January 30, 2007

Should I Ban Rickey?

My regular readers are fully aware that I have a cyber stalker on this blog who constantly attacks me and many of those who leave comments here. I've know "Rickey for a few years now (not personally). He was a regular pest on the now defunct Israel conflict message board on Yahoo, affectionately known as "the hate board."

His motus operandi has not changed. He attacks Jews, Judaism, military posters, blacks, Arabs (not Arab posters though), and women. Rarely will he have anything relevant to say, and rarely will he ever stay on topic. Instead he just mainly makes personal insults. He also has an extensive file of copy and paste insults that he would flood the board with, all this while constantly changing IDs that were close matches to the regular posters on the board (except he bastardized the names in a very derogatory manner). He is known to regular posters as Oink or Oinky.

Since the Yahoo board was put to sleep, he has become totally obsessed (not in a gay way, I think) with me and my blog. In fact, the only reason I moderate comments right now is because when left unmoderated, he would copy and paste lengthy irrelevant long posts from his files.
He has set up a mirror blog dedicated to me called The Atheist Jew Slug, because in his own words he needs to expose me.

Who is Rickey/Oinky? I've often speculated on his ethnicity and even his sex. Because he attacked women so furiously, I thought he was a woman for the longest time. Because he seemed to be passionate about Lebanon (prior to the last war), I thought maybe he was a Druze, because he seemed to hate Jews and make fun of Arabs.
I noticed though, he would never malign Muslims in general.

At times he would get civil with some board members. He said he owned an Auto Repair shop in Burns, Oregon.

When everyone knew that Yahoo was closing the message board, I caught him at a weak moment and got him to post his picture (how can anyone be 100% it is him?). Since he used to attack everyone who posted their pics by trying to belittle their looks, I told him it would only be fair to post his.

At the time I thought he was probably a Pakistani Muslim. But he wrote the following message that changed my mind:

Re: Hey Oink
by: bacon_the_slug (46/Ontario, PussyCanada) 12/18/06 09:51 pm
Msg: 3108634 of 3110225

I am whiter and fairer skinned than you who claims to be the son of some kinds of jews. I think your dad was from ethiopia. My relatives were from the Ukraine.

Posted as a reply to: Msg 3108627 by bacon_eating_atheist_jew

Note: his ID. You can't trust an ID thief 100%, I realize.

Some more info on him that makes me believe he is closer to 40 than the 12 my commenters have speculated on:

Re: If God didn't want us to eat meat
by: baldarab_withdog (46/M/Ontario, Cuntada)

12/20/06 12:29 pm
Msg: 3111313 of 3111693
1 recommendation

Loss prevention/security/surveillance all part of protecting casino assets. The majority of problems come from employees. Every square inch of the casino is covered by some kind of camera. That's the way it was at the Reno Hilton where I worked, and the rest are similar.

His most frequent attack on me had to do with the fact that I married outside "my species." He calls assimilation a sin. This makes me think he is a Muslim. He could be crazy Jew, but I doubt it. He is definately a Holocaust fan. But he is crazy.

A good description of a cyber stalker from Desicritics.org: 'individuals of low self-esteem and a corrupt mind trying their best to bring out the worst in others especially those who disagree with them on matters concerning wealth, ideas, perception and at times the heart. For them rejection means nothing but "failure" and a failure means "let down"..........Humiliation in public, cheap tactics with false quotes, sometimes bodily harm are just some of the genius acts that these degenerated souls can resort to.'

It is apparent he is a nutjob freak. I'm guessing he is very harmless. But maybe not to himself. That is why if I ban him, I'm not worried about what he would do to me, but what he would do to himself. He obviously needs this outlet. What to do?

I realize I'm giving him the attention he craves with this post, but I hold the upper hand, because I don't have to publish any more of his comments and he knows it. And I think my readers are getting sick of his shtick.


  1. Your blog buddy-and that means Ba'al Bayit. You're the master of the house. Be happy- and pull the plug.

  2. If I was you, I wouldn't give Ricky the steam off my shit.

  3. Hard to say about the banning, as it isn't happening to me, but to you. But I will make a couple of comments anyway.

    It is worthwhile to see what some people comment as this exposes them for who THEY are.

    I think you have been very tolerant of rickey, but if this is wearing thin, ban his ass.

  4. I think you should ban him. If he goes crazy after that, well, who are to interfere with the forces of nature?

  5. I was stuck with a cyberstalker (actually a pair of them) 5 to 10 years ago. Such people thrive on ANY kind of attention, including exposure of their scummy nature. They can get worse; my stalkers did things like impersonating me to harass people on the phone. If I were you, I'd delete all of Rickey's comments and not giving him the satisfaction of any other notice.

  6. Ban the racist ass monkey BEAJ. He contributes nothing to the comment section of your blog and for a troll he is rather boring and unimaginative.

    Beepbeep is right that he exposes himself for what he is. He and his ilk have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said ad-infinitum though.

    If you switch to Haloscan commenting you might be able to ban him by ip address which might be easier than having to delete him through blogger moderation.

    I doubt he is brave enough to have given you a real photo of himself. I picture what they call on South Park a “shit faced cock master”.

    Maybe if he gets over stalking you he can get a life all of his own.

    Dickey you won’t be missed.

  7. Anybody who disrupts your blog with spam should be banned.

  8. I'm with mad zionist on this, particularly when he goes to your commenter's sites and is an ass there as well. It is kind of tired, taking the time to scroll past all that bullshit in your comments, but it IS your blog therefore it's up to you buddy. I'll keep reading either way.

  9. After I asked one question here why you put up with Ricky, he zoomed on over to my blog and made a comment that said only "be-atch" or something close to that. I used my handy delete button and got rid of him and if need be I will also turn on comment moderator for awhile. I don't like banning people, but sometimes it is necessary when someone is just being a nuisance and not contributing anything to either side of a discussion. I have only had to do it a couple of times, but sometimes it is necessary. (I like what lexcen said. LOL) When obnoxious trolls haunt God is for Suckers, well ...you know what happens to trolls over there! They end up asshatted or as "Lion's food!" LOL

  10. The jew mafia and jew bootlicks have spoken and who knows if you will go back on your word to allow my posts as long as they weren't copy and pasts. I feel honoured to be the subject of a post dedicated to little old me. BTW have you seen any old Tom Cruise photos?


  11. Ok, I let Rickey have his last shot since I got sucked in thinking that he would really post a photo of himself and not realizing that the photo was in fact Tom Cruise.

    But I'm laying down NEW RULES Oink. Only on topic comments will be permitted from you from now on, and you can't insult any of the posters here.....you can insult anyone in the body of the post though as long as you back it up with something substantial.

    I don't expect you will play by those rules, so I am telling you in advance that I know your next post will insult me for not allowing your free speech. Well, I let my readers speak, and I'm listening to the overwhelming majority.

  12. The question is not should you ban him, but why haven't you banned him? Don't give this guy a forum, the world doesn't need his hate.

  13. If you really think he needs this outlet so much that he may do himself harm if you ban him then I say ban him and encourage him to do himself harm. If this unstable moron needs to vent then let him vent his wrists. One less hate filled irrational idiot with a vote is good for everybody.

    Bye Ricky - start here: http://www.cs.uu.nl/wais/html/na-dir/suicide/yes.html

  14. Since he has now given me the opportunity, I can say that I'm treating him the same way.

  15. Jay, I'm sticking to my new rules now. I think that is the right thing to do.

    CD, LOL.

    Gary and Stardust, I'm sorry the Rickey virus spread. The best way to get rid of him is completely ignore him, I realize that now, but I will stick to my new rules.

  16. You should listen to the overwhelming majority that says he should be banned. You yourself want to ban him; you know you want to.

  17. I respect the way you've handled it to this point, BEAJ. You've not banned anyone because it's consistent with your philosophy.

    At my place, I'll allow any & all comments that are remotely on-topic. If someone wants to insult me, it's fine as long as it's on-topic.

    But if they come over to continue a debate from another blog, whether there's invective or not, they're in the delete bin faster than they can say, "No, don't . . . "

    Rickey swung by yesterday to call me a "kike from Jew York," and since the post was neither about Jews or my hometown, it was deleted.

    Whatever you do, BEAJ, don't let a jerk spoil your forum.

  18. So far I've had to delete 4 or 5 of the nutbar's comments.

    I will cease discussing him on other posts, hopefully everyone else will too. Part of the problem was that by allowing him to post, it was causing other commenters to (rightfully) bash him right back, which is something he thrives on.

  19. of course you should ban home...free speech always has limits

  20. Wow, beaj, excellent analysis of the rather warped mind that is oink.
    Personally, having "known" him almost as long as you - although he's never been quite as obsessed with me - I wouldn't ban him.
    I agree with your new ground rules for him, though. He should have to stay on topic even if he's tossing around the insults. None of that lengthy bullshit spam he's so fond of.
    Oh, and oink, face it dude: you're a joke and a loser.

  21. Ricky just has a problem with anyone who is jewish.

    By the way, someone told me that my grandfather "looks jewish." How does someone "look jewish?"

    There is a picture of my grandfather on my recent blog posting for anyone who is interested in clarifying this for me.

    (none too subtle plug for her own blog) :)

  22. Pseudonym, thanks for dropping by.

    Southie, you are asking to be it.

    BeepX2, since Jews are Jews by religion and/or ethnicity, the ethnicity part leads to a Jewish look. Even the Simpsons acknowledged it when Dustin Hoffman played Lisa's teacher. Not all Jews look Jewish and not all those who look Jewish are Jews though.

    Can someone look Kurdish? European? Of course.

    Jerry Seinfeld looks Jewish for example. Maybe you just don't have Jewdar.

    Your grandfather doesn't look Jewish, but he doesn't look like Ham either.

  23. Rickey is most likely a Canadian of Portuguese descent. He speaks fluent Portuguese when he posts on a Portuguese forum as "freefallingbomb". If you Google that name you will find a post or two of his. He also has an alias of "ItThats" on YouTube where he has posted about 27 video clips of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and some other shows. His profile there says he is 19 and located in Portugal.

    His English uses Canadian spellings e.g. "honour" instead of the American "honor". My speculation is that he was raised in Canada of Portuguese parents. There is a rather large Portuguese ex-pat community in Canada.

    He communicates often with another Yahoo poster who is located in Vancouver. This poster has a daughter about his age, and there may be a connection between her and him. You can look at freefallingbomb's Yahoo 360 profile for the connection.

    He also likes to read military aviation magazines, in Portuguese.

  24. Yeah, I wouldn't know what looking jewish means actually. (Maybe they mean someone with a generous snoz, I dunno.)

    People tell me I look european and I am never too sure what they mean by that either.

    But if blood group has anything to do with it, my blood type A indicates a likelihood of european ancestry as the majority of people with type A originate from europe.

  25. fulano, Oink admitted to being schooled in Canada. Yes, he uses Canadian/UK English.
    I doubt he is freefallingbomb though.

    Beep, I'm sure you'll agree that there is an Aboriginal look:)

  26. RE BEAJ

    Yes, there is, but that is changing too. The idea of what an aborigine looks like has changed considerably from the first settlement of australia.

    Aboriginal people say they can tell if someone has aboriginal heritage or not (as some aborigines are very pale skinned from everyone shagging everyone else).

    Maybe they have aboriginal radar like people have jewdar? I dunno. I wouldn't be able to tell an islander, from a mainland aborigine, or a papuan from an islander. But people who are islanders, or aboriginal, or papuan, can probably tell straight away.