August 2, 2006

Canada Has The Right People Making Decisions Today

Foreign Minister Peter Mackay (to my knowledge Mackay isn't a Jew) has spoke the truth: "Hezbollah a 'cancer," also, "it is not a difficult choice between a democratic state [Israel] that was attacked by terrorists and cold-blooded killers."

More from the story in the Globe and Mail: "Lebanon's being held hostage by Hezbollah," Mr. MacKay told a House of Commons foreign-affairs committee special session that was called by the opposition parties to deal with the Middle East crisis.

"They started it," he said, describing Hezbollah's daylight attack across the border into Israel on July 12. He said Hezbollah is a "terrorist army" that "has shown no interest in a ceasefire" and is using civilians as human shields.

Why doesn't everybody get it? Mackay's words are the truth and pretty easy to understand.

On the other hand, using typical Arab assmonkey deflection, terrorist apologist MP Omar Alghabra was quoted saying 'the Conservatives are shamefully trying to raise political funds "on the backs of tragedy."'

Hey Omar, you should be talking about why Islamists like yourself take the side of terrorists who purposely put children at risk on purpose. How can any human being support that?

Jason Cherniak has written a lengthy and extremely informative piece on the history of Canada's political involvement in the formation of Israel up until 1967. The really interesting stuff has to do with the USA, Canada, Britain and the Soviet's view of the partition. Moonbats should give it a read too. Maybe they can learn something.


  1. Good Atlantic Canadian boy - we grow 'em good down here :)

  2. I like to remind Democrats here in the States how a crazed anti-Israeli Christian Pali killed Robert F. Kennedy, one of their great icons. Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin, said he felt betrayed when Robert Kennedy supported Israel's Six-Day War in 1967. Sirhan even made it a point to kill Kennedy on the exact same day the war began a year later.

    However, even most of the older lefties are without memory, permanent adolescents living in the eternal present.

  3. Hey, as an older "leftie," I resemble that remark!

    These are tough times. I got pissed off yesterday and eliminated half of my blogroll. You don't have to be a pro-Israel cheering section, but you better not be stupid, either. If you catch my drift.

  4. Houston, I'm glad I made the cut. What type of blogger did you cut if you don't mind me asking.

    BTW, your comment ID "Houston" directs to an old blogger blog. I wonder if you can change it.

  5. Have you seen this?
    Subject: Al Jazeera television

    Here is a powerful and amazing statement on Al Jazeera television.
    The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los
    Angeles. I would suggest watching it ASAP because I don't know how
    long the link will be active.

    I've been lurking on your blog for a while.

  6. I'm not saying Hezbollah are right. I'm saying they welcome violence. Why give it to them?

  7. Latke lady, I have the clip linked on my sidebar. I linked the video months ago here. Thanks anyways.

    Simon, Israel is defending itself. What other option is available to them.
    They left Lebanon alone for 6 years, and HZB built up their arms.
    There move into Israel to kill soldiers and kidnap soldiers was an act of war.
    If the same thing happened anywhere else in the world, the attacked country would respond in the same manor.
    How do you have diplomat relstionships with those who ultimately want to destroy you?

  8. Jason, to be fair, there are terrorist zealots in EVERY cultural group in the world. We should focus instead on the larger message of specific groups.

    Latke, does "latke" mean something if it has any meaning?

  9. Stardust, you mean as far as the US demanding a cease fire? I don't argue that- like to like and all that jazz.

  10. Israel is our biggest welfare recipient

    US taxpayers give Israel $3 billion per year, not including military equipment.
    US taxpayers do not give any money to the Vatican. Why? Because the Vatican gets along with all of its neighbors and Israel gets along with absolutely none of its neighbors. Israel has only one ideology and that is to steal the land of its neighbors, since 1920, thus causing all of these heated cauldrons. Syria and Lebanon kicked Israel off their borders over a year ago where Israel was trying to build new settlements.

    Right now the entire population of Palestine is surrounded by walls the Israelis built to confine them in an open air prison; all the while Israel is bombing Gaza, Palestinian land. While we focus on Lebanon our attention is being torn away from Palestinian suffering at this moment.

    Israel is our biggest welfare recipient. Even if Israel was living in peace it would require US taxpayers to continue sending billions of dollars to it as it is not a self-sustaining country. It has no income. It has no way to make money off of anything (tourism does not fill their food baskets). It depends on you and me, financially, to continue giving it an excuse to be there.

    Israel began in 1897 when Theodor Hertzl of Austria wanted a nation state for Jews. He went to countries where Jews already lived, such as Argentina, Guatemala and several African countries to see if they had any nice places where the Jews could build a central home. Theodor Hertzl found the Palestinian area favorable as 5,000 Jews already lived there, in peace within the Palestinian neighborhoods. Hertzl brought 250 Jews out of Europe to begin his secular Jewish home. If you ever take the time to read Hertzl's works, you will find he was not a fanatic like the Israelis are today at your expense.

    Pray for the children of Palestine. We (USA) are the cause of their suffering.

  11. Wow, Blake, you're a political genius, able to grasp all the vagueness of sovereign statehood. I guess by your logic, all non-indigenous peoples of the Americas better get back to Europe and out of this "stolen" land, eh? That would solve all of our social problems! Don't be absurd- moving borders doesn't fix anything.