February 17, 2007

More Proof That The Internet Will Kill The YEC Movement

Youtube's popularity is growing exponentially. A great place to give your personal viewpoint too, well, as long as you aren't telling the truth about Islam that is.

One thing Youtube won't ban, for lies or distortions, are the wild claims made by Young Earth Creationists (YECs). But the thing these YECs don't get, is that if you start putting your nutjob ideas and beliefs out there like this, they are going to get destroyed.

There are two nutjobs that have a series of idiotic videos on Youtube: Truthmakesfree, who could be John Pendleton, has a series of Pendleton videos. A chemist nutjob who has zero understanding of earth sciences it seems. The other guy is a young Fundy who uses the ID VenomFangX. The guy reminds me of Eric Foreman on the 70's show. The Foreman lookalike actually emailed me a few days ago and asked me to check out his garbage. I did reply, but it looks like someone else decided to destroy him and Pendleton on Youtube. Check out the new Actual series posted by akg41470:

And finally this one humiliates Pendleton:

Here is my Youtube email exchange I had with VenomFangX:

Hey there. It's nice to see a fellow youtuber posting video blogs about who they are and what they believe. I myself am doing the same thing, and want you to come check out my vids and tell me what you think.


What I thought:
Dude, I checked your video on the age of the earth and left a comment. If the age of the earth was only 6000 years old, science would be able to prove it using science. Especially a Christian scientist would become very famous if he could use scientific method to prove a young earth. The fact is that if the earth was young, there would be loads of evidence to support it. There is none. All you did was present faulty assumptions, that have been debunked. Quit denying reality. Science is not a conspiracy theory. Read this:

I'm sorry, I can't watch any more of your videos. You are obviously brainwashed and hopefully one day you will wake up.

His response:
Scientists can and have proven the age of the Earth to be 6000 years old, just like scientists have proven that evolution is a hoax. However, The Bible says satan is the ruler of this world, and satan doesn't want that info getting out. More over, people don't want to acknowledge The Bible is correct, because that means God is real and judges all unrepentant sinners, who do not receive the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.
If you want to see a real scientist proving the age of the Earth, check this out.

Me again:
Actually, just point me to actual scientific research that has been published by scientific journals confirming your lies that evolution has been proven to be a hoax and the age of the earth is 6000 years old.

You are in deep denial. It is very sad.

Fundy replies once more:
You don't get it. Evolutionist journals will plug evolution. Creationist journals will plug creation. One shows why the other is a lie, and the battle is waging even to this day. You just need to use common sense.
Every 'claim' an evolutionist has ever made has been based on leaps of logic so huge they would make superman's leaps and bounds look like a drop in the bucket.
Radio-carbon dating doesn't work. If all of creation came into existence at the same point in time, which the big bang theory speculates, then all matter should date to the same exact same age. The fact that evolutionists claim they can tell how old something is by radioactive decay is a complete contradiction to the fact that all things in the universe are exactly the same age. The matter in your body was created at the beginning of creation, along with everything else. One can not date the age of something by radioactive decay, because in order to do that, you must make the leap of logic in assuming that the radioactive decay has been consistant, and that all things obsorb and have been exposed to the same levels of radiation, which is impossible.
Scientists who believe in evolution carbon dated living snails and found them to be thousands of years old. Impossible, don't you think?
Moving right along. Scientists look at all the buried animals who has fossilized and believe that over millions or billions of years, mud and earth covered these dead animals/plant and they fossilized. I want you to do an experiment. Order a BBQ chicken from swiss chalet or something, and place it in your backyard, tied down firmly to the ground with an unbreakable metal chain, begged 5 feet into the earth. So, if an animal comes along to steal the deal chicken, they won't be able to. As the months go by, that chicken is going to decompose, and animals will come and pick at it's bones. Rain, snow, and wind will eventually cause the bones to dislocate and be sent far away from the corpse. Eventually, in only a matter of weeks, there will be nothing but your metal chain and giant steak into the ground. The chicken will be gone.
Indeed, the only way for something to fossilize with it's entire skeleton structure intact is to be buried instantly. The reason we are finding creatures all over the world fossilized indicates that something on a world wide level buried these creatures. That is where the historical story of Noah's Ark and the flood come in, which happened about 4400 years ago, to which this is plenty of proof. I have made a video about the Ark, which they found exactly where The Bible said it would be, matching the exact size and scale of the historical Ark.

My turn:
No, you are in denial. I asked you to show a scientific study that proves the earth is young, or a scientific study that debunks, refutes, or even runs contrary to evolution.
You obviously do not understand science at all, nor do you want to. You are quite the delusional speciman.
You are right now what I call wilfully ignorant, looking for excuses to make your book written by man for man, somehow literal, which it isn't.
You won't even come close to change my mind without scientific studies...real ones. In the meantime, I know where there is a lot of non believers you can try to convert. I started a thread for you:


Good luck. And Happy Converting.

He wasn't through yet:
All I have to say to you is this:

Moi once more:
Dude, you are in denial. Again, you have nothing. Not one scientific study. Wake up and smell the roses, you are missing out on all of natures wonders. Don't bother replying to this, right now you are wilfully ignorant until you really start to think for yourself. You've been brainwashed, and you don't know it.

And his last desperate response:
I used to believe in evolution, I really did. Now I feel sorry for everyone who does.

Of course, I had to have the last word before I blocked him from wasting anymore of my time:
I used to believe in God, but then I started asking questions and the answers made me realize that God was man made, but even when I believed in God, I never put my head in the sand and denied science. You might as well be a heroin addict, because you are completely denying reality. Notice how you can't find one scientific study that I asked for. Science is not a conspiracy theory out to prove your bible wrong by the way. That is just a cop out. The internet will destroy you YECs, you should stay within your flock, because you dudes get destroyed when you try to compete with people who have at least half a brain.

Was I too hard on the dude, or was I too lenient?


  1. I admire your Quixotic attempts to preach the truth to the brainwashed but it's all in vain.
    You cannot reason with a religious nut. You cannot see things logically if you are a religious nut. Religious fanaticism causes these people make the facts fit their belief systems. It's a closed system, where every fact must fit in and support their irrational beliefs. You don't stand a chance.

  2. Lex, like my quote on my sidebar says, these discussions are never won in real time.
    But I realize very few of those who are classified as nuts will never see the truth.
    I get one nut a month usually emailing me.
    The reason I persist, isn't to change people like this. Why I invite them to post on my blog or on a message board, is so that the fringe believers will see how ridiculous the arguments actually are and how easily they get refuted.

  3. You were nice to the poor lost soul. Lexcen is right, we cannot reason with religous nuts. You're also right, this isn't won in real time if its won at all.
    General Patton says it best, "know thy enemy."

  4. Creationists have started with the conclusion. The conclusion (for them) is that a 2 thousand year old book is literally true. Therefore everything that doesn't comply with the 2 thousand year old book, must be untrue. Of course, muslims do the same thing, which just goes to show how brain-dead a large % of the population is.

  5. I think you were too soft on him :) If it was something other than God he was talking about everyone would have long since assumed he was insane.

    He is truly the master of the art of circular reasoning....

  6. BEAJ:

    Your intentions are noble but completely in vain: there's no way to convince the literalists, or even to make them doubt.

    It's truly amazing how much evolution denial is actually going on but we shouldn't be surprised: the age of Enlightenment is definitely over and it didn't achieve its goals. Quack-science is on the rise again and is starting to permeate the mainstream. It's an uphill struggle...

  7. beaj--

    Too lenient by far. The stuff about radiocarbon dating itself was a laugh. I can rant for hours about the fascinating details of radioactive decays, but doing so is pointless if both parties do not submit to the authority of Reason and Experience beforehand.

    There are many forms of radiometric dating, but consider carbon dating. Carbon-14 only has a half-life of a few thousand years, so it would have vanished completely from the Earth if our planet was a closed system. What sustains C-14 in constant amounts in the atmosphere are the constant cosmic ray impacts on nitrogen in the atmosphere.

    Once a living thing dies, it stops exchanging carbon-14 with its environment, and from there scientists can measure the beta decays. They can do this quite accurately, knowing the standard deviation of error on the findings. You know scientists are working methodically when they precisely quantify their margin of error.

    Carbon dating gives accurate information all the way back to about 60,000 years, where it becomes indistinguishable from background radiation. One might complain that our assumption that cosmic ray intensity isn't always constant, which creates variations in the atmospheric C-14. This is valid. However, scientists have developed standardized calibration curves based on evidence from tree rings, coral samples, ice cores, deep ocean sediments, cave formations, and so forth.

    No one believes carbon dating gives information going back billions, or even millions, of years. That's why we have uranium-lead dating, potassium argon dating, rubidium-strontium dating, and other methods.

    In short, rest assured the Young Earth Creationists don't know what they are talking about.

  8. That was alternately hysterical as well as stunning.
    The part that pisses me off most, is that these kids have their hands full trying to grow up. They can take Philo 101 in college, & figure it out then.
    It sounded like he was spouting a bunch of argumentum ad Hovind - which most Old Earthers find intensely embarrassing.
    I never get any emails from any religious nutters. I don't know if I should be envious of the attention, or thankful. ;)
    I think I'll go w/the latter.

  9. It's easy to see why you choose atheism over judaism. It allows you to live your life for me - me -me only.

  10. Just a correction for the first video.

    The commentary said:

    "Salt is removed from the oceans as quickly as it's being added by rivers - it's in a steady state"

    In this scenario, the salt levels would be in DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM, just like any other natural physical process, such the the weather, evolution, the carbon cycle, the process of calcium storage and replenishment in rocks and living structures etc. These are OPEN SYSTEMS, whereby elements and energy are in a constant state of input and output. If they were in a steady state, disorder would increase [no quote mining from YEC's please], because there would by no interaction between input and output systems. A good counter-intuitive example is weather: common sense tells us that energy input causes disorder, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. However, these systems are highly ordered, and a consequence of a dynamic system of input/output. The input and output of energy into hurricanes and tornadoes does not mean that there is some kind of "steadiness", as common sense reasoning would tell us. Instead, what appears "disordered" to us, such as tropical storms [which blow down buildings, and causes disruption to human affairs], is in fact a highly ordered system that is a consequence of an interaction between energy and the laws of physics.

    Young Earth Creationists are notorious for appealing to "common sense" because so many ordered systems in nature cause disorder and disruption to us. It is our problem for relating everyday experience to natural physical processes.


    Alan Mackenzie.

  11. Has anyone clicked on ricky's blog? How old is this guy? He's just plain embarrassing.

  12. Beep, are you trying to invite Rickey to your blog:)

  13. Alan, you have a very informative site. I'll be visiting often.

  14. Thank you bacon eating atheist Jew, I am glad that you like my blog. I like yours too, especially the post where an Australian spoof broadcasting channel interviewed a plethora of shallow-thinking illiterates from Texas. I felt sorry for the poor, ignorant people. The average person is quite simply dumb as a post, and has no idea whatsoever about how the world operates: even simple things like fire and kettles bamboozle them. My work colleagues believe in things like "mediums", "faith-healing", and that platitude "there must be something", all of which they hold as more important than what we know about the real world. They cannot take in complicated information, or even spell the word "Monday" -- I am not joking about this.


  15. I am struck by the cuteness of the blogger name "beepbeepitsme", and the accompanying Cheshire cat. I like it! And beep's blog isn't too bad, either.


  16. BEAJ:
    Just curious: did you send an email to either of these twits? Letting them know they'll be served w/a heaping bowl o' crow?
    My last anti-YEC post, I emailed the pastor who heads up 'Truth for Youth', sadly, no taker at this time.

  17. BEAJ:
    Yeah, I'm still awaitin' Chuck Norris to drop by & kick me in the head.

  18. ka:

    jews and jackboots has always had a nice ring to it.

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  21. Samuel, I don't email for one on one bs.
    You are replying to an old post, I moderate anything over 15 days old.
    I used to believe in God.
    There is no evidence God exists.
    I don't say every Christian is nuts, just those who think the earth is less than 10,000 years old and those who reject evolution because of their ancient text.

  22. ok:) how come u stoped to belive?

  23. I found there was scientific evidence for just about everything I attributed to God.
    I also realized that there is no evidence for God. Man invented God to cope with knowledge of his own mortality among other things.
    In fact, there is no evidence for the Exodus, and no contemporary evidence that Jesus ever existed.

    Please comment on a more recent post from now on though.

  24. Since you like watching youtube videos I have one for you: Atheism's Best Kept Secret: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri3qObxRPk8&e

    Also since you are a Jew there is a friend of mine I'd like you to listen to, he's a Jewish singer. www.aviadcohen.com

  25. LOL. I love how creationists disable ratings on their videos. Something from nothing isn't what scientists say. Comfort and Cameron are clowns, as is the creationist movement. I suggest you view my newest post and try to answer the questions posed in it.

  26. Yeah not all evolutionist think that something came from nothing but even worse they think that bacteria piggy backed on Crystals and don't know where those came from they even suggest space aliens, but who made the aliens, if there were any?

    You say they are clowns, but you should talk to them yourself, before saying that, have the guts to debate them yourself on the Wretched Radio show.