy of honor. Nation? Modern concept, dude...nothing past the 8th century here.

    This tribalism is on display when one hears the remarks of Middle Eastern "Christians" who rail against Israel and the Jews, apparently unwilling or unable to read their Bibles as regards promises that God made to the Jews. It is also on display when Lebanese of varying sects react as tribesmen, not as "Lebanese."

    Their support of Hizbullah is proof that they are not reacting as citizens of Lebanon; rather, as members of some imagined tribe of noble Arabs, fighting the Zionist-crusaders.

  2. I'd say yes to both and addicted to death porn as well.

  3. If the intent was 100% that the women and children intentionally stayed near the hezbollah missile firers then the conclusion is correct that these Lebanese women and children are the new version of suicide bombers a' la' Southern Lebanon.

    Could there be other intents, like, 1] being unable to afford the trip out of Southern Lebanon 2] having no means of transport out of war zone 3] having no relative or friend to stay with outside Southern Lebanon 4] whether Lebanon govt provided refugee camps for these people who leave the war zone 5] ability to travel, that is not too sick to travel ...

    If the intent has addressed all the above and it is 100% intent to stay in line of fire and to be killed martyred as to create global outrage, then this is clear and convincing evidence of civilian intent to be targets in line of fire.

    Are any of these women and children spouses and children of the Hezbollah terrorists and thus, they may have decided not to leave? How does one ear mark family of terrorist? How are they recognised? If their intent is 100% to stay closest to their terrorist spouse Hezbollah, what is our view point if they intend to stay within target of line of fire.

    The old rule of not attacking civilians has to phase out where dealing with non conventional armies where they hide amongst civilians or even spouses and children of Hezbollah and other terrorists knowing or being reckless that such place of hiding is in line of fire as just behind missile firers and realising that they can be attacked too with propoganda effect of global outrage of many who do not realise the missiles were fired just behind the building attacked.



  4. Jack, you make great points. Even the point that religious Christians should be siding with Israel, although as you can tell by my moniker, I don't buy the bible, the Christians that do are definitely pushing it aside to become radical Islamist supporters.

    He Kateland, it seems they love their death porn.

    P, thanks for showing up. Yes, you make valid points, but it is Hezbollahs duty to know if the innocents can't leave(amd find other places to fire from to PROTECT human life), and it is the governments responsibility to say they can't leave and give good reasons, if that is an excuse. I have not heard that these people were stuck there, except for rumours that Hezbollah forces them to stay. Chech this out.

  5. If the people—that is to say the Lebanese—caught in the crossfire are supporters of Hizb'Allah, should we really afford them the designation of "civilian"; and if we still maintain their status as civilians, despite their professed allegiance to the genocidal maniacs of Hizb’Allah, should we still mourn for those unfortunate casualties of...wait for it...war?

    The civilians killed to date are the sole responsibility of Hizb'Allah--not Israel, not the U.S., not the great stone owl of Bohemian Grove. Hizb'Allah directs operations from and store munitions among civilian centers complicit with the so-called civilian authorities. And even if that complicity is brought to bear upon the “innocent” Lebanese by the sword, while unfortunate, it is still irrelevant to Israel's conduct. Israel is responsible for her protecting her civilians—not those of the Lebanese who wittingly or unwittingly allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder for the jihadist killers and as propaganda for their enablers, sympathizers, and allies in the media. Yet, Israel faces constant condemnation for their conduct—if it falls anywhere short of totally annihilating Hizb’Allah will strike an even more serious blow to Israel than if she had done nothing at all—while the Party of God is free to use UN outposts for cover, free to store weapons in civilian infrastructure, free from the constraints of “disproportionate response,” essentially free to operate outside of every law, norm and standard of warfare because…why? ‘Why’ is because Hizb’Allah exists, outside of the obligatory Islamic expansionism, to destroy Israel; ‘why’ is because the faceless, ruling bureaucrats of Europe wish to see Israel destroyed (proximately, and unthinkingly, because they hate “the Jews”; ultimately because they’re vile and confused cowards who think they can stave off the growing Islamic onslaught by throwing up the Zionists as a sacrifice); and ‘why’ is because the Amero-Euro-peon liberal elites, despite many of them being Jews themselves, feel the exact same way.

    So Hizb'Allah supporters, dazzle your friends with intoxicating excuse after illogical excuse for why you’re justifying the whole scale slaughter of Israelis and the destruction of the state of Israel—because that’s what you’re calling for when you give Hizb’Allah the benefit of the doubt; when you rely solely on Hizb’Allah’s version of events; when you hold Hizb’Allah to different standards, indeed, allow Hizb’Allah to legitimately get away with far, far more appalling things than any purported Israeli “war crime.” And Hizb’Allah isn’t just an Israeli problem, Hizb’Allah is an Islamic problem, and therefore the problem of the free world. A word in defense of Hizb’Allah is a word against, not just Israel, but America—and the whole free world—as well. A word in defense of Hizb’Allah makes you not just my enemy, but an enemy to Reason. Of course, if you’re a true comrade in heart, if not in arms, of Hezb’Allah, then that pretty much precludes you from anything remotely resembling Reason so I apologize for wasting your time talking to you when I should have been shooting at you. It is, afterall, a war.

  6. Idiocy: Launching a "restrained" war with a stated end result being something less than unconditional surrender by the enemy.

    Also see: Liberal deusche bags.

  7. This now appears to be as much a propaganda war beyond a military war. Winning requires winning on 2 fronts , propaganda and military. Military is not an issue. Propaganda is an issue as unfair tactics like hiding behind Churches and forcing people at gun point to stay in Southern Lebanon, if proven, as later would probably be subject to investigation and report, are garnering sympathy across the Arab world or even parts of the Muslim world.

    Those with information should consider, submitting views on unfair tactics of hiding behind the building, church, civilians to fire missiles at Israel, to BBC online which usually invites global response in writing.

    In view of reports, forthcoming, those with information should consider compiling them by points, of evidence of Hezbollah intentionally hiding behind civilian and threatening to kill if people wish to leave S/Lebanon, and submit them to maybe say Condeela Rice or even the Jewish Ambassador to US/Canada, so that the information can be filtered and then made in reports to counter the converse propanganda.

    AJ, I read the link you gave. IT is a shock Hezbollah at gun point force Lebanese to stay put in war zone when they want to leave. If these can be proven, it would be excellent first class material to counter the charge that Israel is killing civilians. How does one get proof of these, like sowrn statements that these people can make? Someone from press , interviewed them? Does this sort of information get into mainstream press?
    Rush Limbaugh mentioned that the collapse of the building was some 8 hours later. Michelle Malkin showed a picture of the UN flag and Hezbollah flag flying side by side in the photo shot in response to Israel hitting UN building.


  8. Bacon want to see insane?
    Check this out!

    Check thisout!

    BTW. Guess what this means? Remember what i said? check out varifrank. There is nothing sweeter than being right.

    Israeli cabinet approves wider ground offensive
    CTV.ca - 30 minutes ago
    Israel's security cabinet approved early Tuesday a widening of the ground offensive in Lebanon while Syria's president called on his army to "raise readiness" against "regional challenges.". The developments ..."

    What's with the pro-terrorist Catholic Shurch. They just continuing ther own extermination of the Jews?

    check out Israpundit. Get the latest skinny on Qana. Who knows , maybe they shot the women and children and put the bodies ther probably after hacking them with axes and stuff. Jihadists are the ultimate satanist evil on the earth, If there was a GOd , here is God's Satan.

  9. I meant guess what the latest news means? Sorry extreme posting trouble.

  10. Max, that guy is a retard. Complete and total.

  11. Bacon He's been hired as Historian by Iran in their master plan for after they have obliterated everyone.
    It will be Iran's explanation why ther is no USA, No Israel and no Arabs (of course they are not included in the new Isalm) anymore.
    But if they lose we get to shoot the Historian.

  12. Having fought with Israel in 67 & 73 I can activly tell you a 3year old child with a small stick is an 'armed' Jew. ALL Syrian soldierd are cowards. They will NOT fight or attack if a chance they may killed or injuried. Talk to those who were in Golan Heights, syrian army butchered ALL JEWS , women , children, old people. Decapitated them, ddis-emboweled pregnant women. I (we) showed no mercy when we finally re-took the Heights and headed to Damascus. I enjoyed killoing them, same as killing rabid bat. I said Kaddish for over 50 children and their mothers who were murdered when taken from the bomb shelters. FUCK ALL MUSLIMS. The G-D of Abraham, Issac & Jacob has given me the power.I've gotten 2 months of meds together, and am leaving to again fight. I am 65 years old and carry the number D-1148 on my left forearm. zie gazunt!

  13. The Hezbollah subhuman animal knows exactly what he is doing.

    I've been trying to tell you this. Israel got suckered into starting a war and acting as number 1 recruiting agent for Hezbollah. Great job.

    Its laughable, because no matter how many times this happens, the fools keep getting suckered. And smart people like you, BEJ, get suckered too.

    I think it's something to do with mass-hysteria. Dunno.

  14. Moshe ben EliahuAugust 01, 2006 4:17 AM

    I'm Not aonymous!
    Ich bein ein Juden.
    Mein namen ist 'Moshe ben Eliahu'
    G-D, where is Moshe Dyan whe we realluy need him?

  15. Simon, 90% of the Arab world was on Hezbollah's side at the beginning of this mess. They are going to hate Israel regardless. The ones who hate Israel right now would have hated them regardless. Sorry, but the only ones getting suckered are the Lebanese, because they refuse to see right from wrong.

  16. Bacon, you have just violated an essential Moonbat tenent "Don't make them mad at us".

    For God's sake they have publically vowed to exterminate us. Don't make them angry!

  17. "right from wrong"

    You're starting to sound more and more religious, BEJ. I'm glad you have something to believe in, though.

    You said Hezbollah knows exactly what it's doing. You've admitted Hezbollah wants Israel to attack Lebannon. They want Israel to kill their own women and children.

    So, who is in control of this war? Certainly not Israel.

    And you've even referred to them as "subhuman". I know this is partly in jest, but... can't you hear what you're saying?

    In wars, the enemy becomes seen as "subhuman". This is how leaders enable their soldiers to kill easier. In WW2, Americans viewed the Japanese as "subhuman" which lead to US soldiers shooting surrendering Japanese soldiers.

    Careful you don't go off the rails, BEJ.

  18. Simon, they are supporting Hezbollah now even though Hezbollah knowingly is using innocents and children as shields. Who on this planet would put a childs life in danger like that....and what kind of idiot would praise people who do this?

    Israel is in control because they are doing everything in their powers to prevent killing innocents. Sending out flyers is one example.

    Subhuman is someone who endorses murdering innocents and/or goes out of the way to murder innocents.

  19. How can you say Israel is in control? Hezbollah want a war and Hezbollah get a war. Unless you are saying Israel also want a war...

    As we know from 9/11 and 7/7 death is not something these people see as a negative thing. They would rather die fighting their "cause" than sit peacefully debating the pros and cons of Islam.

    Israel, by dealing out death, to whoever, is fulfilling Hezbollah's objective.

    If you think Israel storming in and killing people is going to solve this problem, you are totally wrong. It may create a temporary solution to the immediate problem, but in the long run, this will just continue.

    Hezbollah wanted to make Israel look like an enemy, and Israel agreed to fulfill that role.

    I mean, what part of this don't you understand?

    This war is part of the insanity of religion, with both sides believing in their ultimate righteousness.

    I'm surprised you got suckered into it.

  20. Simon, Israel wants to destroy terrorists (if you want to call that a war, fine).
    Just because radical Islamists relish in murdering innocents and would rather die fighting doesn't mean they should be left alone, because if dying will make them happy, I think Israel is happy to oblige their fantasies. What is your other option. Let them get away with 9/11? You are criticising war with those bent on murdering us, without giving a plausible alternative.

    I know what is a band aid solution, and that is a peace fire. Again, you give no options, you are only criticising Israel's actions.

    Israel is not at war for religion, however, either is HZB for that matter. But HZB's religious beliefs are dangerous to civilization.

    I think you are equating the IP conflict way too much to Irish war. It is completely different. The IRA's ultimate goal was completely political not genocidal.

  21. I'm not comparing this to the IRA totally, but there are similarities. Human nature is the same the world over. If people feel repressed they will strike out.

    Yes, I did give an alternative. As I said, before the US messed things up, many Arab nations were doing very well at handling their Muslim crazies. Its as simple as this: if you don't retaliate, they lose support. If you retaliate, they gain support.

    Of course, politically, it is very hard for Israel not to retaliate. Still, in the long run, Israel would lose less lives by non-retaliation.

    So the crazies have a genocidal goal - good, less sympathy for them. The IRA had legitimate goals (you could argue) so therefore they are more dangerous. Once the UK began to concede some ground, the IRA began to look like bloody murderers and lost support.

    Let the crazies act crazy, but dont get sucked in to acting crazy like them.

    Imagine if Israel had let them fire the missiles without fighting back. Israel would be the one holding up the pictures of death and destruction, Hezbollah would be seen as the bad guys. Their support would vanish.

    The other problem is US, Israel and UK are seen as one enemy by many Muslims. We're in this mess together but I would rather not be in at all.

  22. Simon, if Israel didn't retaliate there would be no Israel, and most Jews would perish.
    Anyone who thinks HZB are the good guys is blind regardless of Israel's attacks.

    If Israel was really going after civilians like the Arabs are doing, there would be over a million dead Lebanese right now.

    Israel is a sovereign state, and they have the right and need to defend itself.

  23. One more thing, 9/11 was pre Iraq war. Saddam was violently murdering many people within Iraq. I actually think the war in Iraq has actually started a reform within many Arab countries, and I've seen a survey to illustrate it.

    Of course Muslim countries like Iran and Syria have gone in the opposite direction a bit.