September 8, 2006


Media advisory - CUPE Ontario President Sid Ryan to discuss two issues:

- Defamation of character suit against a conservative party worker, and
- Calls for his murder following Resolution 50

OTTAWA, Sept. 8 /CNW Telbec/ -

WHO: Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario

WHAT: Press Conference to discuss defamation of character and a
million-dollar lawsuit and a blog posting calling for the murder
of Sid Ryan

WHERE: Sheraton Centre Hotel, Oxford Room, Mezzanine Floor
123 Queen Street West, Toronto

WHEN: Monday, September 11, 2006 at 2:30 p.m.

Legal counsel Brian Shell of Shell Lawyers will join Sid Ryan at the
Press Conference. Mr. Ryan and Mr. Shell will address his million-dollar
lawsuit filed with the Superior Court of Justice in Oshawa that names
Alan Clarke as the principal defendant.
During the 2006 federal election campaign, Mr. Clarke was listed on
Conservative MP Colin Carrie's website as a Conservative. Mr. Clarke stated in
a leaflet distributed during the election campaign in and around Oshawa that
Mr. Ryan "associates with criminals and terrorists." Mr. Clarke also asserted
in the leaflet that Mr. Ryan associated with the former Lord Mayor of Belfast
and that he was therefore, somehow, linked with the murder of 2,500 people.
Elections Canada is continuing to investigate the allegations and a
report is expected soon.
Mr. Ryan will also address a blog by an unnamed author that is calling
for Mr. Ryan's murder because of Mr. Ryan's union's support for Resolution
50 calling for the boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel in
connection with events in the Middle East.

I had to check back to see if I am the unnamed blogger. But alas, it can't be me. Outside of calling Ryan a terrorist supporting turd (I didn't use turd then but I am now), the only questionable thing I said was that there could be a possibility Ryan is getting paid off by the Saudis for his support. It was only speculation, and I said so here.

He is too impotent a figure to murder though. Ridiculing him and calling him a threat to Canadians, is another thing; I'm all for that.

If I were a betting man...I mean if I didn't only bet on football and horse racing, I think the unnamed blogger could be this dude. Whoever it is, although I agree the world would be much better off without Jihadists and Jihadist supporters like Ryan, calling for his death was just a tad over the edge, but I understand the emotions involved.


  1. Unfortinately, I think you might be right. I googled the no dhimmitude site, and while nothing over the line was apparent in his main posts, some if his own comments went WAY over the line. His comments CANNOT in any way be justified.

    The only possible defense would be the nature of the internet itself. Lets face it, if I don't get called a "zioNazi" at least once a day, I can't sleep at night. And of cource, I have recieved my fair share of anonymous threats. The internet tends to bring the worst out of all of us... perhaps because there are no direct consequences of our actions.

    Whether or not it was the no dhimmitude blogger, this should be a wake up call to all of us to behave... lets see how long I follow my own advice.

    Speaking about that, I finally replied to Steven's "In my view, Israel bears most of the blame for the creation and expansion of militant Islam." thesis.

    I still have hope he will take that terrible statement back. The fact that he is obsessively justifying his posts and watering down his view is a good sign, it probably indicates he is having second thoughts.

    When it comes from BDE or bernarda, I couldn't care less. But when it comes from Steve, a person I think is a descent guy, it worries me. It is so easy to convince good people to scape-goat the Jews (or Jewish state) for the worlds worst problems.

    Here is something that caught my eye today:

    The 32 months of violence in the Moslem south have so far caused nearly 4,300 casualties (40 percent of them fatal). During that period, there were some 5,500 incidents of Islamic terrorist violence. That's an average of 5-6 a day, among a population of 2.4 million (some 80 percent Moslem). The violence was largely directed at the 400,000 or so non-Moslems. The terrorist attacks have had the effect of doubling the normal murder rate in the south. A religiously inspired crime wave, so to speak. But the terror is very real as well, especially for non-Moslems. Since most of the deaths are among the non-Moslem minority, the death rate for that community has risen to about 15 per 100,000 per year. The rate in the U.S. is about 6 per 100,000 people per year.

    While the number of bombings has increased this year, the casualty rate has gone down. This is largely because of the thousands of additional soldiers and police sent to the south. These security forces are everywhere down there. But the damage has already been done, and thousands of non-Moslem Thais have fled the south. The main objective of the Islamic terrorists is to expel all non-Moslems from the south, and then set up a religious dictatorship.

    Sounds like ethnic cleansing by terror. Why isn't the UN protesting? If this sort of terror were directed at Muslims in Israel, or the United States, it would be an international cause celebre.

  2. I should mention that the ethnic clensing mentioned above is in regards to under-reported Thailand.

    No Jews, No story.

  3. I really don't know if the Left really knows how much they single out Israel, or at least focus on Israel over the rest.

    Bernarda stalks me....Check this post and check the comments.

  4. I hate it when islamoleftists hijack our legal system to further their totalitarian ends, not much different from the way they hijack airplanes.

    Simple honesty is all that is needed to defuse such nonsense, but unfortunately much of the media and activist judges are running interference for these creeps.

  5. Cupe board members should stick to what they are supposed to do. Looking out for the memberships concerns (wages and working conditions) not traveling the country and world on union dues and promoting and spreading their own personal brand of biased politics. Cupe doesn’t represent their members on issues of international politics, shouldn’t be involved in international politics and aren’t qualified to speak on the topic and yet they do.

    They have no business even drawing up things like resolution 50. Now following it up with wasting who knows how much of the members dues on lawyers and not focusing on their members. Unions probably need to be abolished if this is what they are doing these days.

    Suing a guy over threats on a blog get freaking serious.

  6. Thor, do you really believe the crap you spew. I mean really, do you?

    I know you spew any and all conspiracy theories you can to try to inflame hatred of Jews, but you can't be serious in saying 9/11 was an inside job. Are you that insane?

  7. Believing 9/11 was an inside job requires no level of insanity. It requires only the complete absence of logical thought and reason.

    Which is far scarier than insanity.

  8. I'm shoked as to how the GIFS can be so anti-Israeli. The media is the main problem, I think.

  9. BTW,

    I was going to respond to hwr, but I read his blog and figured that it is a waste of time debating a hater. They hate because they are mentally weak and emotional impotent. It is a sad situation when a person needs to demean others and whole groups of others to make themselves feel better. But the world is full of people like that.

  10. Roya, here is an article Why the Left Hates Israel

    This article outlines the hypocrisy of posters like Bernarda. She still hasn't come clean about her ethnicity or my speculation that she is a former Muslim or at least formerly married to a Muslim.

    I blame the campuses as much as the media for the idiocy we see from fellow Atheists regarding Israel. Here is another article.

    Hatetaxes, Thor (HWR) fits your description perfectly.

  11. People who even give thought to 9/11 conspiracies ought to be looked at in the same light as those who deny the holocaust. Same breed of idiocy. There's FAR too many of them in this country (ths US).

  12. Simon, that is hardly an astute observation made by the ex Army guy. But he is not looking at the big picture. Of course short term enemies will be made, but what are the alternatives?

  13. If you read the article, BEJ, you will see he resigned because his first hand experienced showed him how the whole mission was being conducted in a stupid way - as I keep saying, it is beinmg conducted in the way the British used to conduct themselves in NI.

    Many of our soldiers learned lessons the hard way in NI. So you can understand them resigning in frustration when they see the US making the same mistakes all over again, and taking our army with them.

    They are cocking it up by bombing whole villages. The war then becomes impossible. You end up fighting an avalanche as every dead civillian breeds new insurgents which breeds further US and UK attacks against villages.

    Remember Vietnam? Remember Russia's experience in Afghanistan?

    You think the UK and the US can fight an endless, escalating guerilla war?

    You have to win the hearts and minds, which was what the UK Army leant to do in NI. And we started out trying to do this in Southern Iraq.

    The US, by contrast, couldn't give a shit about Iraqi hearts and minds.

    So now we see the situation in Afghanistan going sour, after it was seen to be the one clear and justified victory won by the US.

    You cannot bomb villages and think the inhabitants will accept this.

    Imagine if your town had a bunch of Islamic soldiers bombing the place and killing innocent people on a mission to kill some terrorists. Would you go along with it?

    It's sheer stupidity.

    The altternatives are to tread extremeyl carefully and treat the locals with kid-gloves - not as subhumans, like the US have been doing.