October 5, 2006

Anti-Evolutionists Are Reality Deniers 101

I just found this video on Youtube. It starts slow, but quickly picks up. Watch it.
I like the music too.

This video and the this link to the 15 answers to Creationist Nonsense, are great debate tools against sincere anti-evolutionists. The problem is I'm not sure that there is such a beast as a sincere anti-evolutionist.
I like the phrase "Reality Denier" to describe an anti-evolutionist and/or young earther. I'm not crazy for the word "Brights" to describe Atheists, and as I've said before, because of the negative connotations associated with the word "Atheist," I would love to change our title to "Realist."

Now here is world renowned Creation scientist Joe proving that continental drift is a bad theory. Yes, he is serious. Have a KleenX ready for eye tears.

I do believe his scientific experiment can be totally replicated. He just needs to use stronger tape.

And here is Joe's theory on dinosaurs, which he says are simply exploding lizards:

Yes, Joe fits into the Reality Denier category.


  1. Thanks a lot Bacon eater. I think I lost a couple of IQ points watching Joe's videos.

  2. oh my gaawd. Are there people who believe this crap?

  3. Joe the educator - hahahahaha!

    What an idiot :)

  4. Pity about the previous two comments,
    which just goes to show that
    ignorance = stupidity.

  5. I don't recall reading a section on Plate Tectonics in the two times I have read the bible.

    This idiot probably homeschools his kids! (Frightening though, huh?) Joe and people like him are so pathetic one almost has to feel sorry for them.

  6. First video- Well played out, but I didn't like the music (sorry, Bacon!).

    Second and Third Video- I would love to see this guy's theories presented for peer review at geology and paleontology conferences worldwide!

  7. Another satan puppet from the raving atheist. you all really spread the satan around.

    I am here to warn you that the end is coming and you are playing with satan himself. He will bring you only suffering and you must cast him off!

    Ask Jesus into your hearts and you will have the protection of God!

  8. Youneedmercy, why are you so paranoid?

  9. I can not stress enough the importance that you throw satan off before it is too late.

    You are letting satan lead you astray and others are following.

    Pray to God, He will set you free!

  10. That was simultaneously amusing as well as sad.
    "Woo-hoo, I'm gonna crash into China!"
    Please do, Joe.
    "How'm I doin'?"
    Not too good, Joe.
    Get better tape.
    & eat more fish, Joe. They say it's brain food.
    I guess he hadn't picked up his obligatory scientist smock from the dry-cleaners?
    Final analysis: utter putz.

  11. U need a shrink not mercy, Jesus never existed. God doesn't exist either. Atheists do not believe in Satan. Christians believe in Satan.

  12. Is there any real point in coming to a site devoted to atheism and going "You needs to lub you sum Jebus!"? It's sort of a self-defeating task isn't it?

    I especially like how snappy scientists dress nowadays. White t-shirts and shorts! And evidently they work from their home coffe tables! Hells yeah!

  13. AA--

    I can build a good case that Jesus existed. Though in all probability, he was a dirty hippie communist that rallied against Roman imperialism and the capitalist money changers and got exactly what he deserved for his revolutionary activities. After justice was served, his stoner friends made up a lot of embellishments to compete with other faiths once it started to sink in their savior wasn't coming back anytime soon.

  14. Mercy, you're new to this blogging thing, aren't you?

  15. What exactly was he trying to prove with some pictures of the continents stuck on a blue balloon?

    The most educational part was when he let the balloon go at the end, and the "earth" farted.

    So, I learnt from this, if the earth is blown up by a fat guy sitting on a couch, and he let's it go, it makes a farting sound.

    Truly, I will never forget this video...

    Warning to everyone : "This is your brain on religion."

  16. OT:

    Thought you might be interested in some more of that truth!!


  17. KK, I'm not sure the point you are trying to make. If it is just to inform me that cosmic rays affect our atmoshpere then I say thank you. But it is just one thing that affects our atmosphere.

  18. Well, Joe gave me the best laugh I've had in a long long time. It's amazing, the human capacity for denying reality. I'm surprised that we haven't been naturally selected right out.

  19. You don't have to believe in something for it to be real.

    God is Real

    Satan is Real

    You are all falling for satan's tricks and you are going to have to be doomed for an eternity if you don't snap out of satan's powers.

    Pray to God He will show you He is real!

  20. Michael, religious fundies have very large families. The only way to get rid of them is to educate them.

    Youneedanotherlobotomy, God doesn't exist. Satan isn't real either. They are man made concepts.

  21. Did this guy say exploding lizards? Is that what I heard? Tell me this is a parody of a creation scientist, because I have a hard time believing that even a creationist could be this stupid.