September 21, 2006


When I was a kid, and I mean in my single digits, I used to watch lots of TV with my dad. When watching old movies (back in the 60's that would be movies from the 30's and 40's), my father's commentary during the movie would either be "he is dead" or "he is Jewish."
I'm not sure if it was pride or supremacism or a mixture of both. Or was it more like "can you believe that there are so many Jews on TV?" And yes, he was very guilty of saying "he or she doesn't look Jewish." I don't care what anybody says, there is a Jewish look. Even the Simpsons' acknowledged it when Lisa had a crush on the teacher voiced by Dustin Hoffman. She commented about his "Semitic good looks."
My father used to say that he was related to Kirk Douglas. Distantly related but related nonetheless. There is more proof that the Great Flood happened though.
I just can't put my finger on it. But I still get satisfaction if I find out someone famous is a Jew. Especially sports figures. I don't do somersaults or make a big deal out of it, but it does make me happier. Especially if I find out a famous person is an Atheist Jew, although I have mixed feelings about Woody Allen with the marriage to the step daughter thingy, and his love of France.
I wouldn't be that happy if I found out that a celebrity was a Jew if he or she believed in Young Earth Creation though. That would be a bummer.
I'm sure blacks and gays have the same type of pride/supremacy when a black or gay makes it big in the world. Or like when the blacks found out Lena Horne was actually black. That happened on the Cosby Show if I recall correctly.
Jewish inventors and scientists are big on my list, actors are pretty big too. But nothing beats professional athletes.

The video below illustrates what I'm talking about. This is really funny stuff. And none of the announcers are Jews (Denis Leary isn't a Jew is he? His name doesn't sound Jewish and he doesn't look it):

Notice how they didn't focus on the first baseman's religion. Is he a Greek? No. Irish?. No. He is a Jew. A Jew, as in ethnic Jew, not religious Jew. He could be religious, but he doesn't have to be. I just hope he isn't a Young Earth Creationist though.


  1. I only feel those types of things when someone has committed a crime. I think "oh, please don't let them be 'fill in the blank' depending on the crime. I don't like to see THOSE PEOPLE have any fodder for THEM.

  2. Taking pride in or shame from something you had zero involvement in is irrational.

  3. Hi - In the UK we have a television comedy show called 'Goodness Gracious Me'. It is written and performed by people from the Indian sub-continent. All their stereotypes are 'our' stereotypes. One of my favourites is the father who watches the television and says everyone's Indian. QED

  4. Okay, that was HILARIOUS - I LOVE IT!!!!

  5. I know what your saying... I play the "yep, he's jewish" with my Shiksa girlfriend... it drives her nuts! Specially when she found out that one of her favorites that she thought was her own Borat (Da Ali G) turned out to be Jewish :)

    I don't think its unreasonable to take pride from ones cultural achievments... to a point of course.

    Although I honestly feel that I have not done my part to add any "naughus" to my Jewish community... pride and shame go together so easily.

  6. CD, I'm not saying it isn't irrational, however I think many irratioaal ideas or feelings that we have including superstition most likely is due to evolution. There is probably a benefit to be irrationally proud over something done by a fellow tribesman. You could go one step further and say that it is irrational to route for a sports team, like one from your city, just because you live in the city, but there is something that makes many of us feel better when our city or country wins the big game.
    Lots of national and/or ethnic pride happens in the Olympics by viewers.

  7. BEAJ:
    Denis Leary is most definitely a son of the Eire.
    I'm part Irish, so I too, feel that bit 'o the swellin' o' irrational pride when I chance across something cool about my heritage.
    I'm part German too, but the only thing that pops into my head is Sauerkraut & Volkswagon.
    P.S - I rather like the French. Does that make me a moonbat? ;)

  8. KA, being part German it is natural for you to like the submissiveness of the French.

  9. A name like "Leary" can only be Irish! But then, the "Adamson" part of me is Irish too. My mom is from Norway. So I always say, "I'm drunk *and* suicidal...Plus, I have nice sweaters."
    Hilarious commentary with that video, btw.

  10. BEAJ:
    KA, being part German it is natural for you to like the submissiveness of the French.
    Actually, I'm not a big fan of submissiveness, cantcha tell? ;)
    We still dingin' them for WWII?

  11. BEAJ,

    This video is hysterical. The commentators were just brilliant.

    I've just done a post on a related subject. I'll link to this post.

    My take on "who is Jewish" is somewhat different from yours.

    Do you support sportsmen from your town or country? Are you happy when they win?

    This has nothing to do with your won achievements. Therefore YOU are irrational.

  12. I take pride in Jewish accomplishment, and I’m not Jewish, although I’m a self-proclaimed honorary Jew. (I’m a weak-kneed Christian agnostic, as opposed to a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, etc., agnostic.) It is probably a good thing for me that I’m not a Muslim agnostic, because then I would probably be “the late Muslim agnostic.”

    I root for the Jews, I’m on Israel’s side, because I identify with their values of liberty and freedom. Then there’s the David and Goliath thing too, although now when Israel is surrounded and attacked, I always say: “Don’t those dumb Arabs ever learn?”

    I see Hezbollah is celebrating victory in Lebanon. A few more “victories” like that, and Hezbollah will be a forgotten speed bump on the road to Damascus. I’m proud Hezbollah danced in Beirut ruins, while the Jews prayed in Jerusalem.

    I was proud when we delegated the Soviet Union to the dust heap of history. I don’t think my two decades of Air Force service during the Cold War made the difference, but I’m proud to be on the winning side. It’s just a matter of time before the Russians realize that when the Soviets lost, Russia won.

    Enough pride. Any more and I would be irrational.

  13. Shlemazl, I consider anyone who Hitler would put in an oven because he thought they were Jews to be Jews.
    Anti-semitism and famous Jews are the glue that bonds us together.

    Major Combs, I can't argue with anything you said. Except I don't believe in the David Goliath story. If anything, David was a 5 foot 2 Jew (they were all short back then), and Goliath might have been a bully at 5' 10".

  14. choosedoubt:
    Taking pride in or shame from something you had zero involvement in is irrational.
    Tell that to the Germans post WWII. Tell that to an American when they find out Mossedegh was thrown out for the shah. Tell that to 300,000 Israelis when they protested about the Shatira massacre.
    "My country, right or wrong: right to keep right, wrong to make right."
    If the US does something right, I'll applaud it. If the US does something wrong, I'll rage against it.

    On the other hand, I find it silly to be proud of something you've bought, like stereos or cars.

  15. I never get tired of watching that video. It has got to be the greatest moment of all time in tv sportscasting.

  16. THat video is hiliarious!

    Don't forget Moe Berg, a Jewish baseball player who was also a spy.

    My mother is Irish and my father was Jewish. I couldn't be prouder.