September 17, 2006

The Movie "Obsession" Is Up Again On Google

This is a powerful documentary on radical Islam's Culture of Death.
If you haven't watched it yet, now is your chance. It is pretty much a guarantee that Google will take it down again very shortly......So watch it now.

About the Pope's recent comments. Are Muslims embarrassed by the reaction going on right now? "The Pope better apologize, or else"

As for the Pope's apology today; he didn't say the words in the quoted text were wrong, only that the text was quoted. Every preacher at church could say the same thing when they read from the bible. That is what religious dudes do, they quote old books to express their own feelings or to explain the world. Why quote a 14th Century text if he didn't believe it was true? And if he didn't believe it, he would have said "here is some nonsense from the 14th Century" before he quoted it.

The Pope said he is deeply sorry for the reaction. Humanity is sorry for the reaction, not just the Pope. But the Muslims reaction was completely predictable. Did it surprise anyone? They did have a choice. The Imams could have started a campaign to counter the quoted words instead of declare a Jihad against those words and the Catholics. The Palestinians of course, just look for reasons to destroy. 5 churches were attacked, and a 170 year old non Catholic church was completely destroyed:
'In the West Bank town of Tulkarm, a stone church built 170 years ago was torched before dawn and its entire inside was destroyed, local Christian officials said. In the village of Tubas, a small church was attacked with firebombs and partially burned, Christians said. Neither church is Catholic, the officials said.'

On a lighter side, on the Yahoo message boards I have seen a few posts stating that Jews paid the Pope to defame Islam. And on a satire site there was a heading that stated that dyslexic Muslims were mixing up the Pope story with the story of the tainted spinach and were now burning effigies of Popeye the Sailor Man.


  1. The pope was a member of Hitler Youth as a kid. He's a good guy. Now...if he would just grow some real balls and criticize the *REAL* terrorists...

  2. Apparently a nun has been shot in the back and killed in a hospital in Somalia.
    It seems that bringing democracy to these people is a bit like bringing democracy to the creatures on that planet in the film Alien in the hope that they would become nice.

  3. Thor, you are really an idiot. I'll ask you again. Why do you have to roll in every anti-semitic conspiracy theory that is blatantly untrue?

    Get rid of your tin foil hat. You are insane or retarded.

  4. It's not just the message boards, but the Muslim leaders that are now claiming that Zionists and Americans forced the pope to say those words. Oh, and guess who burned the churches in Gaza and West Bank? Just ask Um-Khalil.

  5. If you prefer to watch in full-size, the video is also apparently available from bittorrent. Search to find it. You will need a bittorrent P2P client to download.

  6. I emailed the link to obsession to my lecturer.

  7. You've got to know anyone who uses the ID HWR is just another racist attention seeking a$$ hole with low self esteem looking to get validated by strangers. I don’t know why anyone would even bother to respond to him its just what he wants.

    BEAJ, apparently the full text of the pope’s speech also slammed atheists for not having principles based on religiously structured ethics. I won’t get into the duplicity of such comments from the religion that did nothing to save 13 million holocaust victims and sponsored the party period known as the inquisition.

    I’m wondering when the atheists are going to get organized and get out there with some insane signs and start shooting nuns and burning down some churches.

  8. I know about the Pope's rantings about science and the Godless. I think he is scared.

    Atheists have facts on our side. No need to burn anything down or kill anyone.

  9. In a world of darkness, there is always some good news to be found if we look hard enough:

    Muslims from Israel bring fresh views to Hub

    "Speaking at campuses, mosques, and the homes of Muslims, the Al Qasemi faculty said that it is time for Muslims to quit blaming others and examine their own responsibility for the troubles of Islamic civilization; time for Arab Israelis to call themselves Israelis, not Palestinians; and, above all, time for women to have full equality with men in the Muslim world."

    Ironically, some of the most liberal, educated, and peaceful believing Muslims are located in the two countries that the terrorists want to destroy the most, America and Israel.

    Is there anything in this world that isn't ironic?

  10. Is there anything in this world that isn't ironic?

    No one took my theory seriously about how irony holds the world together. At the lowest possible level sub atomic particles called irons hold matter together and manifestations of this pop up into the macro world. Hence the common comment above.

  11. Jordan, I'm not sure it is ironic at all. To me, it is to be expected that these two countries would have some of the highest populations of moderate Muslims. Where else would these peaceful actions be condoned? Radical Islam knows no law but that which their twisted views have gotten from the Koran. A Muslim preaching peace and placing responsibility for Muslim problems on the Muslims themselves would surely be killed in many other countries in the area.

    "We are strangling ourselves with our own political correctness."
    -Nonie Darwish

  12. Great article from Sam Harris today, a socially liberal atheist like myself that has his head screwed on straight:

  13. Thanks Jason, I wonder if that article will offend the Moonbat Atheists at God Is For Suckers or Raving Atheists.

  14. Ironic, isn't it, how every time someone characterizes Islam as being a violent and evil cult, Islamic douchebags around the globe react by proving them right?

    "What do you mean, Islam teaches violence, evil, inhumanity, and intolerance? You take that back right now, or we'll blow you up, burn some shit down, shoot some nuns in the back, and chop off some heads! Fucking infidels."

  15. Ironically, some of the most liberal, educated, and peaceful believing Muslims are located in the two countries that the terrorists want to destroy the most, America and Israel.

    That's exactly what the terrorists are fighting against.

  16. Know the real picture of Islam ...

    finally Exposed !!!!

  17. Obsession Movie on Fox-Interview