November 24, 2006

Muslims Provide Lots of Stand Up Material

Click cartoon to enlarge it:

A Palestinian grandmother blew herself up yesterday while trying to take a few Israeli soldiers with her. Luckily, she failed in taking anyone with her.

Her last dialogue went like this:

Grandma: I feel sick.

Grandpa: Why don't you throw up.

Grandma left. She must have heard grandpa wrong.


Relatives said Najar left behind seven sons and two daughters, plus some 41 grandchildren,"
So much for the Palicaust. 7 children each averaging having 6 children each. And living in such supposedly "oppressive" conditions. Do Palestinians think ahead at all?

I've mentioned here before that I'm a regular on a Yahoo message board that is mainly to do with the Israel-Palestinian conflict, going back around 4 years. It is affectionately known as the HATE BOARD. It is full of knowledgable pro-Zionists, and an assortment of whacked out anti-semites and Muslims/Arabs (most of whom pretend to be Christian Americans).

It gets funny at times and much of the anti-Zionist arguments are based on false assumptions, revised history, and false pretenses. Of course, some anti-semites there pull no punches but I look at them as the best justification for why Israel is needed to exist. Check it out for yourself. Sign in, it is easy, and make a few posts. It is addictive and it is also a great way to release stress.

Here is a sample of the stupidity. The poster is a hairdresser in Canada, and most likely a Muslim who won't admit it. We knew she was stupid but she recently set a new standard for herself:

by: j_d_mac_vieau (F/Grace Brothers Department St) 11/18/06 06:03 pm
Msg: 3020540 of 3028329

Over time from 1948, Israel has massacred over 20 million Palestinians. This is called genocide over time.

Posted as a reply to: Msg 3020527 by odessitochka_angie
She made a correction in a later post:

by: j_d_mac_vieau (F/Grace Brothers Department St) 11/18/06 06:07 pm
Msg: 3020564 of 3028334

I stand corrected; 20 billion palestians of various religions

Posted as a reply to: Msg 3020543 by pltk_2002
Yes, she is for real. Yes this is what she believes to be true. One of the reasons I go this particular message board is to refute the anti-Zionists/anti-semites with actual facts. Not to change the poster's minds (because they are usually too far gone), but for the lurkers and other rational people who might be on the fence and don't understand the actual history of the conflict.

Ok, now this piece of news makes me laugh:


In case you haven't heard, 6 imams were removed from a US Airways flight that was going from Minneapolis to Phoenix on Monday night. Read the article, there were many reasons why the precautions were taken.

But the funny part is that Muslim clerics want Muslims to boycott US Airways. That would make that particular Airlines the safest perceived one on this planet. It would be great for business if Muslims carried out their boycott.

If the Muslim clerics were smart and wanted to cause damage to US Airways they would declare a REVERSE BOYCOTT, and state that for now on Muslims will only fly US Airways.

Muslims in the West can blame OBL for this, but more importantly they can blame the fact that they haven't collectively stood up publicly against terrorism, and that includes terrorist acts committed against Israel.

Great post on Girl on the Right. Only 277 million Muslims think that suicide bombings are justifiable. How many non Muslims on the planet think the same thing?


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  2. I was reading something the other day where the person referred to revisionist history as distorted history. It made a lot of sense to me. Being a revisionist might imply you are correcting errors. Distorting history is more what your whacked out blow yourself up kind of person seems to be invested in.

    I also read this during the week A Homemade Genocide. I don’t know how accurate the numbers are but I expect as accurate as you can be in these things. It puts the number of victims of Israeli genocide at around 60,000 including all their friends in the neighbourhood over 60 years and 7 wars. It puts the number of Arab on Arab/Muslims/Christian/anyone they can lay their hands on dead in the area of 15 million.

    I don’t read Ann Coulter very often but she posted this last week. Its as rude and offensive as she is popular for being still some of it is pretty well agreeable. “If only we could get Muslims to boycott all airlines, we could dispense with airport security altogether.” “The idea that a Muslim boycott against US Airways would hurt the airline proves that Arabs are utterly tone-deaf.” “The next thing you know, New York City cab drivers will be threatening to bathe.” “Come to think of it, the whole affair may have been a madcap advertising scheme cooked up by US Airways. It worked with me. US Airways is my official airline now.” “You want to really hurt a U.S. air carrier's business? Have Muslims announce that it's their favorite airline.” What Can I Do to Make Your Flight More Uncomfortable

  3. Atheist Jew,
    With respect, I think you only know/look for 1 side of the story, try to know/look for the other side.
    I'm not defending islamic extremists nor zionists.
    for the record, I'm a Palestinian Atheist (ex-christian).
    Cheerz dude

  4. Riccardo, you have lots of blogs, and the one I read is very political, and I had to use the translator on it.

    Jhrhv, ok, distorted history.

    Milanoroger, hi. Atheists tend to look at things from all sorts of perspectives. I have looked at the IP situation from the Palestinians perspective many times, and I can't side with them, their whole premise for the dispute rubs me the wrong way on just about every level. I've written many posts on this, and you should check out my archives and see what you think.

  5. Oh, man, if only the muslims would boycott all airlines! Then they'd be stuck in their crappy little fascist dictatorships forever! May it be so!

  6. BEAJ: you're gonna get a death fatwa for that cartoon!

  7. For an atheist, this blogger is certainly an apologist for Israel. Is this blog associated with the JDL?

  8. Liberal Atheist, I deal with reality. If you have an apologist argument for the Palestinians you are free to post it here. No, I'm not a member of the JDL, in fact I'm not a member of any Jewish organizations. Many Liberal Atheists have a hard time identifying who the real victim is. For example, if a crack addict robs somebody, they think the victim is the crack addict and society is to blame for the crack addicts action.

  9. I still say that religion is the basic boogieman in all this.

    If the land where Israel is wasn't considered to be the "religious home" for at least 3 groups of religious wingnuts, there might be some peace there today.

  10. liberal atheist: Israel needs no apologists; it is a legal and internationally recognized state on the world scene. It is the terrorists, palestinian and otherwise, who need to apologize for their existence.

    beepbeep: Israel is only the ancestral home to 2 world religions; Islam's historic homeland and holy cities are Arabia, and Mecca and Medina. They have ONE holy site in Jerusalem, and other than that, Israel is just another slice of land to them.

    On the other hand, Israel is essential to Jewish and Christian theology.

  11. RE michael:

    I agree that mecca would be seen as more important, but it is the religious connotations concerning Israel/Middle East that many people want to overlook, as people are religious.

    I am not religious. I am an atheist. So, that people have delusions about bits of land as being "holy" just speaks to their insanity, in my opinion.

    Most land is culturally significant in some way to many groups. It takes religion to make bits of dirt, "holy."

  12. Beep, I know what you are saying but the founder of Zionism, Herzl was an Atheist. He was aware of the increased anti-semitism in Europe that had to do with ethnicity more than religion.
    The Palestine region was fairly empty. Only 500,000 people where now 9 million people live. And most of the land was empty, unowned and the region was not a recognized country either. And of course, the idea of the region was welcomed by religious Jews obviously.
    Israel's war is a secular one from their perspective, but religion is the enemy. That religion is Islam which seems to condone suicide bombings and the murdering of innocents.

  13. If you want to go refute antisemitic garbage, you might be interested in going to my ex-friend's blog.

    Personally, I cannot post there, as she makes my stomache turn and I seriously feel the urge to constantly vomit when I read what she writes. But check it out!

    The 'Truth' Shall Set you Free

  14. Red Tulips, those people there are the lunatic fringe. They are a bunch of Jew hating conspiracy theorists. Worthless. Let em have their own little world.

  15. My solution to the Palestinian problem is to put something in their drinking water to get them stoned and make them happy. And get those teenage Palestinian boys laid for goodness sakes! Maybe they won't be so eager for 72 virgins in heaven if they can experience a really skilled woman on Earth.

    Sex, drugs and rock and roll will bring peace to the Middle East! Yeah baby yeah!

  16. Lest anyone have the slightest doubt as to who the victim is in the Israel/Pal situation, read the words from the lips of Hamas:

    Hamas Spokesman Praises Palestinian Grandmother Suicide Bomber, Calls for Suicide Attacks in Heart of Israel
    "We Will All Be Human Time Bombs, That Will Explode in the Heart of the Criminal Zionist Entity"
    blood, [her] loyalty to the resistance, the martyrs, the prisoners and the wounded, and [her] devotion to [Palestinian] principles and rights. She saluted and expressed her loyalty to Palestinian Prime Minister Isma'il Haniya and to ['Izz Al-Din] Al-Qassam [Brigades] Commander Muhammad Deif, as was written in her will. This Palestinian woman, 'mother of self-sacrificing women,' Fatima Al-Najjar, succeeded in tracing, with her blood and her body, the path of glory and honor. This self-sacrificing woman, this grandmother, Umm Muhammad, had an impressive record of jihad and sacrifice in the first Intifada. She gave birth to men with who have a record like hers. Her house, where some 20 people lived, became a home and refuge for jihad fighters and fugitives...

    "Thursday, November 23 [2006], was an historic day in the life of the Palestinian people and a true turning point in the Palestinian people's jihad. This woman revolutionary acted like a man, put an explosive belt around her waist, and advanced towards a group of soldiers... she became the first Palestinian grandmother from the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades to have carried out martyrdom.

    "In her heroic act, Umm Muhammad sent a clear message to all those who call to recognize Israel: that we, as a subjugated and oppressed people - the elderly, women, youth, children, and even fetuses in their mother's wombs - cannot recognize [Israel]... We will all be human time bombs, that will explode in the heart of the criminal Zionist entity. She sent a message to everyone who claims that the resistance and its missiles are ineffective and hold back the resistance: that the entire Palestinian people, and all its constituent parts, and groups, and generations, rally around the resistance and cheer on the resistance and the jihad fighters. We cannot give up the resistance.

    or how about this:

    Imagine What Would Happen if Millions of Believers Did as Fatima Al-Najjar Did

    Hamas MP Dr. Muhammad Shihab wrote: "Imagine, together with me, what could happen in another few years, if millions of believers, men and women, decided to break through [their] fears and lunge forward to resistance, jihad, and martyrdom in Palestine - just like 'the mother of the self-sacrificing women', Umm Muhammad. What would be the fate of the occupying invaders? They are only thieves and robbers, and they have no history, culture, or roots in this land. The best decision they could make would be to pack their suitcases and disappear from our lives."
    To view this Special Dispatch visit: