August 14, 2006

Green Helmet Song: I Just Had To Do It

Normally, I like to write my own parodies, however, when I saw this at Green Helmet Guy's very funny blogsite, I decided to grab the bull by the horns. I hope I am forgiven for stealing one of his photoshop pics too. Enjoy:


Green Helmet is the guy to see
Dead babies for your news TV
He’ll set it up to show his side
Damn Israelis, engaging in genocide

o/~ Qana is where you’d rather go
He’ll pull the plug if you don’t show
He just creates such tragic scenes.
Truth doesn’t matter just get him on TV screens

...The Jews

...No news!

...Dead child

...Go wild!

You are a dupe...

Farewell to the truth!

Green Hel-met Guy is heeeere!

Thanks to Zionist Jordan for finding me Green Helmet Guy's site.


  1. I was thinking of using the song "Goldfinger"

  2. Thank you for making me laugh! How about a Bomb Magnet lady song?

  3. That's funny! I wonder why the Green Helmet guy wasn't targeted for destruction?