July 7, 2006

Dearborn and Israel

Anyone who reads this blog has to know that I like to think, I try to think, and many times my thoughts even make sense. I know I'm no Albert Einstein, but I aint no Ann Coulter either.
Lately, I've been doing more thinking about my argument dealing with land, Israel, and changes in demographics. Something then struck me as I saw a blurb about Michigan having loads and loads of Arabs. I started doing my maniacal internet searches on this topic and found that Dearborn, Michigan is now considered the Arab capital of the United States.
Dearborn? The birthplace of alleged Jew hater Henry Ford has a population of around 100,000 people. 40% are Arabs. Surely, Dearborn didn't have a 40% population of Arabs when Henry was born. Of course not.

Lets see what Americancity.org states about the Arab populstion history in Dearborn:

'Dearborn was founded as the first overnight stop on the stagecoach route linking Detroit to Chicago. Its streets are named for the German Catholics who have since given way to Polish and Italian Americans, whom Arab immigrants and their descendants, in turn, are replacing. Southfield Freeway separates the city’s Western and Eastern worlds, roughly demarcating three neighborhoods: Southend is now mostly populated by Yemenis; East Dearborn is a bustling Lebanese community of Arab restaurants, bakeries, and halal butchers; and West Dearborn’s residential streets remain populated by Italian and Polish ethnics.

The Muslim presence in metropolitan Detroit dates to the last decade of the 19th century, when men from the Lebanese Biqa Valley, working as peddlers and traders, followed a larger number of Lebanese Christian emigrees to the U.S. When Henry Ford began to offer generous five-dollar daily wages for workers at his Highland Park assembly line in 1913, Detroit became the predominant destination for Lebanese immigrants. Immigration accelerated when Lebanon’s economy fell apart in the wake of the Ottoman Empire’s collapse at the end of World War I. The restrictive National Origins Act of 1924 reduced Lebanese immigration to a trickle, but over the next twenty years, wives and dependent children, whom the Act still allowed to immigrate, gradually reunited with their husbands and fathers. In 1927, Ford shifted operations to the Rouge River plant in his native Dearborn, and a Muslim neighborhood soon followed.

By the close of World War II, the Dearborn population numbered about 200 families. Most subsequent immigrants–Palestinian, Lebanese, and Iraqi–arrived in Dearborn as political refugees, with only Yemenis coming to Dearborn in this period primarily for economic opportunity. Collectively, the communities in Dearborn represent the second largest concentration of both Arabs and Muslims outside the Middle East, behind only Paris.'

Dearborn almost had an Arab mayor, if it wasn't for bad timing. 9/11 happened the same day as the Dearborn mayoral primary. Well, don't worry. Next time Arabs/Muslims will probably be the majority, and a terrorist attack won't stand in the way.

Isn't it special that Arabs/Muslims can set up in an American region and nobody accuses them (nor should they) of stealing land, like Jews were accused of doing in Palestine prior to the Partition.

Isn't it special that demographics can change over time in a Western city, and nobody is looking to push the Arabs/Muslims into Lake Michigan?

Where is the Western outrage? How come Dearborn isn't thinking about building a fence around it to protect itself from terrorists?

Why would it seem hysterical if the German Catholics, who built the city of Dearborn, demanded "their" land back?

Addition: For some reason, some readers aren't getting this post. So let me try to explain it a little better. Jews went to Palestine for a better life, just like the Arabs did when they migrated from Arabia to Dearborn. Many Jews came to escape anti-semitism, many came for religious reasons, many came because they didn't have many other options, and many came to escape Dhimmitudism, just like the Arabs of Dearborn did.
Palestine was relatively empty prior to Israel's birth. In the late 1800's, 500,000 people lived on land that now comfortably hold over 6 million. Nobody had to leave, nobody had their land stolen.
For those of you weak on history, at the time of the partition, Arabs owned 20% of the land and Jews owned 8%, the rest unowned. Palestine was governed by Britain. The land partitioned off to be the Jewish state had 550,00 Jews and 450,000 Arabs. It was a Jewish majority in 1947 that came about the same way that Dearborn went for 0% Muslims to 40% today. Except, the United States exists now and isn't up for negotiations, so Dearborn can never be an Arab state, unless in the future, the US decides to allow them to have a separate state (Not impossible).

Get it yet?

Here is a taste of Dearborn:


  1. Why would it seem hysterical if the German Catholics demanded "their" land back? Because nothing is preventing them from returning to Dearborn if they choose to do so.

    There are no similarities between the colonization of Palestine and the migration patterns of the Dearborn area—nor are there any political or historical similarities either.

  2. Guav, there is nothing but similarities. The reason the German Catholics can comeback though freely is because they aren't looking to drive the Arabs in the sea, and they didn't leave after starting a war they lost.

  3. You are stretching it here. We need to be careful not to exaggerate.

    Israel is a Jewish state.

  4. Shlemazl, now it is. Thanks to the fact that is was open for negotiation prior to 1948 and the change in demography.
    And it obviously needs to have laws that keep a Jewish majority at this point in time.

  5. Apples and oranges comparison. If the Arabs of Dearborn were to rise up and set up an Arab state right in the middle of Michigan, you BET there'll be a lot of Americans trying to get that state to dissolve, and to make them stop driving tanks through houses or firing rockets at the Michigan governor's office building.

  6. But what if Dearborn was a desolate sand dunes and malaria infested swamp land with no economy to speak of?

    What if the occupants of Dearborn were kicked out of every other state in the area and Dearborn was the only place they can go without being killed?

    What if the UN decided this is a good place for the jews to live so they don't get the crap kicked out of them (15 years before the Holocaust incedenlty)?

    What if Dearborn was the only free liberal democracy surrounded by tyrannies, fascist-islamo theocracies, and general failed states?

    What if Dearborn created more innovative medicines, computer and communication technology, and agriculture techniques per capita than any other society in the world?

    Should we destroy Dearborn? If you have a family member with cancer or alzheimers or if you enjoy running instant messanging on your pentium 4 computer... than probably not.

  7. Ciggy, there was no sovereignty there. It was just land that had residents.
    You fall for the Arab rhetoric that Palestine was Arab land. It was not.

    Read this.

    If Dearborn were to elect an Arab mayor who made decisions that were best for Arabs, so be it.

    Israel is a small piece of land, and if you know the real history of the partition, you would understand this is not apples and oranges.

  8. x-files, I agree with your basic point, but you should also have in mind that there has never been a Palestinian state.

  9. Ciggy, I just checked out the delusional anti-semitic forum you belong to. Weird was spelled wrong, but you aren't a scholar, I know that.

    Holocaust deniers. Questioning whether the Israeli soldier was actually kidnapped. You dudes are a bunch of Joooo paranoid freaks.

    And brush up on the history of the region. You obviously are lacking in your knowledge of the region.

    As for the guy who replied to your new thread. Jews do not deny being Zionists.

    "We lie a lot" ROFLMAO, you pathetic twerps.

  10. Questioning if they were kidnapped is a good idea, questioning where they were taken prisoner is another good idea.
    I'm sad to see that you can accept information without asking questions, because asking questions gets answers and answers provide understanding - but you believe you can understand without questions.

    Nope, Ciggys got it right - and you have got it wrong, and nothing is going to be risked by you that might just change your mind.

    You're wrong and damned proud of it.

  11. Paul, keep kissing Ciggy's nazi ass. I have an excellent knowledge of the history of the conflict. I've already proved that Ciggy doesn't. Do you have a tin foil hat too?

  12. I like this, Well Muslims have the right to have whatever they want and do whatever they want because they are muslim.. bottom line but christians and jews and everyone else cant because they are not muslim. People we need start fighting fire with fire