August 26, 2006

This Is Pretty Cool: A Celebrity Look Alike Program

Hat Tip to Allie from Memoirs of a Gouda.

I tried this with different pictures and got different results each time. I didn't include the women that I apparently look like according to the program. Apparently I share many features with Goldie Hawn and Billie Jean King. I'm not offended by this either, but nobody has ever called me Goldie.

I always thought I looked like Billy Joel and even Bruce Willis, and sometimes Chevy Chase (around 10-15 years ago). I also knew that I resemble Kelsey Grammer lately.

When I was in grade 6 I was the spitting image of the first Partridge Family drummer Chris, Jeremy Gelbwaks. I remember one incident when I was in the AV room (I forgot what AV stood for, but I know it had something to do with the projector) with two girls. They sort of cornered me and were trying to get me to admit that I was really Chris. I escaped without getting the "cooties," and those girls forgot I was alive after that:(

Here is the first Chris on the Partridge Family:

Below is me from my grade 6 class picture (the year I was cornered):

Johnny Cash introduces the Partridge Family:


  1. This is fun. I haven't tried this in quite awhile, it didn't have the collage or morph option when I tried it for later today!

  2. I got some really good ones: Catherine Deneuve, for e.g. I *wish* that were true. I got Alexis Bleidel (and I can see the resemblance there)...and Leni Riefenstahl (yuck) when she was young.

  3. Hey, you do look like mike meyers!

  4. I think you look a lot like Bruce Willis and maybe more than a little like Homer Simpson.

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  7. I don't see anything wrong with your posts Max.

  8. Seems possibly they may not have been banned possibly a software glitch? Perhaps a spam police bot?

    Yes, it would seem very hyper sensitve to be banned.

    I guess my reaction is just a case of friendly fire. What would anyone expect? surrounded by enemies with suicide bombers and Katyushas falling like rain.


  9. Awww, weren't you a cute little bugger :)

    How come you grew up to be so grumpy?

  10. I got grumpy when I started losing my hair at 27 or 28, and I still haven't recovered, even though I don't care about my baldness now.

  11. Elder, they probably stole the technology from the Palestinians, just like they stole all the land:)

  12. Isn't myheritage funny? A site I contribute to compared 100's of celebs on my site (Say No to Crack) and received some pretty hilarious results. Feel free to checkout or first of 2 posts on the subject:
    Celeb Look-a-Likes Part I